Surfboard Design

Union Surfboards is one of the only companies shaping surfboards within the confines of New York City. Started by friends and life-long surfers Jeff Schroeder, Charlie Porter, and Christopher Williams, they pride Union on custom hand shaped surfboards exclusively with the New York surfer in mind.

Offering a wide-array of shapes, head shaper Chris takes us through the shaping process at their studio in Brooklyn. Not only do the guys at Union have a solid thing going, but they also "test" their boards year-round for some crucial R&D. Only on Dose are you going to find NYC-shaped surfboards.

Check them out on their website and pick up a board of your own, or maybe even set up an appointment to shape your own surfboard with them:

Photos courtesy John Kelsey

Despite the East Coast being pounded again and again with snow and cold this winter, it feels like summer over in California and the Signal Snowboards crew has got surfing on their minds. In this episode of Every Third Thursday, Dave Lee and the Signal Snowboards crew play around with surfboard stringers (the stringer is the thin strip of wood that runs down the middle of the surfboard to increase the strength and rigidity of the foam board).

Dave teams up with Appelcore Surfboard Stringers to create laminated veneers to use in the construction of two snowboards: one a traditional core snowboard and the other a totally experimental veneer laminate board at half the thickness of a normal snowboard. The crew bails on the beach for the mountains to test out these crossover boards. Does this surf technology make for a great snowboard? Watch the episode to find out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!