US Open Of Surfing

Round 1 of the US Open goes off in powerful surf.
The US Open of Surfing is one of the most popular surf contests in the world. That doesn't always mean it features excellent surf. In some years, there is more action on the beach than in the water. That wasn't the case in the first round in 2013. Waves in the 4-5 foot range consistently came through the Huntington Beach pier, offering surfers like Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith, and others the chance to show off their powerful hacks and airs. Not surprisingly, Slater scored a rare barrel on his way to one of the highest heat scores of the day.

Skateboarder shows off his skills at the US Open of Surfing.
The Hurley team had a very successful trip to the US Open of Surfing. Alejo Muniz won the men's surfing contest, Carissa Moore was the women's surf champion, and skater Greyson Fletcher finished second in the Van Doren Invitational bowl contest. Fletcher also showed that he is quite the juggler. So if this skating thing doesn't work out, he always has that to fall back on.

As the Billabong Pro Tahiti approaches, the two surfers focus intensifies.
Surfers Jordy Smith and C.J. Hobgood are at two very different stages in their careers. Smith is still relatively new to the ASP world tour and is squarely in the hunt for a world title. Hobgood is nearing the end of his pro surfing career. But both are still hungry. Hungry for contest success, hungry for video clips, hungry to be the best surfers they can be. The second episode of 21 Days, follows Hobgood and Smith as they wrap up the US Open of Surfing and prepare for the next stop on the ASP world tour in Tahiti.

One-third of the surfing Gudauskas brothers reveals a memorable moment from Huntington Beach, which hosts the US Open of Surf.
Pat Gudauskas and his brothers, Tanner and Dane, have been attending the US Open of Surf since they were little kids. With the Open going on this week, Pat shared his favorite memory of Huntington Beach, California, which hosts the legendary surf contest each year. Pat's moment has nothing to do with the surf, however, and is all about a young kid's excitement over a gravity-defying Dairy Queen Blizzard. It's hard to blame him. They are delicious.

As swell drops, Huntington Beach sees mix of upsets and top performances.
Day 4 of the the US Open of Surfing is in the books and it featured lot of top surfers in the water at Huntington Beach. The women's WCT contest kicked off. One of the highlights was Alana Blanchard pulling off a late upset over Tyler Wright. In the men's contest, Julian Wilson pulled off a massive backside air for a near-perfect score of 9.83 out of 10. Michel Bourez was also dominant with his unique brand of power surfing.