Here's something I guarantee you haven't seen before: A mountain bike "powder" (OK, loam) day. Conceived by the mad-scientists behind this year's stunning two-wheeled epic, unReal, "Dirt Blizzard" stands as the film's final segment and most lasting spectacle, blasting unknown quantities of fresh dirt out of snow-gun style blowers while some the sports raddest athletes do what they do best. Grab the goggles and check it out.

Get ready to white knuckle that mouse, because Kenny Belaey just dropped a video that showcases his mission to ride a mountain across a slackline 400-feet above the floor of the French Alps. If this isn't the craziest thing you see today, then you're entitled to a full refund.

Looking for something crazy to start your Friday morning? Then check out Davis Dudelis's world record-breaking BMX nose wheelie, an 862-foot display of pure core strength and perfect balance. Props, Davis. That was gnarly.

We've seen some crazy BMX parts this year from big names like Garret Reynolds and Dakota Roche, but for a (relatively) under-the-radar dude like Devon Smillie to step up and give them a run for their money is downright shocking. Press play and prepare to have your retinas melted again and again over the course of the next four minutes.

Point it downhill and hold on tight. This POV footage of Gee Atherton breaking in this year's Red Bull Hardline course (which, for the record, is even gnarlier than last year's now-infamous set up), is absolutely, mind-bogglingly insane. If you want to know why mountain biking is the heaviest thing in action sports right now, then check it out.

Remember Brandon Semenuk's wild, tracking-shot line from unReal? Well, Sam Reynolds just threw down his own gauntlet on this year's epic Nine Knights mountain bike course. Check it out and let us know who you think did it better.

You saw Drew Bezanson's crazy new Red Bull edit, Uncontainable, right? You know, the one where he takes a bunch of shipping containers, stacks them as high as a four-story house, and then throws himself off them on a tiny BMX bike? Well, now Red Bull is back with some behind-the-scenes footy from the project and we have to say, the more you see this thing, the gnarlier it gets. Needless to say, if a ramp scares the shit out of Morgan Wade, you know there's something truly wrong with it...

Produced by Anthill Films and Teton Gravity Research, this killer Sony Action Cam clip of sick downhill mountain bike line down a freakin' glacier is unlike anything you've ever seen. Grab the gloves and check it out.

What started as a get-together for a few close friends to ride trails and party in the mountains of Norway, Hillbilly Huckfest has become something substantially more important—a testament to the rapid rise of both mountain biking and the DIY movement as a whole. If you're looking to get in on the fun, join host Mads "Makken" Haugen as he walks Red Bull through the marquee MTB event, now entering its 6th dirt, beer, and blood-splattered year.

If you're not feeling this video of Polygon UR team owner Fabien Cousinié shred the Les 2 Alpes bike park to pieces, then there is probably something wrong with you. No seriously, you should go get your pulse taken.