Carlos Lastra

On this week's NKA Project, Nigel K. Alexander gives some helpful tips for framing fisheye shots on the Canon Rebel T3i. With the help of skater Carlos Lastra, Nigel helps his buddy Jack by showing him to fill the whole frame, dipping down to get a lower angle, and moving in-sync with the skater's movements. Above all else though, it just takes practice like anything elseā€”so get out there and stack those clips with your crew!

Last week on NKA Project Carlos Lastra gave you some crucial tips on how to darkslide. But if you really want to impress the homies at the skatepark, watch Carlos break-down how to nail handstand finger flips. Make sure you already know how to do a handstand on flat ground, otherwise you're playing yourself if you give this trick a shot.

This week the NKA Project crew heads out to Westchester Skate Plaza to meet up with with Elephant Skateboards am Carlos Lastra for a sick darkslide trick tip. Carlos breaks down this Rodney Mullen-pioneered classic step by step, offering some helpful tips that, with a little luck and a lot of hard work, will have you grinding the grip in no time.

In the latest episode of STATS, the NKA Project crew catches up with Carlos Lastra, one of the most well-spoken dudes coming up in the skate industry today. Born in Arizona and now living in Long Beach, California Carlos talks about his favorite movies, the first day he started skating, and shares the story behind his infamous Hollywood High tre flip attempt.

This week's episode of NKA Project features an action three-some, as in a 3 round Game Of S-K-A-T-E. Carlos Lastra and Angel Munoz give it their all in this intense flat ground session. Watch to see who keeps it together for the win and who falls apart for the loss.

The late flip is one of the staples of any technical street skater. Carlos Lastra breaks down its nuances on this new episode of NKA Project for you. A few things to keep in mind: the later you wait the easier the flip is, make sure your back foot is ready after you tweak the ollie, kick with your ankle and not your leg, and banks are easiest to learn them because you have more time. Now get out there and nail late flips yourself!