17 years after he put down skateboarding's first 900 at X Games, The Birdman is back for one more go. Call it a car commercial. Say whatever you want. But the plain and simple fact is this: You will never be as gnarly as Tony Hawk. Not now. Not at 48. Not ever.

Ask anyone who has ever bombed a hill and they will tell you: You have to respect the ride, or it will bite ya. Just ask Nuge, who bombed one of the 10 steepest street in America and lived to tell the tale. Hear the story behind this harsh barge via Thrasher.

Tired of the same old flatground in the same old park? Well, Woodward West has a little balm for that burn, taking the tried-and-true Game of SKATE bracket competition to the mini-ramp with their new series: Mano A Mano. Featuring mini masters like Dave Bachinsky, Cody McEntire, Ben Hatchell, and more, this breath of fresh skatepark air kicked off this week with Taylor Bingaman and Sebo Walker, so make sure to check it out and stay tuned for new battles, premiering live on every day.

Another week, another new Vlog from Zwingfilms. If you're looking for someone who shares your passion for cars, skateboarding, and living the generalized dream, then this will be your cup of tea.


Last week, our homey Richie Jackson dropped arguably his weirdest, wildest, and waxiest part yet, turning the skate world on its head in the process. In order to pay proper tribute to this skate-n-create masterclass, we decided to gif-ify his 5 craziest stunts for snackable consumption. Needless to say, if skateboarding had rules, Richie would have broken them all.

Did you get some action this weekend? From ‪Tampa Pro‬ to a sand storm in the middle of NASCAR race, we rattle off all the highlights from an insane 48 hours in our crazy ass world.

Hyped for X Games Oslo this weekend but still wondering what the hell it is? Don't worry, we've got some answers.

Did you know Volcom had a full-length skate video in the works? Neither did we, but judging by Holy Stokes! first trailer—featuring everyone from vets like Dustin Dollin to new jacks like Daan van der Linden—it's going to be a titan of skateboarding and cinematography. Commence drooling in three, two, one...

Ready for some smooth, Euro ledge wizard insanity? Then you came to the right place, because Wieger Van Wageningen is dishing out plenty of it (including one of the longest back tails we've ever seen) in his latest Nike SB showcase. Grab the wax and check it out.