If it matters to the worlds of skate, snow, surf or motorsports, it matters to dose.

Network A Originals
Dose: Behind the scenes of how Josh Sheehan landed the triple backflip

Nitro Circus rider Josh Sheehan just made history by being the first person ever to land a triple backflip on a motorbike. Check it as Dose sits down with Josh to talk about exactly what it took to pull off such an epic trick and of course what the hell he can possibly do next to top it.

Dose: Meet Austin Horse, the world's best bike messenger

Not only is Austin Horse fresh off his second victory at the Cycle Messenger World Championships, he's also neck-deep in diplomatic work providing bicycles to refugees in the Middle East through a program called Way of the Bike. Learn how a bike messenger went from delivering packages in NYC to changing the world one bike at a time on a brand new episode of Dose.

Dose: How Billy Rohan Made graffiti legal in the Lower East Side

NYC-based artist, skateboarder, and activist Billy Rohan had an eureka moment while painting a storefront roll gate in NYC last year: To beautify the grey metal gates in front of businesses with paintings by well-known artists. For a city with a long history of fighting graffiti it was a long shot but Billy ultimately won a $30,000 grant from the Lower East Side BID and is now on his way to installing art on 100 Gates between Delancey and Canal and Essex and Allen streets in the LES. Learn how he made it happen only on a new episode of Dose.

Dose: The double life of Bucky Lasek

While cruising the 2015 New York International Auto Show, Timbo and the Dose crew ran into skate legend Bucky Lasek, who was on hand to help launch the new Subaru STI Performance concept car and show off his sparkling GRC-ready whip. We got him to break down what it's like being the only person in the world living the dual dream of being a pro skater and pro rally car driver at the same damn time, and (spoiler alert!) it's more work than you'd think. If you like to flatspot urethane and slay rubber, then this one is for you.

Dose: Top 5 Cars at the 2015 NY International Auto Show on dose

Timbo and the Dose crew hit the 2015 New York International Auto Show for a sneak peek at the freshest new cars on the planet. Get a first look at new whips from Toyota, Ford, Scion, Aston Martin and more as we bring you our top 5 picks. And check out our top 5 story lines from the NYIAS here.

Dose: Shaping surfboards in Brooklyn with Union Surfboards

Union Surfboards is one of the only companies shaping surfboards within the confines of New York City. Started by friends and life-long surfers Jeff Schroeder, Charlie Porter, and Christopher Williams, they pride Union on custom hand shaped surfboards exclusively with the New York surfer in mind.

Offering a wide-array of shapes, head shaper Chris takes us through the shaping process at their studio in Brooklyn. Not only do the guys at Union have a solid thing going, but they also "test" their boards year-round for some crucial R&D. Only on Dose are you going to find NYC-shaped surfboards.

Check them out on their website and pick up a board of your own, or maybe even set up an appointment to shape your own surfboard with them:

Photos courtesy John Kelsey

A-Frame: TheGoodLife! Mile High Tour in Aspen

Each year I make a pilgrimage to the snowboarding and adventure Mecca of Colorado to partake in all of the goodness that amazing state has to offer.

This year I joined a group of friends including TJ Mizell (A$AP Ferg's DJ and Jam Master Jay's son), Roofeeo (drummer for TV on the Radio and producer of "All About the Money"), photographer Craig Wetherby and filmer Eddie Grams for a trip we dubbed "The Mile High Tour."

Along the way we linked with everyone from Danny Davis and Mark McMorris to Diplo and the Major Lazer Crew for a trip that went from shred missions to an epic house in Aspen during X Games to fun times with Burton Snowboards in Denver to a night with Damian Marley and Major Lazer at Red Rocks and back to more shredding.

It was pretty f—king rad. I can't wait for next year!

Check out some of our tour rewind featuring photos by Craig Wetherby, Gabe L'Heureux, and Eddie Grams and the tour mini movie by Eddie Grams and you'll see what I mean.

Dose: Behind the Scenes w/ Ryan Tuerck & Chris Forsberg on "Drift Garage" season 2

Get a look at the future of DIY drift as Tim Brodhagen goes behind the scenes with Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg on the set of the second season of Drift Garage. From upping the production ante to settling the score with a brand new Game of Drift, Tuerck and Forsberg give some sneak peeks at the new season before taking Timbo on the ride along of his life, only on the latest episode of Dose.

Drift Garage returns to Network A on Tuesday, March 24

Dose: Meet the legendary Ricky Powell at his recent art opening in NYC

Instead of focusing on himself for his new show celebrating 30 years in the game, iconic NYC photographer and the mythic "4th Beastie Boy", Ricky Powell, decided to use the opportunity to showcase artists that inspire him. From legends like Dr. Revolt and Ron Galella to up and coming artists like Joey Glover and Pat Hoblin, "If You Ask Me, It's About The Soul" is proof that art is not dead in NYC. Don't believe us? Just check out our behind the scenes look in the latest episode of Dose.

Sacred Gallery: 424 Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York, NY

Exhibition Dates: 3/5/15 - 4/26/15

Dose: Catching up with NYC's best am skater Leo Heinert

Considered by many to be NYC's best homegrown skateboarder, Leo Heinert had a break out year in 2014 releasing a banging edit for TORRO! skateboards followed by a crazy Video Check Out for Transworld before finishing out with a strong showing at the Tampa Am. Peep it as Leo destroys his home skatepark 50-50 in Staten Island and gives Timbo the exclusive on his plans to go pro, only on Dose.

Dose: Discover NYC's best indoor DIY skatepark

Who would have thought that nestled between the Stapleton Houses and the bleak waterfront of Staten Island would be New York City's best indoor DIY skatepark? Not us, but that didn't stop us from trekking out to Shaolin to check out 50-50 Skatepark for ourselves. Like all good DIY things, however, this one won't last forever, so do yourself a favor and get there while you can. #SupportLocal on Dose!

50-50 Skatepark is located at 354 Front St, Staten Island, NY 10304. Questions? Give them a call at (347) 857-6007.

Dose: How to make the best weed brownies ever with the Green Fairy

Some parts of the U.S. may be still be a bit behind the times when it comes to marijuana reform, but that hasn't stopped the masked crusader known as The Green Fairy from spreading edible goodness to those in need. In the latest Dose, Timbo visits the Green Fairy's secret kitchen for a lesson in making the most famous weed treat of all: the old fashioned pot brownie. Watch and learn as she gives step by step instructions that even a stoner can follow.

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Dose: Inside the awesome life of a pro video gamer

It might sound crazy but one of the most anticipated events of Winter X Games 2015 didn't take place in the Superpipe or on the slopestyle course, but rather in a dark tent full of dudes playing video games. We're not making this up either.

Two weeks ago in Aspen, Major League Gaming and X Games hosted a global event for Counter Strike that drew as many spectators as the men's Superpipe final. To see this world up close, Dose sent Tim Brodhagen into the tournament to talk to master gamer Eric Hoag (aka "adreN") about living the dream life of a pro video gamer. Needless to say, these guys have it good.

Do you want to live the life of a Major League Gamer? Sound off in the comments.

Dose: Bull riding in New York City?!

Yes it's true, the Professional Bull Riders (aka the other PBR) brought their entire show to Madison Square Garden recently to give city folk a taste of one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Timbo and the Dose crew got behind the scenes to talk to pro rider Gage Gay to learn just why the hell anyone would want to try to ride an angry 2,000-pound bull. Could Bull Riding be the next X Games event?

