Burnout Response

Homecoming, Tuerck'd style. Watch as Ryan Tuerck heads back to his New Hampshire compound for an epic shred session at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, becoming the first drifter to ever tackle the road course in the process.

Straight from the pits at Gridlife Midwest, Ryan Tuerck answers your pressing drift questions before a 17-hour drive back to the East Coast for the fourth stop of Formula Drift 2016. This dude doesn't stop, so make sure to keep those questions coming!

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Professional Formula Drift drivers Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck answer your questions from the first episode of the brand new second season of Drift Garage.

Forsberg kicks things off from the MA Motorsports engine room with a question from Joshua Osborn asking whether he would swap in a tamer vk56 with a small supercharger for the twin turbo 3.7. Tuerck checks-in at Nameless Performance giving viewers a walk through of his newly-tuned Formula Drift FRS. The guys answer more questions about whether drivers should buy new or used tires, how many sets a new driver should own, day-to-day maintenance, whether it’s possible to run the Fast Intention twin turbo kit on a stock piston, and some hints about the budget for the season.

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Ryan Tuerck is rained-out in New England so he drops some throwback footage from last year’s Club Loose event in Englishtown. Along the way, Tuerck answers your questions in regards to last week's Australia episode of Tuerck'd about where to get a Holden SSV UTE in the States, Ryan’s favorite car in Australia, whether it’s hard to constantly be shredding other people’s cars, and what it was like drifting right-hand drive cars down under.

Hit Tuerck with any follow-up questions below or on Twitter at #Tuerckd and stay tuned to Network A for more episodes of Tuerck’d. Episode 9 airs next Tuesday, January 20th!

Ryan Tuerck and crew are in New Zealand with some downtime from Drift Shifters, so he visits the boys over at Earnest to check out their garage and line of workwear. Along the way, Tuerck answers your questions about whether he prefers turbo or a supercharger, Japanese motors or American motors, whether he ever loses sight of the road due to a competitor’s tire smoke, his plans for Gatebil 2015, and whether he’d ever buy a real ae86.

Hit Tuerck with any follow-up questions below or on Twitter at #Tuerckd and stay tuned to Network A for more episodes of Tuerck’d. Episode 7 airs next Tuesday, December 16th!

It isn't easy to concentrate when Tuerck's fellow Formula Drift driver is behind the wheel, and Jarod DeAnda is in the backseat.
In the latest GoPro Burnout Response, Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck recruits fellow drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. to do burnouts (do NOT call them "spinnies"). As Gittin smokes the tires, Tuerck answers questions from your comments on the Tuerck'd Opposite Controls video. Tuerck talks about the engine in his Nissan 240 and his desire to visit a track in Estonia with a jump-to-wallride setup.