Around the world, Dubai has a reputation for five-star luxury and impressive high-rise buildings. But surfing? Not so much ... until now. Scott Chambers, founder and CEO of Surf House Dubai, was among the first people to bring surfing culture to both the city and the Arabian Gulf. Here, he has helped foster a tight-knit community of Emiratis, expats and visitors who all share a love for the ocean, the waves and the magical connection between surfer and the elements.

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It's been a winter of dangerously big swells, but this one took things to the next level. The surf world has been buzzing with news of mega-swells sprinting directly toward Nazare. But this one shook the deep water buoys like none before. FOrecasters called for the day of the winter, maybe ever. A few pundits even dared to throw around the prospect of three-figure wave heights. Would the elusive 100-footer finally be ridden?

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The term "we scored waves" in the surfing world gets thrown around quite a bit. Judging from this content of Koa and Alex Smith, Koa Rothman, Benji Brand and Anthony Walsh, they can say it with conviction.

Sit back and enjoy the legendary barrels of Namibia and get tubed even if you're getting cubed.

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William Ryan Fritch:
"Empty on Impact II"
"A Slow Burn"

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"The Pipeline especially, there's an allure there -- an attraction that really goes deep into people [who] like that kind of wave, [who] like that kind of riding, [who] like to get in the barrel," says Gerry Lopez. "You get one, and all you can think about is, I want to get another one. I think the Pipeline will always be the benchmark for tube riding."

What else is left to say? The flat conditions at the beginning of the season were slow going, but it was only a matter of time before Pipe woke up from its early-winter snooze and reminded us why the glory locked in the translucent citadel of that barrel is as reliably enduring as it is addicting. Enjoy the best late-season rides at Pipeline, from Mason Ho, Reef McIntosh, John Florence, Bruce Irons, Koa Rothman, Jamie O'Brien, and more in the newest Amp Sessions. Filmed and edited by Alex Kilkauano.

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Maverick's, in Half Moon Bay, California, is one of the surfing's most menacing and dangerous big waves. This edit shows exactly why.

Shot and Edited by Adam Warmington

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