Check out 5 things we learned at our first PBR rodeo and learn more at

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Dose: Theotis Beasley on "Skate Dreams" and finding the next Mountain Dew rider

Pro skater Theotis Beasley is widely recognized as one of nicest dudes in the skate industry, and thus it was no surprise when he sat down to talk to Dose about his new Mountain Dew series Skate Dreams, set to launch on Network A Wednesday, January 21st. Theotis talks about the approach he and his Mountain Dew teammates Boo Johnson, Nick Tucker, and Keelan Dadd took to find the next skater to join the all-star team, proving that it's all about hard work, a good attitude, and, obviously, sick tricks.

Check out Skate Dreams on Network A

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Dose: Meet The Hundreds' New York City photographer "The Wasted Talent"

It took years for native NYC skateboarder and surfer Peter Pabon to realize that taking photos was his calling but he's more than made up for lost time shooting under the moniker The Wasted Talent. Now Pete is a sought-after documentarian shooting legends and locals alike for The Hundreds and more. Learn how he made it happen plus hear the stories behind 5 of his favorite photos including the one Lupe Fiasco still hasn't given him credit on, only on Dose.

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Happy New Year from Dose and some special guests

As we bid adieu to 2014, Timbo relives some of the year's best moments on Dose before getting some New Years resolutions from Ryan Tuerk, Louie Vito, Pat Moore, Gabe Brooks, and Joe Sexton. From all of us at Network A, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let's go big in 2015!

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Dose: Meet The Gnarmads and skate around the streets of NYC with them

Meet Bogdan Dzyurak and Matt Kruz, two childhood friends from Brooklyn who are truly living the dream as The Gnarmads. From epic cross-country bike trips to daily skates in NYC, Bogdan and Matt live every day like its their last and are a true embodiment of the term "life is what you make it." Get to know them as Timbo spends a day with The Gnarmads on Dose.

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Dose: How to find a skate spot anywhere in the world

This week on Dose Timbo sits down with Josh Poole and Alex Corporan, the founders of WeRide Skate Spots. WeRide is a new free app for the iPhone and iPad that can catalog and share any skate spot on the globe. From photos and videos of spots to tips on when to avoid cops and what pros you might find, WeRide connects the world of skateboarders like never before.

Download the We Ride Skate app on iTunes here.

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Dose: The most epic holiday gear guide you'll need for 2014

This week on Dose we've got a special holiday gear guide with a massive gear haul just in time to get all your holiday shopping done. Check out the episode below, along with all the gear you need this winter and where to get it.

Dose: Brooklyn's best kept secret sneaker spot

With a epic stash of deadstock and hard to find shoe releases and apparel from Adidas, Nike, Jordan, Huf, Reebok, Puma, Vans, Clarks, Aisics, The Hundreds, and more all sold at below market prices, BK Wearhouse is a sneakerhead's wet dream. Check it on this new episode of Dose as Timbo visits Pete Rivera's game-changing boutique to give you a leg up on your holiday shopping.

Be sure to stop by BK Wearhouse for those new pair of kicks you've been wanting:

BK Wearhouse
175 Roebling Street
Brooklyn, NY

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Dose: Snowboard outerwear made right in NYC by Owner Operator

Steven Kimura and Peter Sieper are doing something the entire snowboard industry has deemed impossible: making technical outerwear in the heart of New York City (and America for that matter). Check it out as Timbo hits up Owner Operator's Brooklyn headquarters to learn how Steven and Pete have created a successful snowboard brand made 100% in the USA with absolutely no bullshit whatsoever. It should make you think twice about buying from a big brand this winter.

For more information, head to

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Dose: A first look at the new Burton Snowboards camping gear line

This week Timbo and the Dose crew head to Urban Cowboy, Brooklyn's new urban/rural concept space for a first look at Burton Snowboards's camping collab with Big Agnes (the country's foremost tent maker). Consisting of two tents (aptly named the Nightcap and the Afterparty) plus packs, bags, camping chairs, and even a portable hammock, Burton x Big Agnes brings some much needed steez to the camping game.

What do you think of this camping gear? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: The world's raddest automotive film fest takes place in NYC

Jalopnik created a small revolution in the automotive world with their coverage of car enthusiasm as a lifestyle with crossover appeal that anyone could appreciate. Now they've applied the formula that made them the world's largest automotive website to the Jalopnik Film Festival. Tim Brodhagen and the Dose crew hit opening night to talk with Jalopnik Editor-in-Chief Matt Hardigree about what puts this festival in a lane all its own. And for reviews of some of the films from the festival, check out our article here.

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Dose: Oakley presents their new film "Snowboarding For Me"

Oakley's new snowboard film, Snowboarding For Me, is a departure from the usual hammerfest of today's snowboard videos. Instead, it presents each of the brand's 12 riders in documentary-form that tracks their personal growth in relation to the riders that have influenced them. The result is one great snowboard video. Check it out as Tim Brodhagen talks to Nicolas Müller, Jake Blauvelt, and Eero Ettala about what it means to them to be a part of such an important project on this new episode of Dose.

More information at and head to iTunes here to purchase the movie.

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Dose: The world's only skateshop x florist is in New York City

When NYC native Michael Sclafani connected his high school job as a flower delivery boy to his dual loves of skateboarding and graffiti he never imagined it would be a combination that could work. Yet, the Park Avenue Delicatessen in Crown Heights, Brooklyn is thriving as the world's only skateshop x florist. Get a first-hand look at this unique concept as Timbo and the crew check it out only on Dose.

Get more info on Park Deli on their website here.

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Dose: An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Texas Toast with Greg Illingworth

In this new episode, the Dose crew goes to Austin, Texas with Mongoose BMX Pro Greg lllingworth for one of the raddest BMX events of the year: Texas Toast. This unique competition features a street, dirt, and even an obstacle course. Watch as Greg and other pros get their shred on on these strange courses.

What do you think of this year's Texas Toast? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: A sneak peek of Brooklyn's first Jordan-only sneaker shop

Join Dose for an exclusive first look at Jordan Heads Brooklyn, NYC's first independent all Jordan everything boutique. We chat with owner Calvan Fowler and check out his collection of mint condition Air Jordans, vintage apparel and memorabilia, original art pieces, collectibles and more. Jordans are the measure that every other sneaker is judged upon, and recently Sole Collector dug up that the original banned Air Jordans may actually have been the Nike Air Ship. Check out that full story over at Sole Collector.

Jordan Heads, which shares the same name as Fowler's upcoming documentary, Jordan Heads produced by Michael Rapaport, opens this Thursday October 23. If you're a sneaker head you definitely want to get yourself there.

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Dose: The psychedelic sounds of twin brother band The Mattson 2

Twin brothers Jared (guitar) and Jonathan (drums) Mattson have already traveled the world with their surf inspired jazz/rock, playing regularly with the likes of Ray Barbee and Tommy Guerrero. With their new album Agar, The Mattson 2 move to a new psychedelic sound created by the brothers playing strictly as a duo and using their twin telepathy. Check it as they talk on Dose about their DIY tour strategy, new sound, and their Instagram side hustle.

Buy their new album Agar on CD here or on iTunes here.

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Dose: Check out NYC's best custom bike shop Mott Street Cycles

Check out one of New York City's top custom bike shops with founder Cory Ng at Mott Street Cycles. Run by a crew of childhood friends with the simple philosophy that no two people should have the exact same bike, Mott Street Cycles builds custom bikes out of their full service facility at 158 Mott Street in Chinatown. From offering nearly limitless options on custom builds to an expanding line of functional bike lifestyle street wear, MSC is a local brand innovation at its finest. Learn how they did it and get a first look at their all new complete track bike, the Rain, only on Dose.

