Professional BMX rider and Rad Dad Ryan Nyquist opens the door to his world and that shows balancing daily life with two young boys is no easy task. With too much energy and plenty of toys, it looks like a tornado ran through the house! Just when Ryan gives up hope on getting a BMX session in for the day he finds a magic remote! With slow motion and fast forward in full effect Ryan finds the time to clean the house, speed over to Scotts Valley trails, and throw down some mean tricks in slow mo.

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I'll do my best to spare you the whole "in my day" speech, but seriously, come on. A Nerf gun that shoots 100 feet-per-second, has a load-in clip, safety switch, and dimpled ammo for better accuracy is just insane...right? Growing up, we were lucky if the Nerf "guns" on the market shot 70 feet, let alone 70 mph, but as this behind-the-scenes look at Nerf's new Rival series makes abundantly clear, those days might as well be ancient history.

Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New York City, pro skateboarder Luis Tolentino has inspired kids around the world, both through his skating and his desire to give back. After working extensively with the Harold Hunter Foundation as a mentor to NYC public school kids, Tolentino wanted to bring the HHF programs to his home country. He returned to DR with a group of four young NYC skaters to meet and empower the local youth by teaching workshops and providing donated gear. Follow Luis and friends as they travel throughout the country in this series.