In this episode of Getting Awesome With Ryan Nyquist, Mike "Hucker" Clark returns to show Ryan how to hang five on a BMX bike. An extended nose-wheelie might seem simple enough for a pro like Ryan, but the level of commitment needed to hang five is, well, next level. Ryan eventually gets the trick and progresses up to the manual pad. New episodes drop alternating Tuesdays!

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Twenty seconds is a long time to be on your front tire.
The ongoing competition to see who can pull of a the longest nose manual on a BMX bike has a new contestant. Michael Steingraeber just released this video of himself doing a nose wheelie for 20.03 seconds (or, as one YouTube commenter noted, 34 parking spaces.)

Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg is certainly no stranger to ridiculous things on a dirtbike. Watch him tackle a road (that has traffic on it) by doing a 5-mile long wheelie. Flawlessly executed, this one is definitely a wheelie for the books.

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