Check Mott Street Cycles out on the web at

What do you think of the Rain track bike? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Big name skaters tear apart the Dew Tour Brooklyn skate course

The Dew Tour came to Brooklyn last weekend and of course Dose was on hand for all the action. Check out this all action/all banger edit from RB Umali featuring P-Rod, Theotis Beasley, Chaz Ortiz, Chris Cole, Tom Asta, Nick Merlino, Manny Santiago and skate park winner Ishod Wair straight destroying the House of Vans!

What did you think of Dew Tour Brooklyn? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: An exclusive "Tuerck'd" Season 3 preview on the track

The last time Ryan Tuerck hung out with the Dose crew, Tim was getting whipped around Drift Mansion in Ryan's missile car. Having survived that mission, Tim goes for another round with Tuerck to celebrate the launch of a new season of Tuerck'd and get the official behind the scenes preview on just how far he plans to to take it on his Network A show.

Watch the first episode of Tuerck'd Season 3 here.

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Dose: 10 years deep with New York City streetwear brand Mighty Healthy

New York City streetwear brand Mighty Healthy was founded by Ray Mate in 2004 as a simple t-shirt brand named for a Ghostface song. So during New York City Fashion Week we sat down with Ray on Dose to talk about the brand 10 years in and how he turned it into one of the world's most loved skate x streetwear brands.

Check out more of Mighty Healthy on their website at

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Dose: Dangerous riding in the streets of Harlem on offroad vehicles

This week we take Dose to Harlem to meet Benmore aka Benadon, the King of Harlem's Bike Life. Bike Life is an urban offshoot of motocross that swells every summer as thousands of riders take to city streets on offroad motorcycles and ATVs. If you've seen the documentary 12 O'Clock Boys, it's sorta like that—though to be honest, the turmoil between the NYPD and riders haven't quite escalated to that of the Baltimore scene. But do not let that fool you into thinking that the police aren't out to get riders here in New York City. While the media often portrays these riders as criminals and the police use ominous tactics against them, Benmore explains why riding bikes is a far better alternative to crime and violence and should be embraced as an emerging urban sport.

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Dose: The 100-mile, 5 borough bike ride in New York City on 9/11

Every year on 9/11, a group of skateboarders, artists, musicians, and more hit the streets of New York City for a 100-mile bike tour of the five boroughs led by NYC OG Mike Saes. Ride along as the Gnarmads, SHUT Skates, TheGoodLife!, and Dose crews renew their love for the Big Apple on the most historic day of the city's existence.

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Dose: Action Park is the world's raddest waterpark

Action Park in Vernon, New Jersey, was a waterpark that was notorious for its danger factor back in the 80s. After closing down for a period of time, the park has reemerged as the world's raddest water park. Almost all of the original rides are still in operation and there are also plenty of new options. From its old school "anything goes" vibe to tons of girls in bikinis to rides that get your heart pounding, Action Park is the kind of place you need to experience to believe, which is exactly what Tim Brodhagen and crew did on this new episode of Dose.

Ever been to Action Park? If so let us know what you thought in the Comments.

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Dose: How to build a parking block for skating with Homage and Converse

Converse's CONS Project is a series of workshops dedicated to teaching kids about skateboarding's crucial DIY ethic. In the first workshop, Homage's Jose Portes shows how to make a perfect concrete parking block and then takes it to the park for Eric Valederez, Richie Dahland, Drew McKenzie, and Dan Mandell to session. Dose was on-hand to get you the low-down.

Head to for more info on the CONS Project.

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Dose: Sneaker Pawn shows how they customize and refurbish sneakers

Dose is back with part 2 from the world's first sneaker pawn shop, Sneaker Pawn. We get an exclusive firsthand look at how Chase Reed and Mills at Sneaker Pawn customize and refurbish all kinds of kicks. Using their secret "sauce", they can literally bring a beat-ass shoe back to life, or create colorways that no one else in the world has. This is a sneaker game on a whole other level!

Find out more information on Sneaker Pawn at, and make sure to check out Part 1 with Sneaker Pawn here.

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Dose: Check out the world's first sneaker pawn shop

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16-year-old Chase Reed has revolutionized the sneaker reselling game by opening the world's first sneaker pawn shop in New York City. Located in Harlem, Sneaker Pawn takes an "everybody wins" approach to the business. Chase and his father Troy provide money making opportunities for sneakerheads while maintaining a ridiculous collection of Jordans and Nike's from their brownstone on 120th Street and Lenox Avenue. On this new episode of Dose, we give you a first-hand look at the sneaker world's wave of the future and have a conversation with the young mogul in the making.

Find out more information on Sneaker Pawn at And stay tuned for part 2 where we delve into how Sneaker Pawn keeps the kicks looking so fresh.

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Dose: Snowboarder Jeremy Jones gets "Higher" with ThirtyTwo

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Backcountry snowboard legend Jeremy Jones has built a career attacking big mountain snowboarding descents that others wouldn't even consider humanly impossible. Jones was in New York City recently and caught up with Dose host Tim Brodhagen to discuss his new snowboard boots with ThirtyTwo and his upcoming snowboard movie "Higher."

What do you think of this video? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: 5 new products you're gonna want from Agenda NYC

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Agenda NYC is bigger then ever this year with over 200 of the dopest brands showing their upcoming lines at the Jacob Javits Center. If you didn't make it to the show yourself don't worry cause we have Timbo's top 5 picks including an Adidas collab, speakers from House of Marley, Burton's upcoming expansion into lifestyle wear, G-Pen's vapor products, and Leica's incredible cameras. It's the next best thing to being there!

What's your favorite from Agenda NYC? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Skateboarding's gnarliest tour begins and it's going to get weird

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Things are about to get weird as Natural Koncept Skateboards kicks off their "High Class Creepin'" USA tour on Dose! What could possibly happen when you pack an international squad of skaters including Tal Cual, Brandon "Boner" Bonner, Chris "Cmart" Martin, Dave "The Dave" Davis, Adrian McElhaney, and Brendan Leung into a van led by JZ Radical and send them out to invade 18 cities in 24 days? Stay tuned to to see what kind of mayhem the crew gets into.

Any predictions of what'll happen on this tour? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: How to make it as a stuntman with Larry Nunez

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Just because you don't go pro doesn't mean that skateboarding and snowboarding can't lead to a fun and lucrative career. Lifelong skateboarder and snowboarder Larry Nunez flipped his passions into what can only be described as the dream job of a professional stuntman. From his first stunt to a gig in HBO's "Bored to Death" to his current work on NBC's "Taxi Brooklyn" find out how Nunez did it on the latest episode of Dose.

Taxi Brooklyn is on Wednesdays at 10pm/9c on NBC

What stunt would you like to try? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Formula Drift leader Chris Forsberg talks about new show "Garage Tours"

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Chris Forsberg has been cleaning up the track in the 2014 Formula Drift series. He has a 59-point lead coming out of the New Jersey event, where we learned that he's a total beast. In this episode of Dose, Forsberg discusses the strategy that's given him four straight podium finishes. He also talks about Garage Tours, his new series on Network A. Forsberg will visit garages around the nation from professional outfits to grassroots backyard shops servicing NASCAR, drifting, rally, sprint cars, supercross bikes and everything in between.

