Video Of The Day

Ian McIntosh has got to be superhuman or something. While filming for Teton Gravity Research's newest film, Paradise Waits, he took this hellacious 1,600-foot tumble down the Neacola range in Alaska. Thankfully, he pulled his airbag almost immediately and came away fairly unscathed.

Like Danny MacAskill's Imaginate on space-grade LSD, Red Bull's latest project, Kaleidoscope, is quite possibly the single most visually stunning bike edit we've seen. Featuring the two-wheeled wizardry of Kriss Kyle and some serious optical illusions, this one is easily the must-see video of the week, so make sure to check it out.

We already brought you Ethan Deiss's killer part from *Burton Presents 2016, but we have to say: This 7-minute grip of uncut leftovers from *The Snowboarder Movie: SFD is maybe even better. Give it a watch and then start begging the Gods for some snow.

Almost exactly 2 years after nearly dying at big wave spot Nazare in Portugal, Maya Gabeira has gotten her redemption. The female big wave surfer has been working towards this moment endlessly and has finally found her way back into the lineup at Nazare. And even better, it's now a 2016 XXL Big Wave Awards Ride Of The Year entry.

Marc Johnson and Guy Mariano have been doing it proper for years and years. If they wanna set parts of a skatepark on fire and skate it then by all means fellas, have at it.

4th of July, Halloween, and the Miss Reef Calendar—these are the 3 major events each year that we all look forward to. And the 2016 version of the best calendar in the biz has finally dropped. Watch the video trailer and then grab a copy for yourself here to make your 2016 the best year yet.

The Nitro Snowboards crew of Elias Elhardt, Markus Keller, Nils Arvidsson, and Knut Eliassen headed north to explore Norway’s Lofoten Islands and didn't leave a piece of powder, pavement, and ocean un-shredded. Camping, snowboarding, skiing, hiking, surfing, and skating their way through the stunning landscape near the Arctic Circle is most certainly the trip of a lifetime.

If you thought Jetman's epic flights were with the world's first jetpack, then you're probably with us in the collective "Huh?" when seeing this video of JetPack Aviation's first flight claiming it as the "world's first true jetpack." We're guessing because the Jetman contraption has wings, that the JetPack Aviation people are claiming that's some sort of motorized glider instead of a true jetpack. It's a bit splitting hairs, but hey, whatever.

Anyways, check out JetPack Aviation's first flight in New York City and around the Statue of Liberty—what better place to exhibit your invention's awesomeness?!

Arctic exploration jacket company Canada Goose tapped award-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis to make a short film Out There about people who have survived extreme cold weather conditions wearing their jackets. People like Paddy Doyle who survived after a forced plane landing on ice, Lance Mackey who won the Iditarod and Yukon Quest races in the same year, and Marilyn Hofman who fell through the ice in Manitoba.

Out There is gorgeous, intense, and inspiring. Check it out and let us know about your own cold water explorations in the comments below!