In this 2nd installment by skateboarder Richie Jackson, we're treated to a skateboard history video circa 1976, Skateboarding Education Lesson School featuring the non-gravity-defying Varial Heelflip, and we find out the name of Richie's abominable trick as chosen by viewers like you. Tune in for the next episode of The Amazing Richie Jackson Skateboard Show Monday, June 3.

Let Richie know what you'd like to see in the next episode in the comments below.

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Boat Comedy did a fairly good job of adding an undercover cop to a group of skaters in Los Angeles and showing what could go wrong. Clearly, it's a strange skit for us in the skate community, but it is pretty hilarious to see Rick being so awkward and over-the-top with doing "illegal activities." It is funny to think what it'd be like if an undercover cop tried to join a group of skaters.

Katie Layne's 2012 video Tips Up Hoes Down is kinda strange, but taken as the joke it is it's kinda entertaining. Yeah, it might be a little nauseating as well, but hey it's Monday morning and you could probably use a good laugh.

There aren't things more '80s than neon wetsuits, Oakley Blades, and bodyboarding music videos. "Ripping The Pit, We've Got It All" checks all those boxes and is painfully hilarious—even though it was made seriously.

Local news channels are a treasure of America. Not subjected to the scrutiny of national press, the local news anchors and weathermen usually have a lot more leeway to get strange. Enjoy this 7-minute mashup of some hilarious fails, and hopefully you're not having a day like this today...

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What's the one thing that was missing from tennis? Drawing a blank? EXPLOSIONS. Yes, explosions.

So Novak Djokovic squared-off against a WWII M1 Abrams tank at the Australian Open. But the Abrams was no match for Djokovic, who just reached his fifth Australian Open final. Seems like the tank is gonna have to do a little training to ever become competitive...