Celebrate Labor Day Weekend with this 99 pack of beers

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What's one problem that always happens at a party? Running out of beer. Well, Austin Beerworks is aiming to solve that problem with their Peacemaker beer. They have developed the 99 pack and it's just $99. That's $1/beer! Now this is what we need for this weekend!

What are you doing this Labor Day Weekend? Tell us in the Comments.

The 18 best Teahupoo kickouts from "the best surf contest ever"

You already knew the 2014 Billabong Pro Tahiti was the best surf contest ever because you read our 11 reasons why it was. But amidst the giant barrels and huge scores there was an occurrence that was almost just as exciting. And now that the water has settled, we can rightly recognize this happening: the Teahpuoo kickout.

When surfing Teahpuoo, after you make the treacherous drop, and navigate the death barrel, and don't end up on the dry reef, and can withstand the massive spray on your back, and don't shit your pants, you're left with another heavy task of exiting the shoulder to the channel. On average swells there it's mostly a seamless transition, mostly. But on the swell that pounded this year's ASP contest, it was a huge task in itself.

So here's the 18 best Teahpuoo kickouts, aptly named, and the full compilation video below. Enjoy.

Fan Friday: Brazilian skater Alber Leandro drops bangers in his 2014 remix

Every Friday, we showcase the best videos sent into us by our friends and fans in a little something we, and the rest of the Internet, like to call Fan Friday.

Alber Leandro is a Brazilian skater whose passion for riding shines through in this Remix 2014 part. Fluid style and tech tricks for days from Leandro.

The video was filmed by Bryce Pagter, Gilbert, Daniel Pedrosa, and Matheus Amorin.


Is this woman's gym workout the greatest GoPro video ever made?

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Filming a workout at the gym via a GoPro head mount doesn't sound initially enticing. But if we told you it was a woman with a low cut tank top, then you'd probably say, "Yes, that might in fact be the best GoPro video ever shot." Well, take a look for yourself. Things get weird at the end, and we're not really sure why.

Is this the best GoPro video ever made? Tell us in the Comments.

California is overrun with perfect waves and this guy just got the wave of his life

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Unless you've been living under a rock for the last week you know that Southern California is absolutely living up to it's surf mindset. Hurricane Marie has been planted offshore in the Pacific for days now, determined to make all the droughts, earthquakes, fires, and traffic be all worth it.

Essentially, things have been epic the last week in California and just about everywhere is maxing out and offering cylindrical perfection. One example of that comes from an unidentified surfer in Santa Barbara who got the wave of his life here. He barely had to do anything, just make the drop, set his rail, and a few pumps here or there. The claim is certainly justified, and we're certain he's not the only guy to have been getting the waves of their lives thanks to Hurricane Marie.

Have you been getting surf from Hurricane Marie? Tell us about it in the Comments.

Someone made a remix of Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" with nothing but farts

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Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" music video is one of the most ridiculous things to ever happen in music. One person commented on our Facebook post, "I don't want to live on this planet anymore." Well hopefully that guy is still around, because there is one redeeming quality to the video, it can be remixed with farts. That is what Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues did and the result is absolutely hilarious.

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Jamie O'Brien did a ridiculous board transfer on a HUGE wave at the Wedge

Things in Southern California are completely bonkers right now, courtesy of Hurricane Marie. Laird Hamilton is shooting the Malibu Pier on a huge wave on a stand up paddleboard. So Jamie O'Brien being Jamie O'Brien decided to do a board transfer on a giant wave at the Wedge, going from a soft top board to a shortboard. It didn't end well, as O'Brien ended up pulling into a large closeout barrel, but then again when does surfing the Wedge ever really pay off?

Have you been getting surf from Hurricane Marie? Tell us about it in the Comments.

h/t Stab

Holy crap does this Renault R.S. 01 look amazing

There are lots of race cars out there that can go really fast. There aren't as many that can go fast and have absolutely ridiculous curb appeal. No one is going to be pulling the new Renault Sport R.S. 01 up to any curbs, but if they did, they'd need a mop to clean up all the drool.

The design of the new race car is inspired by concept cars and it is built with a carbon chassis that weighs less than 1,100 kilograms. Its engine puts out more than 500 horsepower and is capable of a top speed over 300 km/h. One lucky race car driver will get to drive the R.S. 01 in a new series, the Renault Sport Trophy, which is a launching pad for the pro GT and Endurance championships.

See more pictures of the R.S. 01 below.

Ben Raybourn did an insane wallride all the way to the ceiling

Ben Raybourn has already been dubbed the king of the insane wallride. So when he outdoes himself, it's worth noting. On Birdhouse's most recent tour, Raybourn gets totally nuts around the 4-minute mark when he starts attempting to do a wallride all the way to the ceiling. He goes for it a couple times and loses his board, and then nails it at the end. All bow down to the king of the wallride.

Check out the GIF and full video below.

Is 30 hula hoops at once too many hula hoops?

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Street performer Coral Jade takes on 30 hula hoops on a pier in Melbourne, Australia and it's got us wondering: is 30 hula hoops too many hula hoops? I mean, she does alright with them for a little bit. But they eventually all end up on the ground. That's not where hula hoops belong.

How many hula hoops are too many hula hoops? Tell us in the Comments.