Carissa Moore

Skateboarder shows off his skills at the US Open of Surfing.
The Hurley team had a very successful trip to the US Open of Surfing. Alejo Muniz won the men's surfing contest, Carissa Moore was the women's surf champion, and skater Greyson Fletcher finished second in the Van Doren Invitational bowl contest. Fletcher also showed that he is quite the juggler. So if this skating thing doesn't work out, he always has that to fall back on.

When the Roxy Pro in France was cancelled, the top female surfers headed to the massive wave pool.
There was no surf in Biarritz during the Roxy Pro this year so the contest had to be cancelled. That didn't stop Hurley surfers Lakey Peterson and Carissa Moore from finding some waves. Peterson and Moore headed to Spain to try out the amazing Wavegarden there surf in France forced the cancellation of the Roxy Pro, th flat surf in France canceling the Roxy Pro, Carissa and Lakey were left with some free time to venture over to the Wave Garden for some man-made fun. See more from Lakey and Carissa in their athlete stores at and