There's nothing fake here! It's all legit New York City BMX riding in Episode One of Sam Downs' Posted Up! Make sure you stay tuned for episode two next week!


Super speed BMX ride on this new dirt jump park we went to! The jumps were huge, so we warmed up on the step-up jump with some new tricks. Definitely one of the best BMX trails i have ever ridden! It got dark and we left to the best skatepark in Marbella!


In the second installment of "Asphalt NYC", legendary New York City street BMX rider Desmond "Blackman" Rhodes talks about his past, and his future. He then hits the streets to tackle a deadly kink rail over in Queens that he's secretly had on his radar for years.

Produced by René Sascha Johannsen

Watch the Asphalt NYC series:

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BMX Matt Hoffman BMX Highest Air World Record On The Big Ramp. Old School BMX. Matt Hoffman breaks his existing world record of 23 feet out of a quarter-pipe! extreme!


Part 7 of the GoPro POV Bike Riding in NYC series featuring Anthony Panza, Austin Augie and myself (Billy Perry). We ride BMX all over scenic New York City, weaving through traffic, skitching cabs, jumping on trucks, riding into buildings as well as dodging cops, security guards, pedestrians and cars. SUBSCRIBE for more and follow me on

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"Action Figures 2" is coming soon! Stay tuned for more info.

During filming of the sequel to Travis Pastrana's "Action Figures," the awesome folks at Polaris sponsored an epic few days of competition at Pastranaland, starting with this skatepark competition featuring some of the best freestylers in the world in multiple disciplines, including Jaie Toohey, Brandon Schmidt, Matt Whyatt, Todd Meyn, Chris Haffey, and Trevor Jacob.

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The Nike BMX crew of Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Nigel Sylvester and Kriss Kyle spent a week riding amazing spots in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Watch this video to see the guys put in work!

Filmed and Edited by Ryan Navazio

To see photos and the story from the trip, check out the April issue Ride UK BMX magazine (


Shot 100% on the HD HERO(r) camera from

Watch as BMX Rider Chad Kagy loses control of his bike at the X Games 17 MegaRamp's 45 foot quarterpipe. Kagy retained his bronze medal position and is currently recovering from a broken femur.

Read the exclusive Chad Kagy interview to learn more


No doubt you watched the debut installment of Nigel Sylvester's POV BMX series, Go!, in which he conquered the streets of NYC by bike. I mean, the thing has almost 2 million views on YouTube. If you missed it, you were living under a rock. Today, however, Nigel is back for the sequel, which finds Nike-backed pro cruising the star-studded streets of LA by helicopter, BMX, and even Ferrari. Needless to say, this dude is living the dream.

Tim Knoll has one of the most unique perspectives in today's BMX industry, and his latest part—which finds the flatland wizard hitting the streets of Berlin for some mind-boggling hi-jinx—is proof of that and more. Check it out. Go pop some Excedrin. Check it out again.