Kick back and enjoy the epic laid back powder session as the Deja Vu crew including Louif Paradis, Alex Cantin, and Ben Bilocq explore the best of Japan. From bright city lights to the mountains, there's something magical about Japan that every snowboarder should should make a point to experience!

Music: "Sun Bleach" by Nicholas Andrew Sadler

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There's also some brassy jazz music too. But what's really annoying is that Chris Miolane, Arthur Ghilini, Loic Deschamps, Steve Rosay are still getting powder runs and it's June.

That is just one of the interesting things about Eric Pollard. According to his bio on Line Skis, he's also a 7th-level ninja. We're not sure exactly what that means, but it probably means he knows his way around some throwing stars. He also knows about throwing himself down a mountain through some pillowy snow and then spinning a quick 180.

Most of the country is suffering from oppressive heat, but there's still snow on the Internet.
The latest episode of Teton Gravity Research's "Mind's Eye" series follows Ian McIntosh as he slashes through the powder at TGR Fantasy Camp in Alaska.