Check out the promo for Garage Tours here, and stay tuned for the premiere of Garage Tours airing Tuesdays starting July 1 on Network A.

What do you think of Chris Forsberg's success this season so far? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Go Skateboarding Day went off in NYC with Eric Koston, Ishod Wair

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Somehow Go Skateboarding Day in New York City always manages to get bigger year after year. Last year, there was a floating skatepark. This year, Nike Skateboarding brought Eric Koston, Alex Olson, Ishod Wair, Brian Anderson, and Bobby Worrest to town to lead the charge from LES Coleman Skatepark in Manhattan across the Williamsburg Bridge to their insane pop-up skatepark at 50 Kent in Brooklyn. As always, Dose was in the mix, with legendary filmer RB Umali behind the lens capturing all the sick action.

What did you do for Go Skateboarding Day 2014? Tell us in the Comments.

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Exclusive Nyjah Huston DC Shoes giveaway

Network A had the chance to sit down with X Games Gold Medalist Nyjah Huston for an exclusive look at his new sneaker with DC Shoes. The Nyjah Vulc shoe offers the best of DC's footwear technology, with a low-profile design for a skate-inspired style that goes beyond a street session.

DC and Network A are giving away a brand new pair of the Nyjah Vulc. For your chance to win, simply click the link below to connect with Network A. One winner will be selected at random, and be contacted via email. Giveaway ends at midnight, Monday June 23.

Click here to enter:

*Void where prohibited by law. Offer valid only in the USA.

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Dose: Go behind the lens of The Lifers Project

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Photography has been a huge part of skateboarding since the beginning. "Pics or it didn't happen," has always been true in skating. With the rise of digital photography, however, some of the art in the medium has been lost. Matt Alberts is trying to bring it back. After learning that his great-great-grandfather was a photographer in the 1800's, Alberts went on a quest to learn the nearly forgotten art of wet collodion photography. He's now using the intricate process to take pictures of skateboard legends, in something he's calling the The Lifers Project. We caught up with him on the newest episode of Dose to hear about the wet plate process while he shot Amy Gunther of Brooklyn skate shop KCDC.

What do you think of The Lifers Project? Tell us in the Comments below.

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Dose: Angel Haze, Christian Hosoi rock Zumiez Presents at House Of Vans

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The Zumiez Presents skate and music event took over the House of Vans in Brooklyn this past weekend and set it off. With performances by Angel Haze, Bad Rabbits, and The Death Set, and a bowl session with skate legend Christian Hosoi, attendees had the best of both worlds. Dose host Tim Brodhagen had behind the scenes access to the event and interviewed Angel Haze and Hosoi to find out what they thought made the party so special.

To learn about other Zumiez Presents events join The Zumiez Stash

What do you think of the Zumiez Presents concert? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: How to make it as a skate filmer in New York City

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Skateboard filmers do not get nearly enough props. While it's the skaters who receive the glory when they drop a new video part, the filmers are an integral part of the process. They do so much grunt work behind the camera (and in the edit room) to make sure that the skating that they capture looks incredible. It's a challenging job that requires skill and creativity. On the new episode of Dose we get a closer look at what it takes from Dennis "Dirty Dirt Kid" Williford, who is quickly becoming one of New York City's go-to filmers. Williford has worked with just about every skater in New York City, as well as most of the pros who pass through the Big Apple. Originally from Richmond, Virgina, Williford moved to the city three years ago and hasn't looked back since.

What do you think of this episode of Dose? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Young skaters went big at the Vans Pool Party

The Vans Pool Party in the Combi Bowl at the Vans Skatepark in Orange County, California is always one of the best skateboarding events of the year. And this year was no different. Where else can you find the son of Vans founder Steve Van Doren delivering pizza to skaters?

The skating was pretty good, too. Dose was on hand at the 2014 Vans Pool Party and it was clear that a changing of the guard was afoot. The pro division was dominated by a crew of under-20 skaters who showed that pool skating will continue to thrive for generations to come. The likes of Tom Schaar, Cory Juneau, Trey Wood, and Tristan Rennie all made the pro division final. At the end of the day, 16-year-old Rennie took the victory in the pro ranks and Bruno Passos won the masters division and Chris Miller took top honors in the legends division.

What do you think of this Vans Pool Party wrap up? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Jason Anderson is ready for the outdoor motocross season to start

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The inaugural race of the 2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship season kicks off May 24, 2014. Before the dirt starts flying, Dose caught up with 250 class Supercross West Champion Jason Anderson as he practiced on his Rockstar Energy KTM 250 at Glen Helen Raceway. This season marks the return of the iconic track in San Bernardino, California to the series as the season opener for the outdoor motocross calendar.

Who do you think is the rider to beat on the outdoor motocross circuit this season? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: See how a $15,000 gold-plated skateboard gets made

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The golden skateboard is a true father-son project. New York City artist Matt Willet came up with the idea and enlisted the help of his dad, who works at Epner Technologies in Brooklyn. The company makes gold-plated components for NASA, but Willet had a different kind of transportation in mind than spaceships. On the latest episode of Dose, host Tim Brodhagen visited the Willets to see firsthand how they make 99.99% pure electro-plated skateboards.

Willet and his dad completely transform all the parts of a Shut Skateboards complete, progressing through copper plating, nickel plating, and finishing with the gold. The board is then polished to a mirror finish. The final product weighs nine pounds but it is completely functional, although Willet suggests keeping this board strictly as a wall-hanger. The $15,000 price tag probably has something to do with that.

What do you think of the golden skateboard? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Nyjah Huston skates the streets of New York City for the first time

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Nyjah Huston has skated in New York City a ton of times, but it's always been confined to the city's skateparks. On the new episode of Dose, Nyjah skates the NYC streets for the first time.

Nyjah also spoke with Dose host Tim Brodhagen about the new season of Street League Skateboarding, which starts this weekend at Nike SB's Sixth & Mill skatepark in Los Angeles. Nyjah discusses rivalries and why he thinks Paul Rodriguez and defending champion Chris Cole are the guys to beat in Street League.

Can Nyjah Huston win a Street League Super Crown title this year? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Ryan Sheckler's Skate For A Cause raises $93,000 in one day

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Over 2,000 fans and 50 pro and amatuer skateboarders converged on the etnies Skatepark in Lake Forest, California for the 5th annual "Skate For A Cause" contest and fundraiser on May 3, 2014. Hosted by The Sheckler Foundation to promote their "Be The Change" campaign, the event is part skate contest, part fundraiser for injured action sports athletes and kids in need. We got the low-down on the event straight from Ryan Sheckler himself on this episode of Dose.

Top skateboarding pros like Chris Cole, Sean Malto, and Jamie Thomas were all on hand to help support the cause and rip the skatepark. As always, this year's event did not disappoint—over $93k was donated during the course of the one-day event.

For more information on The Sheckler Foundation and to get involved head here.

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Dose: Top pros surf in tag-team contest with little kids

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Created in 2012 as a fun surf contest by former ASP World Tour surfer and San Clemente local Nate Yeomans, the 3rd Annual Fishbowl Classic is one of the biggest little surf contests in the world. Blessed with epic beachbreak conditions in San Clemente at the end of April, the ever-changing format this year featured two-man teams: one top pro paired with a ripping local grom.

Some of the top surfers in the world like Kolohe Andino, the Gudauskas brothers, and Chippa Wilson were all on hand to throw down in the water. Amid the stacked field, this year's event was won by Aussie air wizard Chippa Wilson and Trestles local Kei Kobayashi.

