The 2016 Formula Drift season is almost upon us, and we are proud to present the trailer for stop one, set to go down in beautiful Long Beach, California this weekend. Check it out and make sure to tune in for all the action from qualifiers this Friday!

It might not be Thursday (it's not, right?), but we are throwing it back to Keiichi "Drift King" Tsuchiya's segment in Drift Bible— in which he break down the six core techniques of drifting—anyway. Eyes front and pay attention, because we here at Net A are not above pop quizzes.

For Ryan Tuerck, the road to Formula Drift Long Beach was paved with epic test sessions, shifter kart mayhem, and a little help from homey Chris Forsberg. Check out all the action on a brand new episode of Tuerck'd with Valvoline USA!

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He's even willing to put on roller skates and wear American flag shorts. Drifter Corey Hosford put together one of the best "Sponsor Me" videos ever in an effort to get on the Hoonigans team. Hosford makes a compelling case for himself. He has a mega powerful 350Z, a bro that might be in a gang, and really great taste in apparel. Hosford is definitely ready to be an official Hoon.

It's rally time! Professional Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck and pro skateboarder and Subaru Puma STI Rally driver Bucky Lasek meet up at Team O' Neil Rally School in New Hampshire for some winter hooning. Champion driver Tim O'Neil sets up a series of challenges on the snow-packed track for Ryan and Bucky—see who takes the big win in this episode of Tuerck'd at winter Rally school.

Join Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg as they offer yet another crash course in drift culture in a brand new episode of Drift Garage Response.

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Finals night is a go, people! Tune in to our live stream (beginning below at 7:15pm EST), straight from the Suzuka Twin Circuit in Japan, to see how all the action from the year's first Formula Drift event shakes out. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

He's going into the wild. Drift star Ryan Tuerck likes to stay busy. So when other Formula Drift drivers are relaxing in the off-season, Tuerck is still looking for ways to get behind the wheel of his 1JZ. For Off Seasons Two, Tuerck finds a deserted mountain road and winds his car around the tight turns. Get ready for more Tuerck, when Season 2 of Tuerck'd starts on Tuesday, July 9.