Professional Freeskier Simon Dumont's annual Dumont Cup in Sunday River, Maine is a unique open-format slopestyle event offering up-and-coming freeskiers the chance to face off against the best in the game. Gus Kenworthy and X Games Ski Slopestyle Gold Medalist Nick Goepper lead the charge throwing down from the qualifiers to the finals with Nick Goepper taking first place. Simon keeps good vibes throughout the week hosting a dinner at his house and treating the top three finalists to celebratory laps at the Team O'Neil Rally school!

Watch the Full Series: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5qSo-slN5sPepWbtPXvFOaz2cQWExeYs&feature=mh_lolz

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This stage of the Roger Sauvelon Historic Rally Festival in Belgium is a hairy one for all the classic cars involved. Most of them just suffer the typical slip outs and wash out into the grass, ultimately recovering pretty quick. But the poor ol' Opel driver at the 3:40 mark (see the GIF below) straight up Austin Powers himself in a narrow tunnel. Poor guy.

Check out the latest mind-bending stunt from Red Bull, which fuses the disparate worlds of rally and snowboarding into one awesome visage deep in the dunes of UAE. You've seen sand snowboarding before, but trust us—you've never seen it quite like this.

See the drivers' POV in the RallyCross finals.
The RallyCross final was one of the most exciting events at X Games Munich. Driving a Mini in its X Games debut, Liam Doran captured the gold medal, despite having a flat tire and with Ken Block close on his bumper. Now you can relive the thrilling end to the RallyCross event through the drivers' eyes.