Episode 2 of #DriftGarage presented by Valvoline USA is here! On this episode, Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck start to work on Drift Idiot’s Nissan 240SX, including removing the engine and the transmission.

Formula Drift heads to Atlanta, Georgia this weekend for the third stop of the 2017 season, a.k.a. the Road to the Championship! Be sure to tune in tonight at 6:00pm for qualifying and tomorrow at 4:15pm for the Top 32.
Livestream link: http://bit.ly/2r0esd5

On Saturday, the Baltimore Brigade and quarterback Shane Carden will travel to Philadelphia to take on wide receiver Darius Reynolds and the undefeated Soul. Don’t miss a single hit!
Livestream link: http://bit.ly/2ohzMN5

Chuck Patterson takes a different approach, ditches the surfboard and grabs his skis to conquer the famous surf spot known as Jaws.

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Tijuana Panthers
"This Town"

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Smelly Socks 3.1 is, unrotunately, the one and only Smelly Socks webisode this year. Simply for two reasons: We have zero budget for this and Daniel hurt his knee. But this doesen´t mean Smelly Socks are done! We tried hard and made at least one this year. And we will try even harder to bring you more Smelly Socks edits in upcoming season, so don´t be sad and stay tunned!

This particular time for 3.1, we visited Absolut park Flachauwinkl in Austria. Daniel, Antti and Martin drove with Dan´s sketchy 1998 VW Golf literally overloaded with all kinds of classic shit like bags, skis, filming equipment...But also pretty gross shit, like a mixture of candies and leftover snacks on the floor, which at some point, mixed with melted snow, became some sort of nasty „candysauce“ as we called it, while Martin was constantly complaining about Daniel driving too fast and too furious. We drove about 6 hours from Czech Republic to Flachau where we all stayed at Matthias Krallinger´s amazing house in the middle of the mountain – he even has his own miniramp in a basement, where we had nice afternoon sessions after skiing with beers and a good music.

Overally we had 4 days to film the edit. But as it usually is the weather didn´t really cooperate, so we had 1 day off and stayed home. That left us 3 days to work with. Unlike the bummer day at home, those other days luckily worked out perfectly for us! We had 2 days of sun that we used in a park and even one deep powder day! Where Daniel and Antti tried to be like The Big Picture guys and hit cliffs and stuff on their centermounted park skis, doin countless tomahawks, calling it the best day at work ever pretty much after each hit. At this point we were also joined by everyones favourite Zuzička Stromkova, and she was sending the cliffs with dem boyz like there´s no tomorrow leaving Daniel and Antti speechless! Daniel dropped his first cliff ever in his life and Antti was killing it as usually on his 1.0s - for example his massive nosebudda dub 10 out off totally fucking nowhere speaks for itself. The rest of it you´ll see in the webisode. So sit comfy, blast your volume and enjoy the rock´n´roll!

We would like to thank:

You as an audience – without you, we wouldn´t be able to make these.

Matthias Krallinger and his family for letting the smelly crew stay at his place.

Berndt Egger – Absolut Park manager

Martin Bernard for doin this because of his passion.

The crew for amazing experience and everyone else we´ve met and skied with!

Cover photo: Erik Tomasak

Music: Thee Oh Sees - Contraption-Soul Desert

Filming and editing: www.martinbernard.net

Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck know what they’re talking about when it comes to #drifting. The two Formula Drift stars took time out of their busy schedule’s to answer some of your burning questions in the first #DriftResponse episode with Valvoline of Season 4!

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A bike park in Glasgow is home to an incredible collaboration, as local producers Big Miz and Bessa sample star BMX rider Kriss Kyle and turn the sounds into music.

Unit 23 is a central hub in Glasgow's skate and BMX scene, a place where professional riders mix with newcomers practicing their tricks. Now it's home to a brand new collaboration in which star BMX rider Kriss Kyle teams up with two other Unit 23 regulars -- local electronic producers Big Miz and Bessa -- to create brand new productions built almost exclusively from sampled sounds of the skatepark. So without further adieu, feast your ears on the dopest BMX inspired track to date.

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Ryan Shecklers greatest street footage from the latest years. All of this is from video parts, tour videos or other releases. Big gaps at it's finest!

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Nightmare-Instrumental Remix

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This weekend, the Philadelphia Soul will travel to Cleveland to take on the Gladiators for the first time in the 2017 season. Who will you be rooting for? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to tune in Saturday at 7pm.
Livestream link: http://bit.ly/2ohzMN5

Travis Pastrana broke his leg the first time he attempted the Frontflip Superman Indian Air in a live show. Three years later, surrounded by just a few friends, he went third gear wide open in his own backyard to seal the deal.

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