Garage Tours

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Garage Tours is the stuff gearheads' dreams are made of. Chris Forsberg gives you an inside look at incredible garages around the country. From high-tech professional outfits to grassroots backyards garages, you'll see the ins and outs and find out what makes these operations tick.

If you want a high performance racing vehicle, there’s only one place to go: Crawford Performance. Join Formula Drift champ Chris Forsberg on a #GarageTour to get an inside look at how they’re building some of the fastest cars around.

If you love making fast cars even faster, then you’ll want to join Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg on this week’s episode of #GarageTours presented by Valvoline. He’s taking you inside AntSpec, where they’re giving cars extra power, plus some extra fun for good measure.

We’re back with Formula Drift star Chris Forsberg for another edition of #GarageTours presented by Valvoline. This week, we’re going inside Assault Industries to see how they turn raw metal into the meanest off-road UTVs around.

Formula Drift star Chris Forsberg is back for season 4 of #GarageTours presented by Valvoline. On this episode, we check out some serious #carporn thanks to the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Chris Forsberg is back for another season of Garage Tours, and this season we're exploring some of the most unique garages on the Westcoast. Be sure to tune in every Thursday in September for all new episodes

On the finale of Garage Tours season 3, Chris Forsberg heads west to check out the muscle cars—from a Dodge Challenger daily driver to a track-ready Ford Fairlane—that have made Pure Vision Design an award-winning, cover-grabbing custom shop.

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What's it like having Dale Earnhardt Jr. as a boss? Chris Forsberg meets up with JR Motorsports driver Alex Bowman for the answer—not to mention an awesome behind-the-scenes tour—on a brand new episode of Garage Tours.

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Not all Porsches go to heaven. Some end up at Emory Motorsports. Join Chris Forsberg as he investigates 356 utopia—and the origins of the outlaw Porsche—on the season three premiere of Garage Tours!

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Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg wraps up another awesome season of touring garages around the country. In this episode Forsberg shares some highlights including Top Gear US co-host Rutledge Wood’s eclectic collection, Jeremy Baye’s period correct hotrods at 1945 Speed And Custom, and Luis Miranda’s custom lowriders. We saw it all from classic luxury cars, to off road truck fabrications, to Supercross bikes—let us know which episode was your favorite in the comments below. Is there a garage you’d love to see Chris check out? Leave it in the comments below.

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The Garages:

Rutledge Wood’s Eclectic Car Collection

All Access Chad Reed’s TwoTwo Motorsports

Incredible Vintage BMW Restorations At Coupe King

Precision Twin Turbo & Exhaust Fabrications At Fast Intentions

Incredible Classic Luxury Cars At Redline Restorations

Period Perfect Hot Rods! 1945 Speed And Custom

Winning Off Road Truck Fabrications At Geiser Bros

Forsberg & Tuerck’s Formula Drift Mobile Haulers

Cruising Lowriders At Miranda’s Custom Cars

Secrets to Tuerck’s Success at Nameless Performance

In this episode of Garage Tours, Chris Forsberg visits Nameless Performance in Woodland, Washington. Nameless is one of the largest manufacturers of custom performance exhaust systems for the Subaru market. Jason Griffith gives Forsberg a tour of the manufacturing division including the fabrication room with a cutting room, welding stations and the final assembly area.

John Hoyenga then tours us through the Motorsports division, introducing Forsberg to the rally program and the new Formula Drift program. Nameless driver Ryan Tuerck pops in to talk about his relationship with Nameless and his 2015 Formula Drift FRS!

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