From his truly awesome One of Those Days series to this—arguably the wildest no-snow ski edit we've ever laid our unworthy eyes upon—it goes without saying: Candide Thovex has this viral web thing down pat. Sure, it's a big-budget, glorified Audi commercial. but if you simply can't wait for winter, it's a must-watch all the same.

Check out the final installment of our mini-series, #REHABlife, as Swiss freeskiers Frederick Iliano and Christian Bieri log an epic park session before Iliano suffers one final setback.

Check out part three of our four-part mini-series, #REHABlife, as Swiss freeskiers Frederick Iliano and Christian Bieri finally get back on the slopes and in the park after months of grueling rehab.

Check out part two of our four-part mini-series, #REHABlife, as Swiss freeskiers Frederick Iliano and Christian Bieri aggravate old injuries, hitting rehab twice as hard in order to get back on their feet and back on the snow.

Check out part one of our four-part mini-series, #REHABlife, chronicling Swiss freeskiers Frederick Iliano and Christian Bieri's road to recovery following devastating knee injuries on the slopes.

Looking for a little winter getaway? Then take a trip into the wild, wonderful world of Candide Thovex​, as seen in One of Those Days 3 (AKA the craziest ski video ever).

The 2016 snow edition of Suzuki's now legendary Nine Knights competition is officially a go. The mission? To push hip riding to its scientific breaking point, with some of the finest (and gnarliest) perpendicular hits ever chiseled, shaped, and shoveled. Then again, don't take our word for it, just check out the trailer and get ready for the madness.

In a year chock full of Hollywood-ready storylines and epic narratives, Olympic freeskier Gus Kenworthy's surprising—and potentially paradigm-shifting—decision to come out was, by a wide margin, the most important. In an action sports world predicated on individuality and facing one's fears, we think it's fair to say that this moment stood head and shoulders above the rest.

We aren't sure how or why—probably some blip in the cosmic space-time continuum—but Jesper Tjäder's new Red Bull jib masterclass, Unrailistic, didn't smash the internet into a billion little pieces upon its release last week. Everyone deserves a second chance, though, so check it out and see what we mean when we say this is some of the craziest rail work (yep, that was a DOUBLE CORK out) we have ever seen.