Garage Tours: Chris Forsberg checks out Bryce Menzies' epic off-road trucks

There's a reason they're called trophy trucks

Bryce Menzies is one of the most skilled off road truck racing drivers in the world. He's grown up in the off-road truck racing scene and his family has established one of the premier teams in the world, Menzies Motorsports. So on the new episode of Garage Tours, Formula Drift driver and host Chris Forsberg gets a little dirty.

Just like the Hendrick Motorsports NASCAR Complex, Menzies Motorsports builds entire vehicles from the chassis up at their complex in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bryce shows Forsberg around the shop for both the desert and short course racing trucks, and he breaks down the process for building the trophy trucks.

Beyond the race trucks, Menzies Motorsports also runs a fleet of race prep and desert racing support trucks. This is a stellar outfit that can handle the challenge of tuning a suspension on trucks taking 100-foot jumps and blasting 130 miles per hour through crazy whoops sections. And we also see some insight into the little things, like the coolest custom gas pedal ever.

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