Video Games

Signal Snowboards' Every Third Thursday gets caught up in the excitement of the new "Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2" game release by building a bona-fide bulletproof Snowboard! The build starts with an inspiration trip to Treyarch Studio to get an early Black Ops 2 game play in. The challenging board build is executed using a tactical jacket provided by Point Blank Body Armor. But can it take a bullet? Pull the trigger and watch this—it will blow you away!

Remember SkiFree, the free, side-scrolling Windows game that pitted unwitting skiers against a host of trees, jumps, mountain traffic, and, of course, a terrifying Yeti that popped out and devoured players every time, no matter what you did or how loud you screamed? Well, thanks to Andrew McMurry, the Yeti is back and more terrifying than ever. Point those tips downhill and see what we mean.