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Dose: Surfers Taylor Knox and Benji Weatherly go head-to-head in cook-off

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Pro surfers are not usually known for their culinary skills. The peanut butter and jelly sandwich is still a staple of most surfers' diets. But Benji Weatherly and Taylor Knox are anything but typical. On the new episode of Dose]1, Weatherly and Knox go head-to-head in an epic cook-off at the North Eats Food Festival in Carlsbad, California. With Ray Barbee playing guitar, the two surfers battle it out in a "Cook or Kook?" challenge. Wait until you see who took home the title.

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Surfer Girl: Alana Blanchard balances modeling, social media, and surfing

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Pro surfer Alana Blanchard's calendar leading up to the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, California was packed with obligations beyond surfing. Like filming a nationally televised T-Mobile commercial that lasted all night followed by a photo shoot for Rip Curl the next morning. Alana manages to pull it all off effortlessly on this new episode of Surfer Girl. But she never loses sight of her surfing. With the US Open around the corner Alana makes time for some warmup surf sessions at Huntington Beach. Alana shares all these moments on social media because it strengthens her connection with her fans and keeps her motivated.

Surfer Girl gives viewers an inside look at the life of Alana Blanchard. And what a life it is. Blanchard grew up on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai and journeys around the globe competing and surfing at beautiful beaches. She has even been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Blanchard’s success is the result of hard work and the support of a tight group of friends and family. Hang out with Blanchard as she lives the dream.

Alana: Surfer Girl
Christian Hosoi and Joel Tudor are now available to judge your next food contest

When you're Chris Cote, editor of Transworld Surf, there's lots of perks that come withe job. Being able to travel to the world's best surf destinations, singing Doobie Brothers' songs with Kelly Slater. Now you can add judging the I Love Poke Festival alongside legendary skateboarder Christian Hosoi and longboarder/jiu-jitsu champ Joel Tudor to the list. For those that aren't foodies or students of Hawaiian culture, poke is a salad consisting of sashimi tuna and assorted other ingredients. Cote, Hosoi, and Tudor get their fill and also get to witness some amazing dancing.

Kelly Slater does a mean Doobie Brothers impression

The 11-time world champ also discusses winning the Volcom Fiji Pro. After securing his 53rd career ASP world tour victory in Tavarua, Kelly Slater spoke with Transworld Surf's Chris Coté about what made this particular win so special and what it means for the upcoming world title race.