Drift Garage

This week on Drift Garage, Chris Forsberg tackles installation of a gnarly set of Hankook tires on his Nissan Titan XD adventure rig while Ryan Tuerck hammers out his tie-rod issues. If that's not enough, Tuerck also shows you how to reinforce the electrical system on a new 2JZ powerplant while Forsberg gets in some 'Rocky'-style aerobics for the ladies.

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Fresh off the road, Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck take on diesel drifting, beginner mods, and a fistful of fan questions in the season 3 premiere of Drift Garage Response. From Chris's epic Nissan Titan XD tow rig to Tuerck's insane FR-S street car and beyond, these guys cover it all, so tune in and get yourself hyped to slay some tires.

It’s a brand new season of Drift Garage and Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck have cooked up something new. This year Forsberg is going to be gutting and upgrading a Nissan Titan. Chris needs a towing adventure mobile for all his other vehicles, so the Cummins-powered Titan XD is going to be a perfect project.

While Forsberg is busy with that, Tuerck is going to keep himself busy upgrading his Scion FRS. The Tuerck "street car" is getting another round of upgrades with a race engine, an anti-lag system, a bigger turbo, and of course, more power. Can't. Stop Modifying.

Get a look at the future of DIY drift as Tim Brodhagen goes behind the scenes with Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg on the set of the second season of Drift Garage. From upping the production ante to settling the score with a brand new Game of Drift, Tuerck and Forsberg give some sneak peeks at the new season before taking Timbo on the ride along of his life, only on the latest episode of Dose.

Drift Garage returns to Network A on Tuesday, March 24