What do you think of the Fishbowl Classic? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Waves For Water puts traveling surfers to work by supplying clean drinking water

In the spirit of Earth Day, we have put together a three-part Dose series examining environmental issues that are currently affecting the action sports community. In Part 3, we talk with Waves For Water founder Jon Rose. Part 1 about inversion smog in Salt Lake City, Utah can be seen here. And Part 2 investigating urban water runoff and its effects can be seen here.

One in 6 people in the world does not have access to clean drinking water. Every 15 seconds a child dies from dirty drinking water. These global hardships can be difficult to grasp for people in the developed worlds to grasp, but their effects are very real. One organization that's dedicated itself to providing clean water to people around the world is Waves For Water. We caught up with founder and former pro surfer Jon Rose for the final piece in Dose's three-part Earth Day series.

Waves For Water has played a role in helping to clean up after every natural disaster in the last 10 years. Rose's organization utilizes a key element that's already in place for providing their DIY filtration systems to needed populations: traveling surfers. This unique approach empowers travelers to help out regions in which they're already visiting, greatly cutting down on overhead and helping change people's lives.

Find out more about Waves For Water on their website at and get involved by becoming a Clean Water Courier yourself.

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Dose: The best party at Coachella wasn't actually at Coachella

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The Vestal Village gathering has been going on right down the road from the Coachella music festival for six years now and each year it gets better and better. Why stay amidst the chaos in the desert when you can get the VIP treatment from Vestal? This year, Dose host Michaela Eichenbaum was once again allowed behind the scenes. Vestal Village is like a pool party by day and a music festival at night, and Michaela was in the mix everywhere from tent city to the live stage. She connected with pro snowboarder Danny Kass, pro surfer Koa Smith, and Eagles of Death Metal front man, Jesse Boots Electric, to find out what makes the event so awesome.

Who had the best performance at Coachella this year? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Investigating the environmental & health risks of polluted urban water runoff

In the spirit of Earth Day, we have put together a three-part Dose series examining environmental issues that are currently affecting the action sports community. In Part 2 we investigate urban water runoff and its effects. Part 1 about inversion smog in Salt Lake City, Utah can be seen here.

All rivers flow to the sea. Along the way waterways pick up all sorts of debris, chemicals, and toxins. Everything combines to create a sludge that gets tossed directly into the ocean. This is known as urban water runoff, which is a major hazard in coastal areas. It directly affects surfers and fellow ocean-goers, which is why the Dose crew investigated this water pollution issue.

We chatted with experts Chad Nelson from the Surfrider Foundation, the South Coast Water District's Rick Erkeneff, and the President of Riverkeeper Paul Gallay. Each explains the hazards posed by the surface runoff of water from urban areas into our oceans and the actions that are being taken to prevent it. Of focus are two of the major areas where urban runoff is most prevalent, the greater New York City area and Southern California. Take note of this daunting issue and head to the sites below for more information about what you can do.

What are you doing to help curb urban runoff? Tell us in the Comments.

Special Thanks to:
Surfrider Foundation -
Riverkeeper -
South Coast Water District -

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Dose: Motocross riders Doug Parsons and Kris Foster build awesome SoCal jumps

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A recent spring rainstorm in Southern California created perfect freestyle motocross conditions in Reche Canyon, just east of Los Angeles. Legendary motocross freerider Doug Parsons and Canadian pro motocross freerider Kris Foster were on it. For the latest episode of Dose, Parsons and Foster packed up their shovels, headed for the hills, and got back to the roots of freestyle motocross.

What do you think of this episode of Dose? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Monster Energy Supercross hits New York City for first time in 20 years

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For the first time in over 20 years, supercross racing is going down in the New York City area. Justin Barcia has been excited for the AMA Monster Energy Supercross race at MetLife Stadium since it was announced. Barcia, who currently sits in fifth place in the standings, and fellow racers Adam Enticknap and Mike Alessi caught up with Dose host Tim Brodhagen to talk about what it means for supercross to be in the Big Apple and their strategies for the race.

If you're in the New York City area, check out the race live on Saturday, April 26 at MetLife Stadium. If not, be sure to tune into Fox Sports 2. You're not going to want to miss Ryan Villopoto's shot at clinching the championship.

Who do you think will win the supercross race in New York City? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Investigating inversion smog problems in Salt Lake City on Earth Day

In the spirit of Earth Day we have put together a three-part *Dose series examining environmental issues that are currently affecting the action sports community. In Part 1, we look at the inversion smog that surrounds the Salt Lake City, Utah.*

After a bluebird day on the mountains that surround Salt Lake City, Utah, it's hard to imagine that 20 minutes below is a city riddled with smog. The specific smog issue in Salt Lake City is called inversion, which traps polluted air in the valley most severely during the winter months. The inversion has three major sources: industrial pollution, vehicular pollution (cars), and area sources (barbecues, home heating, etc.).

Dose host Tim Brodhagen sat down with local pro snowboarder Aaron Bittner to get a feel for what it's like dealing with inversion and its effects. The Salt Lake City area has seen a giant rise in asthma rates over the last few years, and there are many respiratory problems that are associated with this issue.

Alan Matheson, an Environmental Advisor to the Utah governor and Ralph Becker, the mayor of Salt Lake City, also give us great insight into this long-standing problem and what steps the Utah state and Salt Lake City local governments are taking to combat it. One thing is certain, this is a continuing issue with many changes needed to help reverse it.

What are you doing to help the planet on Earth Day? Tell us in the Comments.

Special Thanks to:
Park City Mountain -
Snowbird Mountain -

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Dose: Surfers Taylor Knox and Benji Weatherly go head-to-head in cook-off

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Pro surfers are not usually known for their culinary skills. The peanut butter and jelly sandwich is still a staple of most surfers' diets. But Benji Weatherly and Taylor Knox are anything but typical. On the new episode of Dose]1, Weatherly and Knox go head-to-head in an epic cook-off at the North Eats Food Festival in Carlsbad, California. With Ray Barbee playing guitar, the two surfers battle it out in a "Cook or Kook?" challenge. Wait until you see who took home the title.

What do you think of this cook off? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: The top 5 cars at the 2014 New York International Auto Show

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The New York International Auto Show is one of the most comprehensive car shows in all of North America. Which is why we spent the media days at the Javits Center getting a sneak peak at the newest, craziest vehicles out there. On this new episode of Dose, host Tim Brodhagen brings you the top 5 cars from this year's show. He gets the inside scoop on the 2015 Subaru WRX STI, the Toyota FV2, the Bentley Continental GT Speed, the Mini Cooper S Countryman (which Tony Hawk recently ollied), and the Ford Transit Skyliner. Sit back and enjoy. And check out the NY International Auto Show yourself if you're in town, it's now open to the public.

Which car out of all these is your favorite? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Snowboarder Danny Kass thinks New Jersey's Mountain Creek is the best mountain in the world

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New Jersey may be the butt of a lot of jokes. Some of them warranted, most of them not. In the snowboard community, it's certainly an afterthought. But as two-time Olympic silver medalist Danny Kass proves, you can grow up in New Jersey and still become a world-class snowboarder. For this week's episode of Dose we took a quick trip out of New York City to Mountain Creek in New Jersey to shred with Kass and see why you can have as much fun there as you can at any other resort in the world.

