Ryan Tuerck invites fellow Formula Drift drivers to experience the joys of his home state.
On the latest episode of Tuerck'd, Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck invites drifters Mike Essa and Matt Powers to New Hampshire and shows them the best of the Granite State, from cliff jumping to hula hooping to a three-way drift battle at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Check out new videos from Tuerck every Tuesday and be sure to hit him up in the comments. Tuerck will answer his favorite questions in next week's Burnout Response video.

It isn't easy to concentrate when Tuerck's fellow Formula Drift driver is behind the wheel, and Jarod DeAnda is in the backseat.
In the latest GoPro Burnout Response, Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck recruits fellow drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. to do burnouts (do NOT call them "spinnies"). As Gittin smokes the tires, Tuerck answers questions from your comments on the Tuerck'd Opposite Controls video. Tuerck talks about the engine in his Nissan 240 and his desire to visit a track in Estonia with a jump-to-wallride setup.

Ryan Tuerck, Chris Forsberg, Vaughn Gittin Jr., and Tony Angelo have hands on the wheel and feet on the pedals, just not at the same time.
The latest episode of Tuerck'd features an opposite controls tandem drift battle. Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck teams up with Forsberg, and Gittin pairs with Angelo. One driver takes the wheel while the other controls the pedals. It isn't the most elegant form of drifting, but the friendly (kind of) competition is impressive to watch.
Be sure to leave your questions for Tuerck in the comments. He will respond to them in his Burnout response video on July 30.

It's hard to keep your concentration sitting in the sunroof and spinning around.
For the latest GoPro Burnout Response, Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck answers your questions that were left in the comments for his Game of DRIFT II video. Of course, it's not in Tuerck's nature to just stand there and blandly answer questions. Instead, Tuerck responds to questions while sitting in the sunroof of his car with his brother driving and spinning donuts in the driveway. Tuerck shares his thoughts on engines, the ideal drift car and his first drift competition.

This one is for all the watermelon-smashing Gallagher fans out there.
The second season of Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck's show Tuerck'd kicks off with a bang. After losing in a Game of DRIFT to Chris Forsberg last year, Tuerck takes on another Formula Drift star, Vaughn Gittin Jr. This year's Game of DRIFT features some of the best challenges from last year plus some new ones sent in from viewers. Get ready for some blindfolded drifting.

Like blown-up watermelon explosive.
Get ready because the second season of Tuerck'd with Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck begins Tuesday, July 9. It promises tons of next-level drift action. Vaughn Gittin Jr. is going to challenge Tuerck to a game of D.R.I.F.T. and the Slide Ride returns. Tuerck is also going international to see what kind of trouble he can get into in a foreign country. It all starts Tuesday, July 9. Then check back every Tuesday to see a new video from Tuerck. Also, be sure to leave a question or comment, Tuerck will reply to the best ones in his Burnout response videos.