In 2012, 138 skydivers, leaping from multiple planes, took to the skies to break the world record for the largest vertical formation skydive in history. Not the breed to sit still and polish their trophies, however, the world skydive community put their admittedly insane heads together to come up with something that would top that feat, eventually settling on one simple solution: Add more bodies. 26 of them to be exact. Sure, the glory would have to be spread even thinner, but the results, as you'll see, are more than worth the sacrifice.

In case you news hadn't reached whatever underground rock lair you live in, Basti Rittig recently etched his name into snowboard history books with the longest jib ever done. Clocking in at over just over 275 feet, the footage of this one was obviously crazy, but this b-roll footage shows just how gnarly it really was. I mean, just cosider the speed alone. Catch an edge popping off that rail (even on a basic warmup) and you're going to the lodge on a ski patrol sled.

If you've never witnessed Megavalanche, a high-speed mountain bike race down the face of a freaking glacier, then consider this an apt introduction. Dodging bodies, bikes, and sketchy rock gardens, Jamie Nicoll eventually finished 7th, but the footage his helmet cam picked up along the way was absolutely gold. Hold on tight and check it out.