Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck know what they’re talking about when it comes to building drift cars! The two FD stars are back for the second episode of Drift Garage Response where they answer your questions from the second episode of #DriftGarage. Did they answer your question? Find out and don’t forget to check out most recent episode here:

At least twenty pilots were involved in a massive crash during the second round of the French Grand Prix of Moto3. All fell in the same curve, fortunately, no driver suffered serious injuries and almost all of them returned to the exit half an hour later.

It works slightly better than his fireworks-powered creation.
Back in the 1990s, BMX rider Ryan Nyquist did barspins so often that BMX fans thought he had some kind of machine in his bike. For the latest episode of Getting Awesome, Nyquist sets about creating just such a machine. He starts with simple bungee cords and then moves on to coiled springs and, yes, fireworks to get his handlebars to spin. In the end, Nyquist goes all out and sets up a direct drive pulley system that is powered by a motorcycle battery. Nyquist takes his invention to a dirt jump where he completes not just one but two machine-powered barspins.

Let Ryan Nyquist and TJ Ellis show you the way.
On the newest episode of Getting Awesome, Ryan Nyquist and TJ Ellis share a handy trick tip: the tire grab. It's a pretty basic trick that you can start learning just by doing a bunny hop. But once you get it dialed in, the possibilities are endless, as Ellis shows with his backflip tire grab no-hander.

He doesn't care if little kids think the trick is for kooks. BMX legend Ryan Nyquist is on a mission in the latest episode of Getting Awesome. He wants to revive the rocket air, a trick where the rider launches off a jump and then puts his feet on the back pegs of his BMX bike. The only problem is, no one that Nyquist talks to, either at the skatepark of the dirt track, has ever heard of the trick. Luckily, Nyquist is here to show the rocket air in all its glory.

In this episode of Getting Awesome With Ryan Nyquist, Zak Earley teaches you how to Can-Can. This trick is all about staying balanced over the bike while extending your leg across the bar and off to the side. The trick to the trick is maintaining your balance and making sure to lift your leg back up over the bike. Keep at them with the goal of getting full extension and adding your own personal style like Zak! New episodes drop alternating Tuesdays.

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