Have you ever shredded Mountain Creek? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Justin Barcia is psyched for Monster Energy Supercross in New York City

The AMA Monster Energy Supercross is making its return to the New York City area on April 26 at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It's been 23 years since a supercross race was held in the Big Apple, and Team Honda rider Justin Barcia, who grew up not too far away from the city, couldn't be more psyched. Barcia caught up with the Dose crew to share the scoop on the second-to-last stop on this year's supercross circuit.

Want to go to the supercross race at Metlife Stadium? Here's your chance:

GIVEAWAY details: Network A is giving away a voucher for 2 FREE tickets to the Monster Energy SuperCross on April 26 at Metlife Stadium. Be the first person to find the voucher and the tickets are all yours.

Here's how it works:
1. Go to the Zumiez store on 480 Broadway in NYC and be the first to pick up the Network A envelope at the store register.

  1. Take a picture of yourself with the envelope, tag @NetworkA, and post your photo to Instagram.

  2. Follow the instructions on the voucher to pick up your tickets—you MUST be at least 18 years old to claim tickets.

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Dose: Jimmy Fitzpatrick's freestyle motocross compound doubles as a vineyard

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Pro freestyle motocross rider Jimmy Fitzpatrick welcomed the Dose crew to his "Fitzland" compound in Temecula, California. The 54-acre spread is home to a huge FMX set-up and a 36-acre vineyard, where Fitzpatrick's brother Brent oversees large winemaking operation. Fitzpatrick talks about being a star on the Nuclear Cowboyz tour, some of the other activities he gets into at Fitzland, and his pet pig. He also invites over some of the Nuclear Cowboyz crew over to session the jumps and ride the hills which are in perfect condition after some rain.

What do you think of this episode of Dose? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Chris Cole skates NYC, shows off new DC Shoes Cole Lite 2

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Defending Street League champ Chris Cobra Cole stops in on dose to show off his new DC Shoes pro model, the Cole Lite 2, and skate in New York City. Even though Cole is an exceptional contest skater, that has never driven his progression. "I've always learned tricks that excite me and that I wanna learn," Cole says. "I've never learned tricks to beat somebody else." Cole's excitement for skating is as high as ever. He keeps a constantly updated trick list in his phone. Some of the tricks on the list have a question mark next to them because Cole isn't even sure if they are possible. Not that that's going to stop one of the most technical skateboarders of all time from trying.

What do you think of this episode of Dose? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Mahfia Sessions & Boarding for Breast Cancer "Shred the Love" Tour at Mammoth Mountain

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It's always the right time for a road trip to Mammoth Mountain, but when it's for a good cause, well, that makes it even better. On the new episode of Dose, host Michaela Eichenbaum heads to Mammoth Mountain to check out the Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) "Shred the Love" Tour and the Mahfia Sessions, presented by Group Y. Michaela caught up with Mahfia Sessions founder Kim Woozy to get the scoop on the event, shredded the park with women's action sports legend Cara-Beth Burnside, and attended a panel discussion of female action sports pioneers including Shannon Dunn-Downing and Lisa Hudson.

What do you think of this episode of Dose? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Skater Nestor Judkins shows off his new Adidas Adi Ease sneaker

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Remember that hilarious Adidas Skateboarding mockumentary did to announce the release of the new Stan Smith skate shoe? Well, we hate to break it to you, but Stan Smith did not actually skate in that video. It's a shocker, we know. Adidas skater Nestor Judkins was the one who played the tennis legend. Judkins is also about to release the fourth colorway of the Adidas Adi Ease sneaker soon. He sat down recently with Dose host Tim Brodhagen to talk about his new shoe (it's the first all-white Adidas Skateboarding shoe) and what it was like to meet the Stan Smith.

What do you think of the all-white Adi Ease sneaker? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Jefferson Pang celebrates 20 years of skateboarding with an awesome Shut deck

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New York City's first professional street skater Jefferson Pang has seen just about everything in his 20-plus years in skateboarding. On the new episode of Dose Pang drops some OG knowledge and gives a history lesson on the three NYC skaters that everyone should know about: Beasley, Jeremy Henderson, and Harry Jumanji. Pang also shows off his newly released pro model deck with Shut Skateboards to celebrate his skate legacy.

To purchase Jefferson Pang's new Shut skateboard deck, go to

What do you think of Jefferson Pang's new Shut skateboard? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Snowboarders Aaron Biittner, Scotty Arnold, and Deadlung enjoy Utah

Utah has been having another great winter. And with spring just around the corner, snowboarders Aaron Biitner, Mark Edlund (aka Deadlung), and Scotty Arnold made sure to get some laps in at Park City Mountain Resort and Snowbird on a gorgeous bluebird day for this episode of Dose.

What do you think of this episode of Dose? Tell us in the Comments.

Special thanks to Park City Mountain and Snowbird Mountain.

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Dose: Ryan Sheckler and other pros turn out for Volcom's "True To This" movie premiere

On a wet and stormy night in Costa Mesa, California a party went down that only the likes of Volcom could throw. It was the premiere of Volcom's newest movie True To This, as well as a celebration of the 21 years that have passed since the company's first film Alive We Ride. The Volcom Headquarters were raging with thousands of fans, three different viewing areas, drinks, live bands and plenty of Volcom team riders and family members in attendance like Terje Haakonsen, Geoff Rowley, Ryan Sheckler, Pat Moore, Bryan Iguchi, and Alex Gray. On this episode of Dose host Michaela Eichenbaum takes you behind the scenes of the premiere and interviews some of the team riders about their favorite Volcom movie.

What do you think of this episode of Dose? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Find out how Olympic snowboarding gold medalist Iouri Podladtchikov invented the YOLO flip

The Olympic gold medal celebration continues on Dose this week with snowboarding halfpipe gold medalist Iouri Podladtchikov. We caught up with iPod while he was in New York City celebrating the gold medal victory from Sochi and enjoying city life. iPod runs us through the final moments before clinching the gold, what it means having beaten Shaun White, how he hates and loves rivalries in snowboarding, and the origin of the YOLO flip.

What do you think of this episode of Dose? Tell us in the comments.

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Dose: Drone films surfer Josh Sleigh trying to kickflip a surfboard

Pro surfer and shaper Josh Sleigh is one of the few human beings who tries kickflips on a surfboard. On a gorgeous Southern California February day he took his mobile surf winch to a secret spot in Laguna Beach, California, for some shorebreak surfing. The winch was just one of the accessories he brought to the beach. Also along for the ride were five GoPro Hero 3 Black Editions cameras used to capture multiple angles of Sleigh's session. The angles included a drone cam, a helmet cam, a surfboard cam, and a water cam. Sleigh definitely covered all the bases.

What do you think of this episode of Dose? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Snowboarding the streets of New York City

Snowboarding in New York City is easier than you think if you are creative. We've already seen tow-in snowboarding. Now on the new Dose, Burton pro snowboarder Alex Andrews & his Knowbuddy friend Jason Heckle embark on a mission to do two things: snowboard and eat pizza. Follow them as they venture from Williamsburg, Brooklyn into the SoHo neighborhood of lower Manhattan, over the Manhattan Bridge back into downtown Brooklyn and Fort Greene.

What do you think of snowboarding in New York City? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Olympic freeskier Joss Christensen tours New York City with his gold medal in a sock

In case you have amnesia from the recently finished Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, the United States swept the first ever men's freeskiing slopestyle event. And at the top of that podium was 22-year-old Joss Christensen. As we learned from Jamie Anderson, Olympic medals open doors. So while Christensen was in New York City with fellow medalists Gus Kenworthy and Nick Goepper, Dose tagged along with him as he got a fresh haircut at Franks Chop Shop and was fitted for a suit at Freemans Sporting Club. Those aren't the only perks, Christensen has enjoyed since Sochi. He has also received free dinners and had people buy him bottles of wine. Life is good.

