Daewon Song is like fine wine...

Daewon Song is an all-timer. A great. A dude who, when all the ledges are knobbed and all the urethane flatspotted, should go down alongside Hawk, Koston, Cardiel, and Mariano, as joint GOAT. He doesn't always get the recognition he deserves, but as this highlight reel of Song's 2014 (in which he turned 39) proves, hype doesn't matter, skating does. And although voting polls for The Berrics psuedo-SOTY competition–for which this video was assembled–have closed, go check it out anyway. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

5 craziest things we saw at Winter X Games

Winter X Games 2015 is officially a wrap, and, unsurprisingly, it was one of gnarliest editions yet. Packed with established legends and up-and-coming rippers, each and every event went off like a firework factory and we were there for all the insanity. In cased you missed it or just want to relive the mayhem, here are the 5 most asylum-approvedthings we saw this weekend.

Fashion brand H&M is utilizing surfing in snow and blizzards in some ads

Leave it to fashion brand H&M to release a commercial with some cold water surfing in snow in a highly unlikely place: Sweden. Featuring Sweden's first pro surfer, Freddie Meadows, he treks through some deep powder to get to the Baltic Sea to catch some freezing barrels.

Just add Sweden to other places with lots of snow you can surf like Iceland, Idaho, Lake Erie, and New Jersey. With all the snow pounding the Northeast United States right now, you'll be sure they're trying to capture a piece of that surf culture's pie.

Guy attempts snowboard gap, lands in trees, but makes save of the year

Phil Wettengel of Plymouth State University really had no right attempting this gap over the netting. You can tell that from the two times he rolls the windows down while flying over the netting. And then he lands in the trees. Which makes you think, "Ahh damn that sucks, he didn't even come close to that." Then your jaw drops to the floor because he makes the save of the year and completely rides out of it.

Check out the GIF and full video below, you're not gonna believe it.

Surf photographer Mike Nulty might be the king of surf selfies

Surfer Alex Gray himself is pretty damn good at the surf selfie. So it makes total sense that surf photographer Mike Nulty enlisted Gray to capture one of the best surf selfies ever documented.

But the below Instagram video of Nulty capturing himself and Gray at P-Pass is only the tip of the iceberg with Nulty's surf selfie skills. He gets festive with them, hangs with Elmo in the barrel, and gets deeper than most in pursuit of the surf selfie.

Check out some of his best instances below.

Here's how NOT to tow a truck with another truck

A good tow fail is always a solid way to start the week. When you're having a buddy help you tow your truck out you probably want to make sure they understand how tow straps work. Because this guy certainly has no clue how they work. SMH.

h/t Jalopnik

Action Bronson gets cartoon treatment in new FXX show

Action Bronson has been everywhere lately: In the kitchen, freestyling with FunkMaster Flex, and now on FXX's new animated series, Lucas Bros. Moving Co., where he plays Uncle Taco, a cheap-eats kingpin with an eye for neighborhood domination and shotgun-wielding bikini bodyguards. We really don't know what's going on here, but, as Uncle Taco says, keep slangin' them good burgers, Action!

GoPro takes the ice with the NHL

Ever wonder what it's like to see the ice through the eyes of some of the world's best hockey players? Well, GoPro has got you covered, partnering with the NHL for this awesome video that puts you in the pads of some of the best scorers, stick handlers, and puck stoppers on earth. Sometimes its hard to zero in on these guys in the heat of 5-on-5, but when you put them on open ice, strap a camera to their helmets, and tell them to showboat, the hand-eye coordination becomes downright humbling. Who knows, maybe you'll even find something to school your friends with at that next pond hockey game.

This skater sticks scary slam to the bolts

Concrete to the spine, primo to the tailbone, and razor tail to the chest are just a few of this slam's terrifying potential outcomes, but thankfully Corey Glick is still on speaking terms with lady luck, sticking his carcass to the griptape after an eight-foot free fall that looked like pure disaster until the very last nano-second. This one counts as a make in our book, Corey.

Start your weekend off right by enjoying Dirt Shark's view at a Monster Girl shoot

Dirt Shark is here to make the start of your weekend epic. Follow him behind the scenes at the 2015 Monster Girls photo shoot, you won't regret it.