Garage Tours: Chris Forsberg finds that driver's ed is more fun at Bondurant

Go inside Bondurant School of High Performance Driving

There is only one place in the world that houses 32 brand new Chevy Corvette Stingrays, 33 brand new Chevy Camaros, shreds 300 tires a month, and uses over 10,000 gallons of fuel all in the pursuit of teaching the average person how to drive a car fast. That place is called Bondurant School Of High Performance Driving outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

Bondurant, aka Disneyland for drivers, is where everyone from Hollywood celebrities to teenagers comes to learn to drive race cars. On this week's new episode of Garage Tours, Corey Hosford gives fellow Formula Drift driver Chris Forsberg a tour of the 60-acre complex complete with over a mile and a half of track . Hosford closes this episode out with a quick lesson for Forsberg in the art of driving a Formula Mazda open wheel race car, and, of course, the boys also fit in some drifting.

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