Woodward West

Young skate prodigy unloads a deep bag of tricks at Woodward West.
The latest episode of NKA Project brings us an edit of 12-year-old Rene Serrano. Before reaching his teens, Serrano already has a unique style. And he can skate everything that Woodward West has to offer.

The two skateboarders have Woodward West dialed.
There's two kinds of camping. There's the kind where you sit around a campfire and desperately say, "White rabbit, white rabbit" to try and keep the smoke out of your eyes. Then there's the kind where you get to skate Woodward West's perfectly manicured skatepark packed with new obstacles everywhere you look. James Fitz and Terrell Robinson are fond of the second form of camping. In the latest edit from NKA Project, Fitz and Robinson show what they can do when they're unleashed at Woodward West.

Skateboarders Lamont Holt and Chris Harris takeover Camp Woodward West on this week's episode of the NKA Project! Lamont kicks things off with manual combos inside the hanger while Chris handles the mini ramp. Next up both guys show off their skills on the many ledges and rails at this skate paradise! Who threw down the best trick in this clip? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out more NKA Project: http://bit.ly/ZfQ9qX


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