LIVE: Watch the 2015 Nitro Circus US Tour dates announcement with Travis Pastrana

If you've never seen Nitro Circus in person you need to. It's some of the craziest, highest-flying stuff you'll ever witness. Travis Pastrana, Streetbike Tommy, and Erik Roner announce the 2015 tour dates and cities LIVE at 10:30pm EST on October 22, watch below to see if your city makes the cut! And then head over to to get your hands on some tickets!

When you're trying to show off in your Ferrari 348 don't crash it

This Ferrari driver's mishap might be a couple years old, but it still serves as a good lesson for us all. When trying to show off in your Ferrari, it's probably best to not crash it—just ask this Ferrari driver.

h/t Car Throttle

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An exclusive look at surfing in Portugal's blossoming Algarve region

Oliver Schrott Kommunikation and Karsten Boysen have teamed up to bring to light a lesser-known, growing surf region within Europe. The Algarve coast in Portugal is home to a South and a West Coast, which offers every sort of wave and condition a surfer could ask for.

The short film, Always On The Road: Surf's Up At The Algarve, Portugal, dives into what makes the region so unique and why it's becoming a popular European surf hub. From life-long locals to Portugal's finest pro surfers, the film gives some great insight into a fantastic place to be a surfer.

Watch the short film below and check out some exclusive photos from photographers Joao Bracourt & Danny Bastiaanse.

NKA Project: Micky Papa, Carlos Lastra, and friends destroy South Park

NKA Project delivers you another sweet park edit filled with bangers from skaters Micky Papa, Carlos Lastra, Zach Doelling, John Oskvarek, Jeff Dechesare, Oscar Meza, Zander Gabriel.

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OK, is this new hoverboard for real this time or what?

Listen, I'm first in line for saying I want hoverboards to be an actual real thing. Marty McFly is a hero that I've aspired to be for most of my life, and how could I be him without a hoverboard? But I'm just really tired of scientists, that dreamcrushing liar Tony Hawk, and fake companies getting my hopes up that a real hoverboard is going to be here anytime soon. I just can't keep taking that let-down—I'm fragile.

Earlier this week though, Hendo Hoverboards launched their Kickstarter campaign for what they're claiming is the first real hoverboard. And yes, we've heard that claim made before—but it's a Kickstarter campaign so it must be amazing! Let's breakdown the initial absurdity though, because remember, we can't be let down again.

First off, they've got a kid helping in the lab. What is this Doogie Howser or something? Second off, they've got a nerd in a lab coat testing it. He doesn't even know how to pump on a transition—just look at that awful style! Third off, they say they're giving the wheel a run for it's money. Haven't they ever heard the phrase, don't try to reinvent the wheel?! Fourth off, the hoverboard only works over a metallic surface—don't they know the streets aren't made of metal?

That's enough of my ranting, but as the New York Times pointed out after testing the Hendo Hoverboard, "It's not exactly Marty McFly's hoverboard. Now it only works on special surfaces, and the battery life is only a few minutes long. And it's tough to ride."

Plus, if you read the NY Times article you'll also find out that Hendo's long-term goal is to create magnetic technologies and new kinds of building foundations. Sure, they want to create specific skateparks you can use these boards at, but this reeks of another publicity stunt to drum up attention for other reasons.

Call me a skeptic, but I don't believe this is quite the hoverboard we've been waiting for yet. But who knows, maybe I'm just so bitter from having my heart broken so many times that I can't recognize the real thing when it actually comes along.

Dirtbike backflips over a plane are the best backflips

Aerobatic airplane pilot Glen Dell was one of the most skilled pilots in the last 30 years. 5 weeks after performing this backflip stunt with motocross rider Nick de Wit, Dell was injured while flying at an air show. Red Bull put together the full version of this stunt as a tribute to Dell's aviation legacy. So take a watch and revel in a stunt what took an incredible amount of training and precision to pull off. RIP Glen.

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Watch the music video for ILoveMakonnen's "Tuesday" with Drake

Rapper ILoveMakonnen and Drake have released a music video for their collaborative hit "Tuesday." It features the two rappers together in the club (as it's going up) with random people saying, "club going up" and mannequin doll heads.

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Super impatient dog left in the car wasn't one bit happy about it, honks horn

Snowboard filmer Cole Taylor caught a great moment while in a parking lot recently. This super impatient dog got left in the car and wanted everyone to know he wasn't happy about it.

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Nick Dirks has a new snowboard edit that will make you wish it was snowing

If you don't know who Nick Dirks is then you're about to get a much needed lesson in savage street snowboarding. Dirks is a Portland, Oregon man and throws all caution out the window. And yes, you'll see him snowboard on a Saint Paul, Minnesota police cruiser at the end, which is essentially par for the course for Dirks. If this opening part from Videograss's newest snowboard film, Mayday, is any sign of what comes after it then we all need to go watch this movie immediately.

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Audi's new driverless car, the RS7, just owned a track by going 140mph

Audi's new driverless car is no Google self-driving car. The RS7 packs a mean punch with 560 horses powered by a twin-turbocharged V8. This past weekend Audi showed off the RS7 driving itself at Germany's Hockenheimring track. Not only was it flawless, the livestream of the self-driving test actually crashed Audi's website because it was so popular.

Using a series of sensors, cameras, and GPS to properly drive the car, it may be one of the most accurate driverless cars to have ever been built. For some weird reason though, the test model was named "Bobby." But inevitably that didn't really matter, because the RS7 hit speeds of 140mph on the track—perfect for the Autobahn.

Check out the highlights video and a GIF below of Audi's new RS7 driverless car.