Watch Scott Sports athletes Sam Cohen, McKenna Peterson, Corey and Taylor Felton take on unpredictable (but spectacular) Stanley, Idaho in preparation for the 2015-16 season. The crew takes on high elevation, freezing temps, and notoriously volatile continental snowpack in the remote corner of backcountry terrain as they work their way up the "ladder" towards Haines, Alaska.

Part 2 of ALL IN drops Thursday, Dec. 3rd on Network A

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Sam Cohen

Corey Felton

Star Wars fever is at an all-time high right now, and these electric longboard riding Stormtroopers decided to join in on the pandemonium. Needless to say these guys still can't ollie (and are long way from the Tatooine), but if you're counting down the days until The Force Awakens (18 to be exact), then make sure to check it out.

Want to watch a Shelby Mustang GT500 lose control while exiting a car show and slam into a parked Dodge Ram? Probably not, but something tells me the curiosity (and the natural human urge to call this guy an idiot) will have you pressing play in no time.

Danny Davis may have outdone himself yet again. The 2015 version of Peace Park is pretty ridiculous (and why would we expect anything less from Danny's mind?). This year's version features a half mile roller run, a 60-foot BBQ road gap, a quarter pipe measuring over 100-feet long and 22-feet high, a 22-foot bowl measuring 100-feet in diameter, and lots more.

Check out the full episode that just aired on ABC yesterday.

Skip the lines. Skip the sales. Skip the chaos that our own society has created. Opt for what's been gifted to us since the beginning of time: nature.

Turn off your computers and gadgets today and #OptOutside on this societally "holiday" and just be thankful for what the world has given us.

Last year renowned photographer Jim Mangan took Ken Block out to an "eerie 75-mile stretch of desert between Capital Reef and Goblin Valley, Utah" for some old fashioned hoonage. The results were seen in the artful photo book by Mangan called Blast.

Well, the short film has finally dropped and it's just as jaw-dropping as a Gymkhana video—albeit for reasons like stunning slow-motion imagery of dirt being thrown't all over the desert. This one is definitely an incredible project.

In this episode of NKA Project, Nigel Alexander gives you tips on how to capture the best angles when shooting skateboarding with the Nikon D3300 using a fisheye lens. It's not always about the camera settings, in this edit you'll learn how a few subtile camera placements and movements will make your footage look extra smooth.

Chris Forsberg teams up with Hoonigans and Ryan Tuerck to take some 1000hp Nissan 370z's Black Friday shopping early at the abandoned Hawthorne Mall in Los Angeles. Clearly, we all need to be drifting this Black Friday and not shopping...

Legendary mountain biker Steve Peat may not compete quite like he used to, but that doesn't make his recent trip to the Norway's Lofoten Islands any less captivating. If you're looking for the perfect synthesis of man, machine, and nature, this might just be it.