"There's no good way of dropping into Jaws on an inner tube."

Our EPIC SUMMER Video Contest has finally wrapped up. With Chris Miyashiro's Perpetuated In The Sea taking the $1,000 top honor, we had a little chat with Chris to see what he's all about.

Check out the interview and his edit below, and stay tuned for some honorable mentions later this week!

A big congratulations goes out to 18-year-old student Chris Miyashiro from Oahu for taking home the $1,000 top honors in our EPIC SUMMER Video Contest. "Perpetuated In The Sea" follows Chris and his friends all over the island of Oahu surfing, hanging with sharks, and enjoying the fruits of youth in summer.

Watch the winning entry here and then check out the director's cut from Chris on his channel here.

Stay tuned for some honorable mentions from the EPIC SUMMER Video Contest coming later this week on NetworkA.com, and be on the lookout for our next submission video contest coming up in November!

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