If ever David Cronenberg ever needs a DIY off-roader for one of his movies, now he knows where to turn: The maniacs at Dirt Every Day, who fused a Ford Ranger to a Land Rover in order to create one of the coolest (and creepiest) four-wheelers we've ever seen. Check it out.

Colin Furze is a maniac. We all know that. But his latest creation—a homemade hoverbike that he likens to flying a human blender—is by far his craziest yet. Climb aboard and check it out.

We can't all drive supercars. Thankfully there's the 24 Hours of LeMons​, a DIY racing series for the rest of us. Here's what you need to know about the coolest (and crappiest) auto league in America.

Snowball fights are an eternal rite of passage for kids above the Mason Dixon line, but this dude just went ahead and shattered that age-old paradigm, retro-fitting a leaf blower in order to create an honest-to-goodness snowball machine gun. There goes the neighborhood, indeed.

Your favorite German slingshot mastermind and probable super villain, Joerg Sprave, is back and badder than ever, converting a chintzy department store skateboard into a fully functional slingshot in his latest DIY laugh-along. We still aren't sure if this guy is totally in on his own joke yet, but if your looking for a wild winter project, Joerg offers just enough here to get you started.

If you've never heard of Colin Furze, here's your crash course. A crazy Brit with a penchant for building wild machines out of mundane, everyday objects. Furze is one of the internet's foremost DIY personalities and for good reason. Just check out his latest invention—a 125cc drift trike capable of hitting 50 mph—and you're bound to see what we mean.

The World Championship Punkin Chunkin—which pits the world's most insane pumpkin launchers, catapults, and slighshots against each other in a no-holds-barred battle for long-distance supremacy—​was recently cancelled for the second year in a row. If that bums you out as much as it does us, then tune in as we wish the craziest gourd-launching throwdown in the universe a quick and fruitful (pun intended) return to relevancy.

So what happens when Vianor's Swedish mad scientists drop 225-horsepower into a 1956 Volvo BM Terrier tractor?
Well, a little bit of everything, as it turns out, from roll-overs to off-roading to smoky burnouts. Needless to say, if you don't want to hop behind the wheel of this thing when you're done watching this one, then there's probably something wrong with your adrenal gland.

Having a skateboard specifically set up for filming is key to shooting the best skateboard lines. In this week's episode of NKA Project, Nigel Alexander instructs viewers on how to set up the perfect board for filming. These DIY tips will definitely set your footage apart from just any other shooter at the skate park.

Follow Harvey Price and George Gifford as they navigate the fast-paced and frustrating roads of the Welsh Rally Championship, DIY-style amateur rally circuit. Directed by Jake Vaughan, you'll ride shotgun with George and Harvey as they prep and race their MKII Escort through the "Mid Wales Stages" and "Rally North Wales" - the first rally events of their year.

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