NKA Project

10 episodes

Nigel Alexander is one of the top skateboard filmmakers and has worked with the best of the best, from Paul Rodriguez to Torey Pudwill and more. He has also worked with amateurs like Lamont Holt who are leading skateboarding’s next generation. All of their footage comes together seamlessly for NKA Project.

In this week's episode of NKA Project, Nigel Alexander teaches you how to shoot awesome skate videos with your phone. Learn how to create a rig using a selfie stick and even helpful tips on camera positioning and placement. There'll be no excuse for janky cellphone footage after watching this episode.

In this episode of NKA Project, Nigel K. Alexander gives you basic tips on how to film skateboarding with a GoPro. Watch as Nigel explains camera settings, selfie stick techniques, and even a few basic DIY tips to upgrade your rig with.

On this episode of NKA Project, Nigel K. Alexander explains how to shoot long lens clips for skateboarding. Watch as Nigel breaks down zooming techniques, camera positioning, and suggested lens set ups. Your shooting technique will definitely be upgraded after watching this video.

In this episode of NKA Project, Nigel K Alexander teaches you how to shoot skateboarding with a fisheye lens. By the end of this video you will know the difference between a 4x3 and a 19x9 fisheye lens, how to position yourself and the camera when shooting, and even which fisheye lens to purchase. With all of this knowledge you'll be releasing parts from your bros in no time.

Shaun Rodriguez nails it in this week's episode of NKA Project . This all slow motion edit is filled with plenty of heavy flat ground tricks. You'll be sure to pick up a few tips after watching Shaun rip. Now grab your board and go skate!

Skateboarder Jeff Dechesare believes that wearing a hat forward makes him look like a freak. What do you think? In this episode of NKA Project, Jeff gives us a Behind The Clips and shares his fashion epiphany, fears while napping in the park, and we even catch a Shaun Rodriguez freak out over some dirt.

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