Surfer Girl: Surf fans go crazy for Alana Blanchard at the US Open of Surfing

It's Alanamania!

The US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach gets bigger and bigger each year with crowds of over half-a-million surf fans (and some posers). On this episode of [Surfer Girl]3, pro surfer Alana Blanchard is focused on surfing well in the crucial ASP Women's World Tour event and gets a tad overwhelmed by the incredible crowd support. Like fellow high-profile pro surfer Kelly Slater, her celebrity has made it impossible for her to navigate the masses on her own without security guards. Alana advances through a few rounds, upsetting Australian surfer Tyler Wright right off the bat. In between heats Alana takes time to meet with her fans, signing autographs and taking photos.

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Music Credits:
Switchfoot, "Who We Are," Fading West (Buy it Here);
The Crooks, "Afterglow," Hold Fast