World Record

14 inches. That's how low Nick Hyne went while throwing down some wild euro-carve limbo at The Remarkables last month, setting an unofficial world record in the process. Check it out and then starting working on your euros for the upcoming season.

In case you news hadn't reached whatever underground rock lair you live in, Basti Rittig recently etched his name into snowboard history books with the longest jib ever done. Clocking in at over just over 275 feet, the footage of this one was obviously crazy, but this b-roll footage shows just how gnarly it really was. I mean, just cosider the speed alone. Catch an edge popping off that rail (even on a basic warmup) and you're going to the lodge on a ski patrol sled.

Shades of Evel Knievel all over this one. Somewhere in Middle America. Giant truck. Bigger jump. No suspension. If you're looking for some automotive mayhem to get your week started right, the search ends here.

P.S. Props to Gregg Godfrey for not killing anyone (or himself) in the process.


Earlier this month, Spencer Seabrooke set out to break the world record for the longest free solo slackline ever (i.e. slacklining without harnesses of any kind). After a couple of super sketchy wobbles, Seabrooke strolled into the record books (and the all-time pantheon of the functionally insane) and has the footage to prove it. Needless to say, this pushes the boundaries risk vs. reward to their absolute breaking point.