What do you think of this Joss Christensen interview? Tell us in the Comments.

Special thanks to: Freemans Sporting Club and Franks Chop Shop
Additional Footage shot by: AJ Dakoulas

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Dose: Olympic gold medalist Jamie Anderson's Top 5 moments from Sochi

Pro snowboarder Jamie Anderson is the first women's slopestyle Olympic Gold medalist. Dose caught up with her in New York City recently to find out her Top 5 Olympic moments, and it's clear that winning a gold medal opens a lot of doors. From appearing on the Ellen Show with Ellen Degeneres to getting upgrades for her entire family on United Airlines, life has been good for Anderson since Sochi.

What do you think of this episode of Dose? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Plywood snowboards serve as artists' canvases at Neon Daze & Winter Waves exhibit

Art and snowboarding have been fused together from the beginning. But Mike Parillo and Corey Smith took it one step further for their Neon Daze & Winter Waves art exhibit. Parillo and Smith are both artists and snowboarders and wanted to curate a show "to explore the roots of snowboarding, as imagined by some of the most legendary and creative riders and artists of our time." Dose host Cait Barker was on hand at the opening at CES Contemporary Art Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles. She spoke with Parillo and Asymbol Gallery's Alex Hillinger to discuss the inspiration behind the show (Spring Break Snowboards), Asymbol's involvement, and to find out more about the snowboarders and surfers involved—including Ian Walsh, Travis Rice, Gerry Lopez, Pat Moore, and Christian Fletcher.

Which board from this art show is your favorite? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Olympic gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg says NYC cabs are more dangerous than slopestyle

Olympic slopestyle gold medalist Sage Kostenburg became the new face of snowboarding overnight. Kotsenburg won the first gold medal for the United States at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Even though he was inundated with interview requests that come with winning a gold medal, Kotsenburg made time to for another appearance on Dose. (We can't blame him, seeing as how appearing on Dose was a ticket to a gold medal in snowboard slopestyle this year). Kotsenburg admitted that the slopestyle course was gnarly, but it was nothing crazier than a New York City taxi cab. He also touched upon the fact that now the world knows of more snowboarders than just Shaun White, and how he'd like to use his recently found fame to help inner city kids get into snowboarding.

What do you think of Sage Kotsenburg on Dose? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Hanging out with KTM Racing's supercross phenoms Ken Roczen and Jason Anderson

The KTM motocross team has been on a tear this season in Monster Energy Supercross. So on this episode of Dose we caught up with two of the motorcycle manufacturer's top supercross riders, 450SX rookie phenom Ken Roczen and 250SX points leader Jason Anderson. Before things got too crazy at last weekend's race at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California, Roczen talked about his strong start to the season after making the step up from the 250SX class last year. Anderson has also been off to a fast start to the season and was extra excited to ride in front of a hometown crowd.

And the Dose good luck continued. With Sage Kotsenburg and Jamie Anderson winning Olympic gold medals after their appearances on the show, it was only fitting that Roczen and Anderson both were on the podium in San Diego with second-place finishes in their respective classes.

Can Ken Roczen win the 450SX title? Can Jason Anderson win the 250SX title? Tell us in the Comments below.

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Dose: Searching for the soul of snowboarding

With the Olympics taking center stage in the world of snowboarding right now, Dose went to SIA to talk to some of the most progressive figures in snowboarding to get their feelings on the current state of the sport and where the soul lives. We hear from Devun Walsh, Corey Smith, JP Solberg, Erik and Bjorn Leines, and Jesse Burtner on their take on the Olympics, the youth in snowboarding, and what this all means. The consensus is that rider-owned, independent companies are what keeps the soul of any board-sport alive.

What's your take on the state of snowboarding? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: A$AP Ferg and Redman are mile high at Free4All Vol. 4 in Denver presented by Ink Monstr

At the recent Free4All Vol 4 party the Dose crew chopped it up with some of the best rappers in the game, A$AP Ferg and Redman. And since they were in Denver, Colorado, talk naturally shifted toward two of the things the Rocky Mountain State is known for, mountains and weed. All the kids out there need to recognize that Redman paved the way.

What do you think of these interviews with A$AP Ferg and Redman? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Hannah Teter snowboarding with Special Olympics athletes will inspire you

Professional snowboarder Hannah Teter was just named the first Special Olympics action sports Global Ambassador. The announcement was made in Aspen, Colorado during the X Games and to mark the occasion Teter organized a unified snowboarding event pairing professional snowboarders with Special Olympics athletes on a dual giant slalom course. Teter recruited fellow snowboarders Jamie Anderson, Scotty James, and more to pair up with Special Olympics athletes from across the country. The result was pretty amazing.

What do you think of Hannah Teter becoming the first Special Olympics action sports Global Ambassador? Tell us in the Comments.

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Dose: Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson got the souvenir she wanted—a gold medal

Professional snowboarder Jamie Anderson is considered the best slopestyle female snowboarder in the world. And now that slopestyle has been added to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, Anderson has qualified for the US Olympic Snowboard Team. We caught up with Anderson for this episode of Dose at Mammoth Mountain. She breaks down how she qualified for the Olympics, describes some tips she got from fellow Olympians Hannah Teter and Louie Vito, and what she expects in Sochi. She also reveals that the best souvenir she can bring home from Sochi will be a gold medal.

Network A
Dose: Olympic snowboarding gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg was well-prepared for Sochi

20-year-old Park City native Sage Kotsenburg qualified for the U.S. Olympic slopestyle snowboard team at the Grand Prix qualifier at Mammoth Mountain recently. Kotsenberg and slopestyle will both be making their Olympic debuts this year so Dose host Michaela Eichenbaum caught up with him in Mammoth to get his thoughts on the Sochi Games. Kotsenburg has his pre-Olympic routine locked in and has a good sense of who the riders to watch will be in Russia. The only thing he's still needs to figure out is what he will say to slopestyle hater Bob Costas if he runs into him.

Network A
Dose: Weed, women, and triple whiskey flips at the X Games

The Winter X Games went off in Aspen, Colorado this year and produced some huge action, as always. With so many people attending this year, Dose decided to mingle with the crowd to see just who comes out to the X Games these days. You won't believe the answer.

What do you think of the triple whiskey flip? Tell us in the comments below.

Network A
Dose: X Games Slopestyle practice with Mark McMorris, Halldor Helgason, and more

The 2014 X Games Aspen are in full swing and have been producing some major action. A picture perfect day on the mountain paints the scene for this heavy Slopestyle practice session on this episode of Dose. Check out Mark McMorris, Halldor Helgason, Torstein Horgmo, and more as they throw down. Tune into ESPN today at 2pm to watch these guys battle it out for who the gold. Head to the X Games for more highlights.

Network A
Dose: X Games Superpipe practice with Danny Davis, Taku Hiraoka, and Scotty Lago

The Dose crew is on site at X Games Aspen for all the action this week. We'll be bringing you the behind-the-scenes and everything you want to see. We caught some heavy hitting snowboarders going big at Superpipe practice. Taku Hiraoka, Iouri Podladtchikov, Ben Ferguson, Scotty Lago, Christian Haller, Danny Davis, and more all put in work in this perfect pipe as if medals were being handed out at the end of the session. Stay tuned for lots more from X Games Aspen.

