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When you're talking about surfing spots, Hawaii probably enjoys the same value as Canada among freeriders in the snowboarding scene: a Mecca of the sport with close to perfect conditions. But given that Canada isn't made for everybody's budget and Germany's higher elevations are quite solid in terms of snow, you don't always have to travel as ambitious pow hunter. That's why Red Bull athlete Marco Smolla and six of the best German snowboarders went on a splitboard mission to check out the Bavarian backcountry and to savor freeriding in front of their own doorstep. And in fact they found untouched slopes, idyllic huts and unforgettable moments at home.

Den gleichen Stellenwert, den Hawaii bei den Surfern dieser Welt einnimmt, genießt ohne Zweifel Kanada bei den Freeridern im Snowboarding: ein Mekka des Sports mit den wohl besten Bedingungen. Da Kanada aber nicht für jedermanns Geldbeutel geschaffen ist und auch Deutschlands höhere Lagen in Punkto Schnee gar nicht mal schlecht abschneiden, muss man als ambitionierter Tiefschneejäger nicht notgedrungen in die Ferne schweifen. So haben sich Red Bull Athlet Marco Smolla und sechs der besten deutschen Snowboarder (Christophe Schmidt, David Benedek, Tobi Strauss, Fips Strauss, Luis Eckert, Elias Elhardt and Xaver Hoffmann) mit Splitboards aufgemacht, um das bayerische Backcountry unter die Lupe zu nehmen und Freeriding vor der eigenen Haustüre zu entdecken. Und was sie gefunden haben sind unverspurte Hänge, idyllische Hütten und unvergessliche Momente in ihrer Heimat sowohl für alpine Einsteiger als auch erfahrene Gipfelstürmer.

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From his truly awesome One of Those Days series to this—arguably the wildest no-snow ski edit we've ever laid our unworthy eyes upon—it goes without saying: Candide Thovex has this viral web thing down pat. Sure, it's a big-budget, glorified Audi commercial. but if you simply can't wait for winter, it's a must-watch all the same.

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Check out part three of our four-part mini-series, #REHABlife, as Swiss freeskiers Frederick Iliano and Christian Bieri finally get back on the slopes and in the park after months of grueling rehab.

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Question its functionality. Question its practicality. Question why it even needs to exist. Whatever do, however, don't question the Sno Ped—a 6-inch wide, 90cc snowmobile concept from Michigan designer, Joey Ruiter—on its looks. Check it out and you'll see what we mean. If this isn't the coolest snowmobile you've ever seen, it's probably time to get those eyes checked.

Listen, we all know Levi LaVallee is a very gnarly human being. The dude tried to double backflip a snowmobile, for christ's sake. But we've never seen him quite like this. In a post-Gymkhana world, where elaborate, stunt-based micro-features are now the norm, LaVallee's so-called "urban snowmobiling" through the streets of Saint Paul, Minnesota stands apart. From crazy roof gaps to wild drops, this one is a start-to-finish white-knuckler and a must watch for fans of motorized insanity, no matter the sub-genre.