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Ryan Tuerck is one of the biggest stars in drifting. Tuerck finished in the Top 5 twice in the past three Formula Drift seasons and is one of the most exciting drivers on the circuit. But Tuerck’s adventures aren’t confined to the Formula D track. From playing games of D.R.I.F.T. to ripping around on his BMX bike to blowing up pumpkins with fireworks, Tuerck knows how to keep things interesting.

Everything you wanted to know about Ryan Tuerck's supercar mission—plus more questions from the drift world at large—all on a new episode of Tuerck'd Burnout Response.

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Ryan Tuerck and a bunch of supercars? What could possibly go wrong? Find out on new episode of Tuerck'd, as Ryan heads to Vancouver to meet up Daily Driven Exotics and their stable of Italian stallions.

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Straight from the pits at Gridlife Midwest, Ryan Tuerck answers your pressing drift questions before a 17-hour drive back to the East Coast for the fourth stop of Formula Drift 2016. This dude doesn't stop, so make sure to keep those questions coming!

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For Ryan Tuerck, the road to Formula Drift Long Beach was paved with epic test sessions, shifter kart mayhem, and a little help from homey Chris Forsberg. Check out all the action on a brand new episode of Tuerck'd with Valvoline USA!

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An all-new season of Tuerck'd means an all-new season of Tuerck'd Burnout Response. As always, Ryan Tuerck is back and answering your best questions, beginning this week with a behind-the-scenes look at what went into the crew's epic Maine ice drifting trip.

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Tuerck'd is back for an all new season, and this time Ryan Tuerck is bringing his partner in crime, Chris Forsberg, along for the ride. Saddle up with the boys as they head north for some vintage snow rallying in New Hampshire and one seriously epic ice drift session in the wilds of Maine.

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Tuerck'd's coverage of Gymkhana Grid 2015 is officially a wrap, with event co-host Ryan Tuerck taking home "Hero Battle" bragging rights in Ken Block's Ford Escort Mk2 RS. Check out his face-off with RWD champ, Luke Woodham, as well as some smokey night drifting from the truly epic demo party and a quick dip with the Monster Girls. Living the dream doesn't even begin to describe it.

It's a rainy day in England but that doesn't stop Ryan Tuerck from taking some laps at the Gymkhana Grid in Ken Block's rear-wheel-drive Ford Escort Mk2 RS. Special guest appearance by some of the Monster Energy Girls...

Only Ken Block would think of making a 1978 Ford Escort Mk2 RS with rear-wheel-drive his new Gymkhana car. And luckily for Ryan Tuerck, he gets to "test" it out.

On-hand for the upcoming Gymkhana Grid Finals in England, Tuerck gets to take Ken's first-ever rear-wheel-drive Gymkhana vehicle for a bit of a spin. Boasting all the bells and whistles of Ken's high-end, WRC Ford Fiesta, the Mk2 packs "a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder Millington motor that generates 333 naturally-aspirated horses and absolutely screams at the limit when stretched out to the 9,000 rpm redline. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential gearbox."

Stay tuned for more of Tuerck at the Gymkhana Grid soon.

After smashing UTEs Down Under in Australia, Ryan Tuerck hops over to New Zealand for a one-of-a-kind drift event: Red Bull Drift Shifters. This event showcases the precision and skill of these drivers as they drift through the pinball-like course in an effort to activate proximity sensors and get the highest score. Tuerck is among the 16 drivers competing alongside the best drivers from across the US, Japan, and New Zealand on this episode of Tuerck'd.

Before the event kicks off, Tuerck meets up with New Zealand drift driver and event organizer "Mad" Mike Whiddett to check out his epic shop packed with enviable cars including his FC RX7 “flash missile,” his RXA, and his super modified four rotor RX7. The Tuerck’d crew heads out to get a taste of New Zealand’s adrenaline opportunities including bungee jumping, downhill mountain biking, speedboating up rivers and around lakes, heli tours, shooting guns, throwing knives… basically anything that gets the blood pumping.

Adequately amped up, it’s time to stick it to the wall at the Red Bull Drift Shifters! Tuerck advances all the way into the semi-finals and then… watch the video to see how it turns out.

Got questions or comments about Tuerck’s trip to New Zealand, competing in the Red Bull Drift Shifters or anything else from this episode of Tuerck’d? Hit Ryan up in the comments below or at #Tuerckd on twitter and he just might respond to you in next week’s Burnout Response video!