Who do you think will take Superpipe at this year's X Games Aspen? Tell us in the comments below.

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Dose: Snowboarders Aaron Biittner and Scotty Arnold play a Game of SNOW at Park City

You're watching Dose history right here. This is the first-ever Game of SNOW in the show's illustrious run. And there couldn't be two better initial contestants than pro snowboarders Aaron Biitner and Scotty Arnold. With rules similar to a Game of SKATE, the two battled it out from the top of the park at Park City Mountain Resort all the way to the bottom. What starts out as a friendly match quickly gets heated when Bittner turns up the dial.

Check out these other cool snowboard videos:

Network A
Dose: The top trends in action sports and streetwear at Agenda Long Beach

Agenda Long Beach is one of the most important trade shows in streetwear and action sports lifestyle. It's the place where all the top brands show off their products for the upcoming season. Dose host Cait Barker headed over to Agenda to find out what the top trends will be for the next season. She spoke with a wide range of brands such as Nixon, Neff, Electric, Herschel, O'Neill, Etnies, and more to get an exclusive sneak peek at the coolest streetwear, outerwear and accessories that you will definitely be fiending over in 2014.

Network A
Dose: Go behind the scenes with Travis Pastrana at Nitro Circus Live at Madison Square Garden

Travis Pastrana's traveling action sports awesomeness show Nitro Circus Live hit New York City recently. Nitro Circus Live was appearing in the legendary Madison Square Garden for the first time. Naturally, Dose host Tim Brodhagen was on hand to get all the behind-the-scenes scoop. Pastrana chatted with Brodhagen about what he expected from the night while Megaramp practice was going on. It was definitely an electric night at the Garden.

Network A
Dose: Lindsay Perry is a triple-threat musician, surfer, and model

If you haven't heard of Lindsay Perry yet let this be your first introduction to your dream girl. Perry hails from Satellite Beach, Florida Perry grew up around the mellow surf culture of the area. Naturally, she became a surfer herself. She is also a very talented up-and-coming musician who recently opened for Donavon Frankenreiter and Tom Curren at New Jersey's Stone Pony. And ontop of those two things she's also a model for Billabong. On this episode of Dose, host Michaela Eichenbaum catches a live set Perry performs at E Street Cafe in Encinitas, California. Afterwards they have a chat and we find out about Perry's music, her new record that she's working on called [L.O.V.E.]2, and her Kickstarter campaign for the new album. Stay tuned for more from Perry and check out her website

Network A
Dose: Here's the top 7 moments from 2013 on Dose

Dose host Tim Brodhagen and the Dose crew have traveled from coast to coast in 2013 bringing you the best in action sports. We had Timbo count down his top 7 moments from 2013 on our Instagram (@NetworkA) earlier these holidays, and figured we'd give you the whole countdown here. Happy Holidays and make sure to follow us on Instagram (@NetworkA). Go back and relive all these moments in their episodes here:

  1. Meeting Christian Hosoi.
  2. Interviewing pro snowboarder Halldor Hellgason after his mega X Games crash.
  3. Talking beach with pro surfers Kelia Moniz and Monyca Byrne-Wickey.
  4. Getting girls to kiss at Coachella.
  5. Skatepark on a boat for Go Skateboarding Day.
  6. Tim beats Travis Pastrana in mini golf.
  7. The kid from Bad Grandpa tells Tim he looks like Tom Brady.
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Dose: NASCAR Sprint Cup rookie driver Kyle Larson even races go karts really well

The 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series will see an infusion of new talent hitting the track. Among them will be rookie Kyle Larson, who was the 2013 Rookie of the Year in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Stepping up this year from the Nationwide Series to the Sprint Cup Series is like the equivalent of being called up to the Major Leagues from Triple-A. We got to take some laps with Larson at Pole Position Raceway in Jersey City, New Jersey on this episode of Dose. After Larson dominates Dose host Timbo Brodhagen in the go karts, Larson fills us in on some of the biggest challenges stepping up to the big leagues this year and how NASCAR fans and action sports fans are one in the same. Look for Larson to hit the 2014 Sprint Cup Series running starting February 15 at Daytona International Speedway driving the Target #42 Chevrolet race car.

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Dose: Doing yoga with Helen Schettini to prepare for the snowboard season

Professional snowboarders do lots of different things to stay in shape for the upcoming winter. Helen Schetteni does yoga. And on this episode of Dose, we get to do yoga with her in Encinitas, California at Bergamot spot with Lauren Duke. We hear from Schettini about her growing reputation as a backcountry shredder, her epic part in the new Adidas snowboard film and why she spent her summer down south in Encinitas, California.

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Dose: Danny Davis reveals Burton's U.S. Olympic snowboard uniform

For the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Burton Snowboards and the U.S. Snowboard team wanted to take things in a completely different direction. Thankfully, that meant no more faux distressed denim. Burton founder Jake Burton and chief creative director Greg Dacyshyn modeled the jacket after a patchwork quilt and the pants were inspired by corduroy. When the Olympic snowboard uniforms were unveiled in New York City, Dose was on hand and caught up with Olympic hopeful Danny Davis to find out what he thinks about the Burton unis. Davis didn't want to jinx anything by actually trying on the uniform before he made the Olympic team, but he did let us in on a little secret that Team USA's uniforms are actually designed by a Canadian (Dacyshyn). Shh, don't tell anybody.


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Dose: Olympic snowboarder Kelly Clark ranks her 5 most influential female riders

Snowboarder Kelly Clark is one of the most influential female riders of all time. She has won two Olympic medals in halfpipe and will attempt to qualify for her third Olympics at the Sochi 2014 Winter Games. But who influenced the influencer? Clark spoke with Dose host Tim Brodhagen and ranked the 5 female snowboarders who had the biggest impact on her riding. These are snowboarders who blazed the path for women in snowboarding, including Tricia Byrnes, Barrett Christy, Nicola Thost and more.


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Dose: Carissa Moore thinks she still has a lot to learn after second world title

At 21-years-old Carissa Moore already has two ASP Women's World titles to her name. Just for reference, by the time Kelly Slater turned 21 he only had 1 world title. On the new episode of Dose host Tim Brodhagen sits down with the freshly crowned two-time champ Moore while she was in New York City for Glamour magazine's Women of the Year event. Moore talks about all the things she still has to learn about surfing, meeting Lady Gaga, and the objectification of female surfers. Moore is clearly one of the most genuine people in pro surfing and we have a feeling her second world title won't be her last.


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Dose: Frank April and crew shred Killington Resort

Sure, we've heard plenty about resorts out West like Mammoth Mountain opening up, but what about the East Coast? Frank April of Deja Vu fame rounded up a heavy crew of snowboarders including Jeremy Cloutier, Guillarume Marquis, Frank Bourgeois, and Dakota Whitaker to hit up Killington Resort in Vermont for some early-season East Coast park laps. Don't be afraid to admit you like the soundtrack...


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Dose: Pat Moore explains his wall splat to boardslide in Volcom's "IP3" video

From time to time there are things that happen in sports that stop everything in their tracks and boggle our minds. The manuever is so futuristic that it begins a trend and changes things overnight. If you have seen Pat Moore's part in Volcom's recent IP3 snowboard video then you know what we are talking about. On this week's episode of Dose Moore breaks down his wall splat to boardslide that turned things upside down in street snowboarding. It is a total game changer that we are just starting to wrap our heads around.


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