Dose: How Billy Rohan Made graffiti legal in the Lower East Side

NYC-based artist, skateboarder, and activist Billy Rohan had an eureka moment while painting a storefront roll gate in NYC last year: To beautify the grey metal gates in front of businesses with paintings by well-known artists. For a city with a long history of fighting graffiti it was a long shot but Billy ultimately won a $30,000 grant from the Lower East Side BID and is now on his way to installing art on 100 Gates between Delancey and Canal and Essex and Allen streets in the LES. Learn how he made it happen only on a new episode of Dose.

Behold the coolest, most badass ghost ride of a vehicle ever

All other ghost rides bow down to the guy who has a park slide on a flatbed truck and slides down the slide. There's just no beating this. And the soundtrack couldn't be more dead-on. Also, do you think he got back in the truck before it crashed?

Paul Hart nearly gets killed by a security guard, but he get his trick anyway

Listen, being a security guard sucks. You get paid minimum wage to stand on your feet and stare at a wall for 12 hours straight. I sympathize with that. Then, with an an hour left on your last shift of the week and the wife nagging them about picking up the kids, 10 dudes show up with skateboards and cameras and things just spiral out from there. I get it. None of that excuses this wannabe hero for pushing Paul Hart out of mid-air as he attempted to a skate an already hairy handrail, however. Somehow Hart didn't get folded (cat like reflexes, man) and, in the end, got his trick, but let this be a reminder to approach angry people with caution, because you never know what they're going to do.

Skating with your buds as it's flurrying in Vermont is what it's all about

Sure, this winter sucked for the Northeast. But we're in April and starting to see warmer days. Though we're not out of the woods yet, it's getting close. But sometimes there's a random day of flurries after a day of 60-degrees and sun. So the Vermont skate crew, The Worble, did what they do best and took advantage of the clear streets despite the flurries.

World Cup champion alpine skier Marcel Hirscher skis in total color

After winning the overall World Cup title four years in a row, alpine skier Marcel Hirscher decided it was time for something new: color skiing. What's color skiing you ask? Well, it's simply carrying some colored flares and letting 'em rip while you rip down a hill, making for some cool moments.

We can't decide if this guy playing "Tom Sawyer" with a puppet drummer is rad or sad

This guy made a puppet. He named him Chops and he taught him how to drum. Now Chops thinks he's ready for the big time, tackling a puppet-sized cover of Rush's "Tom Sawyer" on tiny drum kit made of tin cans. What do you say America? Is Chops going to Hollywood? Let us know in the comments!

Rolling in on a roof towards a bunch of random stuff is not a good idea

Sometimes there are risks skaters take that really make absolutely no sense. Take for instance Antonio Ramos's roof drop here. There's nowhere he can really even go, and he's heading right towards a bunch of cement blocks, wood, and random things that he's almost sure to hit—which he does. Unfortunately instead of scratching his head (like we're doing after this one), Ramos was probably icing his face.

Drift Garage: Tuerck & Forsberg return from Formula Drift to answer your pressing car questions

Professional Formula Drift drivers Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck answer your questions from the second episode of Drift Garage season two.

Forsberg and Tuerck check in following Ryan's huge 3rd place result at the first stop of Formula Drift season in Long Beach. They kick things off with a question from Jonathan Fangrad about external wastegates and screamer pipes on street cars before tackling questions regarding reusing part designs on custom fab cars and whether a thermostat is necessary for an oil cooler setup. Finally everything wraps up with a special appearance from Eric the Car Guy who asks Chris the difference between a stock 370Z engine and his tire-slaying Formula D version.

Be sure to comment or tweet more questions and check in next Tuesday, April 21st for Episode 3 only on

This choreographed Lexus video elevates drifting to high art

Leave it to Lexus Japan to drop one of the craziest drift edits we've ever seen...set to classical music. Featuring a quintet of the brand's RC F, LFA, and track-ready supercars drifting in, out, and around each other on an actual track (as opposed to some glorified parking lot), the so-called "Dance of F" is not only a demonstration of precision driving, but an absolute must-watch for car nuts and drift nerds alike. Pour yourself a glass of Cab Sav, settle into your distressed leather armchair, and get ready to see how the other half drifts.

Just in time for summer, the Vans x Fiat BBQ machine is here

Just in time for long days and warm nights, Vans and Fiat teamed up to turn a Fiat 500 into a mean, mobile grilling machine. Even the simplest concepts can require complicated builds, however, and this behind-the-scenes look proves exactly that, following the team of builders as they transform this daily driver into brisket-blasting beast. We have to say though, the absence of a waffle-grip grill feels like a big missed opportunity.

Make sure to cop some new Vans gear for the season ahead.