Team Driftmonkey shreds tires all around the world

Hard-charging Norwegian drift crew, Team Driftmonkey, was founded in 2009 and they've been killing it ever since. Check out some of their best moments from around the world.

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Watch this Smart Car session at 5050 Skatepark

Here's a first for you: A Smart Car session at a skatepark. Needless to say the quarterpipes, hips, and pyramids at Staten Island's 5050 Skatepark never stood a chance. Which reminds me, after your done watching this one, go check out our latest episode of Dose, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at 5050, NYC's premier indoor skatepark.

5 Instagram photos from the WSL to get you excited for the start of the season

The World Surf League (formerly known as the ASP) kicks off its inaugural season today at the famed Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast of Australia. The final season of the ASP as we know it ended with a bang: Stephanie Gilmore took her 6th world Title and 20-year-old Gabriel Medina took his 1st (and the 1st for Brazil).

With a whole batch of new rookies and the same great waves, here's some storylines via WSL's Instagram that'll get you excited for the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast event that starts today, February 27, 2015. You can watch the Quik Pro LIVE here.

Thumbnail image courtesy WSL / Kirstin Scholtz

Anthony DeRosa's new BMX part is pure East Coast power

With winter finally abating here in NYC, we figured it was the perfect time to share up-and-coming East Coast powerhouse Anthony DeRosa's heavy new part for The Come Up, filmed entirely in and around New York and New Jersey. Spring is on the way, people. Get out there and ride.

Red Bull's new series takes skating to the streets of Kyrgyzstan

Here's a little geography lesson for you. Kyrgyzstan is a small, former Soviet bloc tucked between Kazakstan and Western China that is home to 6 million people, countless marble plazas, and zero skateshops. It is one the least talked about countries on earth and devoid of any central industry or identity. That, however, didn't deter Red Bull and an all-star crew of skaters, including Brian Delatorre, Aidan Campbell, and Charles Collet, from setting out in search of this Central Asian country's best-kept skate secrets and what they found might surprise you: A infantile-but-dedicated skate scene and an endless string of awesome exotic spots. Get off the beaten path and check this one out.

Skate some classic L.A. spots with London's enigmatic Benny Fairfax

It's always a pleasure to see London's Benny Fairfax in the streets. Especially when those streets are some classic L.A. street spots. House of Marley does it right in this new edit/commercial.

Action Bronson reenacts studio scene from Boogie Nights

In the lead up of his new album, Mr. Wonderful (set to drop March 24th), Action Bronson has been a busy dude, voicing a cartoon, freestyling on FunkMaster Flex's radio show, and, now, reenacting the iconic studio scene from Paul Thomas Anderson's porn biopic, Boogie Nights. If you're into the Queens MC, film, or all of the above, then make sure to check out how this one stacks up against the original below.

Is this the best ping pong shot ever?

A few weeks back we brought you an arcade basketball zen master, and now this ping pong master has joined him in the bar-game Hall of Fame with what has to be one coolest, craziest, and outright awesome table tennis shots of all time. Don't try this at home, kids. You might pull something.

Here's 17 ski slams to commemorate how awesome this winter has been

Is there anything better than a bunch of ski slams to fill up some time amongst your Internet browsing? Of course not. Thanks Level 1, and all the skiers who have been hucking themselves off things all winter long.

Exercise videos are using skateboards as exercise equipment these days

Skateboarding is at a weird time. Street League is aired on Fox Sports, longboards are helping keep lots of skate shops afloat, and corporations like Nike and Adidas are some of the bigger shoe teams. But using skateboards as exercise equipment in exercise videos?! That one is something extremely strange.

Let's investigate below.