Which was a ditch filled with boards with nails and sometimes even other kids

The BMX legend talks about his early (and we mean early) days in the sport

He also admits that he used to gel his hair and ride a purple girl's bike.

The Federal Bikes rider spins to win.
Steve Churchill is a 19-year-old BMX rider for Federal Bikes, who recently hit up Rockwell Skatepark in Bristol, Connecticut. The park doesn't have massive features, but that doesn't stop Churchill from spinning 720s and 540s off of ledges. When you ride as fast as Churchill does, there isn't much that you can't spin off of.

The two Free Agent riders like to do things the hard way.
On the latest episode of Crooked World BMX, riders Heath Pinter and Jared Eberwein throw down in a little game of Calling the Shots. Even though Pinter is the team manager for the Free Agent Rockstar team, Eberwein doesn't take it easy on him and isn't going to give Pinter a pass if his Superman technique isn't flawless.