Chad Reed and TwoTwo Motorsports check in from Phoenix just before Round 2 of the 2013 Supercross season. Chad visits a few Discount Tire shops fulfilling sponsor obligations before heading to the track and preparing for the race. Chad finishes with a 4th place in Phoenix followed by a 3rd at Anaheim 2. Chad and the TwoTwo Motorsports team get back to the grind working hard to perfect the bike while Chad polishes technical details in his riding, in his eyes skills that are missing from the long road back from injury.

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Forget Lil Jon, Alan Birtwistle is the new king of getting low, scraping pegs, scrubbing bars, and somehow not dislocating his hip in this absolutely insane display of supermotard limbo at Dirt Quake 4 in Kings Lynn. Trust us, this is the craziest bike video you will see all week.