Snowboarding Slams

You can't have the thrill of victory without the agony of defeat.
Nike Snowboarding is going to release its two-part video "Never Not" on September 16. It's sure to be filled with big mountain lines and crazy street jibs. To score those clips, however, the Nike snowboarders had to endure the clips in this slams video. Halldor Helgason and the rest of the Nike team were broken off in all kinds of new and interesting ways while filming for Never Not.

And drunks make for enthusiastic snowboarders. The boys behind Deja Vu had so many good slams and shenanigans that they couldn't fit them all into one video. In "Whoops (part 2)," LNP, Will Lavigne, Alex Cantin and Ben Bilocq try their hand at some French heavy metal, transform a broken snowboard into a snowskate and get served while jibbing walls, trees and rails.