A decent south swell rolls through at its peak with a slight northwest windswell slowly filling in.

Identified Riders - Cory Bolter, Parker Cohn, Ace Conlon, Jared Brown, Tyler Thornsley, JJ Ayala, Blair Conklin, Nainoa Steward


Song - Magic Sword - In The Face Of Evil

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Well people, it looks like we made it. October 21st, 2015, the day Marty McFly arrived in a tinfoil jumpsuit-clad future in Robert Zemeckis’s campy blockbuster sequel, Back to the Future II. To celebrate that achievement—as well as what has since been branded “Back To The Future Day” by merch-shilling retail outlets across the globe—we gather here today to do just what Marty did back in ’85: Get a sneak peak at what our world might look like in three decade’s time. So join us as we fire up the flux capacitor and take a leap into the future of action sports. What we found might just surprise you.

On the back of last year's True To This, Volcom is returning the film game this fall with Psychic Migrations, a brand new surf video from director Ryan Thomas. Psychic Migrations isn't set to drop until September, but stay tuned to the Volcom micro-site for all the updates and info.

"Where Is Your God Now?" captures snowboarding legend on journey across his homeland

Meet Mitch Crews, Michael Dunphy, Alisha Gonsalves and Bree Kleintop—four pro surfers living together on the North Shore of Oahu during the prime winter surf season. The entire surf industry including the pros migrate to the North Shore every winter to compete on surfing's biggest stages including the Reef Hawaiian Pro, the Vans World Cup Of Surfing, and the Billabong Pipe Masters. In this episode, the crew move into their new home and look ahead to a season of epic surf, competition, parties, and yeah...some drama. Watch the season unfold with new episodes dropping every Monday on Network A!
Produced by Jamie Tierney and Tate MacDowell

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"When there's surf, we surf. And when it's flat, we work." That is the mantra of Drift, the latest major motion picture to focus its lens on surfing. Starring Sam Worthington, Drift tells the story of two brothers in Australia in the 1970's, who build a surfboard business out of their backyard. Drift will be in theaters August 2.