X Games

But they will definitely be healed in time for X Games LA.
Chaz Ortiz injured a ligament in his ankle while attempting a nollie front blunt a few months ago and the injury has left him out of commission for the first Street League events. But Ortiz has been visting Dr. David Sales, a.k.a. the doctor to the skate stars, and the therapy is paying off. Ortiz hopes to be ready in time for Street League Portland in the middle of July but will definitely be good to go in time for X Games LA at the beginning of August.

Instead of dragging his feet, Dumont hopped on a plane and was dragging hands.
After the contest season wrapped up Simon Dumont planned to chill for a bit. But when the session is going down, it's going down. When Dumont heard that Tom Wallisch, Kyle Decker and a crew of other riders were going to be riding the park at Keystone Resort in Colorado, he jumped at the chance to join them for some spring riding in the park. With lots of interesting jumps set up, Dumont learned a few new tricks and dialed in some old ones.