Tough Mudder is known as one of hardest events on the planet. It is 10-12 miles of obstacles that are designed to challenge those brave enough to take on the mud. So, who are the designers behind the 20+ obstacles at each event? Meet Eli Hutchison and Nolan Kombol. This season, the two challenged themselves and their team to make 2017 the best season of Tough Mudder yet.

Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck are back for the fourth episode of Drift Garage presented by Valvoline! On this episode, the boys continue to do work on the Nissan 240SX's engine and the parts for the Datsun arrive!

You asked the questions, and XP1K4 by Polaris driver RJ Anderson answered them! Did he get to your question? Find out and don’t forget to check out the full behind-the-scenes edit here:

Bernard Kerr spends his winter down in the southern side of the world preparing for his Crankworx and World Cup season. In this new edit, he hits iconic locations around town and the infamous and newly revamped Dream Track.

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Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck are back for Drift Garage Response presented by Vavolinae where they answer your questions from the third episode of #DriftGarage. Did they answer your question? Find out and don’t forget to check out most recent episode here:

A decent south swell rolls through at its peak with a slight northwest windswell slowly filling in.

Identified Riders - Cory Bolter, Parker Cohn, Ace Conlon, Jared Brown, Tyler Thornsley, JJ Ayala, Blair Conklin, Nainoa Steward


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Gav and Dan spend 4 hours setting up 1000 mouse traps and then 4 seconds setting them all off.
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XP1K4 is five minutes of full-throttle, turbo-powered, mind-bending, off-road action that took over a year to plan. Network A was lucky enough to tag along with three-time off-road champion, RJ Anderson and Polaris as they put together the fourth installment of these epic videos. Go behind-the-scenes ofXP1K4 and see what exactly goes into making these epic videos!

Ever wonder what it’s like to drive one of these vehicles? RJ Anderson will answer all your questions in a response video; just leave them in the comment section below!

Top 32 to finals from Formula Drift New Jersey

Have you ever wondered how the team behind XP1K4 makes those insane videos? We tagged along with the R.J Anderson and Mad Media as they showed us exactly what goes into creating every obstacle, including a backflip through two storage containers! The full exclusive behind-the-scenes edit drops Thursday, June 8th at 9 am.