Alex Olson's new Bianca Chandon video is mostly a model playing with her hair

Alex Olson is one of the latest skaters to go his own way and start a company. Bianca Chandon launches this fall, and Olson just released the first visuals from the brand in this Autumn 2014 lookbook video. In it, Olson hits an elbow rail flawlessly and an attractive girl makes faces for the camera. Stay tuned for the release soon on the brand's website.

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Skating on sand dunes in the middle of the Moroccan Desert is a thing

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Skateboarding inside an office? ABD. Skating on floating miniramps? Played out. Skateboarding off a helicopter? Burnquist has that one on lock, too. But skating on some sand dunes in the Moroccan Desert? NBD. Until now.

Skaters Sam Partaix, Joseph Biais, Phil Zwijsen, and Charles Collet did one of the most ridiculous DIY skate builds in history when they brought some rails and plywood to the middle of the Moroccan Desert. We can only imagine the bails in the sand, the ruined bearings, and the dehydration, but it sure made for one helluva skate trip.

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11 incredible shakas that everyone should know

PSA stands for Public Shaka Announcement, not Public Service Announcement. In 2005, Thomas Campbell released the surf film Sprout. It starred surfers Joel Tudor, the Malloy brothers, and Kassia Meador doing some incredible surfing. It also had a hilarious scene with Dan Malloy performing some of the wittiest shakas you'll ever see. We pulled together all of them to provide a proper shaka education.

Terry Kennedy picks his 5 favorite music videos of all-time

If you haven't watched the first episode of our new show Terry Kennedy, Skate And The City, you need to. Right now. As Terry said in our interview, music plays a huge role in his life, especially important when he's skating. With a wealth of music knowledge, we asked TK to pick his 5 favorite music videos of all-time. His choices are diverse and show off his wide-ranging tastes.

We've got lots more from Terry Kennedy as part of our TK Takeover. Check out our interview with him and his 3 favorite skate parts, and stay tuned for his gear essentials tomorrow.

Giant grouper swallows a shark like it's a potato chip

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The groupers in Florida are off the hook (not sure if that pun is intended or not). They're all about the snatch n' grab from fisherman. One angler in Bonita Springs, Florida, had a 4-foot black tip shark on the line and was in the process of freeing it from the hook when a massive goddamn grouper came up and took care of that for him. No bites were even required, this giant grouper just gobbles the shark up whole like it's no big deal.

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Watch the BMW M4 drift around a course made entirely out of other BMW M cars

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We have to hand it to BMW. The guys behind the ultimate driving machine have been making the ultimate car videos of late. There was the video of the new M4 racing around an aircraft carrier, and the one where stunt drivers formed a driftmob in the M235. It's enough to make you forget that the BMW that gives tours around the Nurburgring crashed.

The latest Beemer video is pretty damn good, too. To initiate the new jack M4 into the M-class posse, BMW built a course entirely out of enthusiasts' M cars. All told, 37 owners let their BMWs be used to build the track and when you see the final shape, it will impress you.

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You can surf in high heels (but we have no idea why you'd ever want to)

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Back in the 90s, Easy Spirit shoes made a commercial that showed women playing basketball in high heels. It was a pretty dumb ad, but for some reason it stuck in people's heads. Well, here's something else that's pretty weird, but also sticks in your head. A group of women put on high heels and went surfing in them. The ladies actually surf pretty good in the shoes, but we'd hate to see the pressure dings on the boards after this session.

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Crooked World BMX: Tony Neyer and crew drop hammers in a brand new park

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This is why they are pros. They come to your new skate plaza and throw down a bunch of heavy tricks for the locals to ABD about for the rest of eternity. With a crew like this, the new park on Sheldon Street in Sun Valley, California is sure to be a hot spot now. Featuring Tony Neyer, Miles Rogoish, Rick Scott, Aaron Brenner, Shawn Macintosh, Andrew Castaneda, Dan Paley, Joe Riley, and David Grant.

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Chris Forsberg is so good he can drift while getting tasered

Yes, we know Chris Forsberg is a total beast when he gets behind the steering wheel, whether it's his Formula Drift car, a sprint car, or a vintage Porsche. But the star of Garage Tours just showed everyone that he might be superhuman.

Fellow Formula Drift driver Tony Angelo sat shotgun with Forsberg in that missile car he built on Drift Garage. On a closed course, Angelo tried to throw Forsberg off his game while he was drifting by tasering him. Yes, tasering him.

Forsberg takes the punishment like a champ because Forsberg is a drift god.

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Kelly Slater understands why people hated on him for doing "Baywatch"

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Eleven-time ASP world champion Kelly Slater recently sat down with Vice Sports for an extensive interview. As with most Kelly interviews, he was incredibly thoughtful discussing topics ranging from his time on Baywatch ("That wasn't really a fun time for me.") to his complicated rivalry and relationship with the late Andy Irons ("With Andy it was personal."). It's definitely worth a watch.

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