Paul Rodriguez: Life

4 episodes

Paul Rodriguez is one of those skaters who make everything look easy. It’s hard to tell whether he’s regular or goofy, because he skates switch so effortlessly. Behind that casual style, however, is a lot of hard work and dedication. “Life” provides a glimpse into P-Rod’s world to show the ups and downs of one of skating’s biggest stars.

In episode 1, part 2 of Life, professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez continues the tour of his family ranch in Orange Cove, California, exposing childhood memories and hearing first hand his important decision to choose family first when his grandmother becomes ill, even if it means missing the Tampa Pro. Paul also shows off why he's a true professional always working hard to perfect his craft during a session at the local Orange Cove Skate Park. New episodes dropping every Tuesday.

Pro skater Paul Rodriguez opens up about the importance and influence of his family in the premiere episode of his new series "Life," exclusively on Network A. New episode dropping every Tuesday.

The guys from our show Dose shot an interview with Paul when he was in New York, watch the video here:

P-Rod recreates his first full part from the 2001 City Stars video release "Street Cinema." Check back on Tuesday, February 12 to see part 2 of "The Main Shot" LIFE series and Paul's full 48-trick part recreated!

Watch the full edit of pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez recreating his first video part from the 2001 City Stars release "Street Cinema." The new 2013 footage shot at The Berrics appears side by side with the original 2001 footage. P-Rod along with his original filmer Heath Brinkley shot all 48-tricks including the main shot in 24-hours.

Series produced by Steve Berra.