The Formula Drift driver travels to the Gatebil motorsports festival.
Ryan Tuerck went to Norway to Gatebil and discovered that it's a rock festival disguised as a motorsports festival. Tuerck was joined by fellow Formula Drift drivers Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Fredric Aasbo for some tire slaying.

With 24 hours of daylight you can get in a ton of skating

Or maybe it's the worst? Either way this is the most painful

Pop Quiz: Ample time plus unlimited access divided by the square root of Red Bull's bankroll equals? Freeski legend Jon Olsson slaloming a snow-ready Lamborghini Gallardo high in the Norwegian backcountry, of course. Don't lie, you know you're going to watch.

"Where Is Your God Now?" captures snowboarding legend on journey across his homeland

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