Kick back and enjoy the epic laid back powder session as the Deja Vu crew including Louif Paradis, Alex Cantin, and Ben Bilocq explore the best of Japan. From bright city lights to the mountains, there's something magical about Japan that every snowboarder should should make a point to experience!

Music: "Sun Bleach" by Nicholas Andrew Sadler

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Our Japanese is a little rusty, and the description of this video on YouTube doesn't offer much help. Here's part of what it has to say:
"Collect a representative heaven squid D1 players, and Street Legal player, held a D1 team competition! What legend whether born on earth?"
What the heck is a heaven squid and was it born on earth? But while we have no idea what "winning" this game show actually entails, watching four cars drift in unison around a turn is pretty cool, and so are the game show's announcers, who have no fear when it comes to making fun of the contestants.

This is like way bigger than meeting Rahzel. Hikakin is a Japanese beatboxer who is most famous for a Super Mario Bros video he did that has received over 21 million views on YouTube. He is also a drifting fan. When drift star Ken Block was in Tokyo for a demo called Ken Block's Tokyo Experience, Hikakin was able to ride shotgun in Block's Ford Fiesta. But even before Hikakin climbed into Block's car, he was blown away. (Look, it's a really big Monster Energy vending machine.) We can't wait to see how Hikakin reacts when Block is actually smoking tires and drifting in circles.