Car Modifications

Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg barely had time to put the wrenches down as they cranked out mods on their FR-S and Nissan Titan XD builds. Once the tire smoke finally cleared, however, we caught up with them to get an inside look at what went wrong and what went right on another awesome (and educational!) season of Drift Garage.

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Join Ryan Tuerck, Chris Forsberg, and special guest host, Jarod DeAnda, for the season finale of Drift Garage Response, live from Formula Drift Road Atlanta.

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If you're lucky enough to own a Ferrari, you probably shouldn't f*ck with it. If you just can't leave well enough alone, however, then you'd do well to turn the reigns over to Ferrari tuning maestros, Novitec Rosso, who just unveiled their latest creation: The 222-mph F12 N-Largo S. Boasting 50 extra ponies and a badass body kit, this thing is the perfect combination of beauty and brawn, so check it out and commence drooling.

In between 500-horsepower dyno pulls, custom bumper fabrication, and some fuel cell improv, Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg make time for a little something sweet on the penultimate episode of Drift Garage season three.

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Join Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg as they offer yet another crash course in drift culture in a brand new episode of Drift Garage Response.

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Want to know what the fastest GT-R in America sounds like? Well then check out this insane behind-the-scenes look at T1 Race Development's 2,348-horspower GT-R, which currently stands as the US record holder with a quarter mile run of 7.3 seconds at 195 mph. As if that's not enough eye-watering numbers for you, this mean, Texas-bred machine also topped out at 235 mph in the half-mile, so, uhh yeah, just press play and let the straight-line rampage commence.

We've shown you the teaser, now check out the full length. Join Zwingfilms and Mode Automotive as they blur the lines of reality with this video game-inspired take on the car modification process. If only it were this easy, am I right?

It’s a brand new season of Drift Garage and Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck have cooked up something new. This year Forsberg is going to be gutting and upgrading a Nissan Titan. Chris needs a towing adventure mobile for all his other vehicles, so the Cummins-powered Titan XD is going to be a perfect project.

While Forsberg is busy with that, Tuerck is going to keep himself busy upgrading his Scion FRS. The Tuerck "street car" is getting another round of upgrades with a race engine, an anti-lag system, a bigger turbo, and of course, more power. Can't. Stop Modifying.

Network A's Drift Garage is about to return for a third season with more epic car builds and epic laughs. Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck will be back at it tinkering and modifying. Powered by Valvoline, Drift Garage returns on Tuesday, March 1st right here on Network A!

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Yesterday, Ken Block debuted his wild new Gymkhana 8 whip, which got us thinking: If we were to pit all seven of Block's Gymkhana rides against in each other in a battle of pure radness, which would emerge the victor? Thus commenced one of the least scientific (and most fun) examinations we have ever conducted. Check it out and see how your favorite stacks up.

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