Dose: An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Texas Toast with Greg Illingworth

In this new episode, the Dose crew goes to Austin, Texas with Mongoose BMX Pro Greg lllingworth for one of the raddest BMX events of the year: Texas Toast. This unique competition features a street, dirt, and even an obstacle course. Watch as Greg and other pros get their shred on on these strange courses.

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If you wear MyPakage underwear women will want you

The latest in underwear comfort and technology comes from MyPakage. Apparently, when you show up wearing MyPakage women go crazy like in this hilarious commercial. Get yourself a pair at

When hitting an insane gap on a BMX bike goes wrong

Freddie Cupacabra, god bless his heart, attempted a rather large gap. Albuquerque, New Mexico was ready for it, but Cupacabra was not. Thankfully he's alright after this rough BMX slam.

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Eugene Kang runs a 24/7 skateshop out of his tiny NYC apartment

Eugene Kang loves skateboarding so much that he's incorporated a skateshop into his home. The tiny Washington Heights apartment is open 24/7—essentially anytime Kang is home and answers the phone or buzzer. It's not an easy or decadent life, but it's definitely fulfilling and helping kids get the stuff they need. Good on ya Kang.

For more information on Terminal Skateshop check out the full article on Jenkem here.

Witness a Ferrari LaFerrari drifting like a bawse

Just because a Ferrari LaFerrari is worth about $1.4million doesn't mean it can't shred some tires. This drifting supercar definitely gives that Rolls-Royce Wraith drifting on mansion grounds a run for most expensive drift.

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h/t Car Throttle

Dirt Shark's Biggest Whip event was full of giant whips & Monster girls

Yes, Jarryd McNeil took the big win at the first-ever Dirt Shark Biggest Whip event amidst the 2014 Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas. But so much more went down during this event. We'll just leave you to it to enjoy the video.

Chance The Rapper announces new album called "Surf"

Chance The Rapper is no stranger to surfing—remember the music video he did with Childish Gambino and they were "surfing" in it? Just the other day Chance announced plans for a new album with his band The Social Experiment and it's titled Surf. Details are vague at the moment, but it'll be released before the end of 2014 and is working with Rick Rubin and Frank Ocean on it. Should be a pretty good one. Chance also released a song "No Better Blues" the other day, which may or may not be a track on Surf. Give that a listen below and stay tuned for more details.

There is no greater way to ride a motorcycle than motorcycle chariot

Just look at that guy, acting like a modern day Ben Hur. Good for him. Don't settle for the way things are, make them how you want them.

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h/t The Flama

If you can still surf like this guy at 85-years-old then you're doing something right

Most 85-year-olds are holed up somewhere in a nursing home neglected by their younger relatives with not enough time on their hands to give them the proper care they need. They probably have terrible memories, don't exercise much beyond walking to the shitter, and are fed too many pills because of our pill-happy society. Barry "Magoo" McGuigan is not most 85-year-olds though.

The self-proclaimed Tasmanian surfing champ, Magoo has been surfing since 1944 and hasn't looked back for a day. In this short film about him, Still Swell At 85, we learn that surfing and a healthy diet did in fact help him beat cancer only a few years ago. The guy is a complete legend, and if we're still around at 85 and doing half that good we'll consider that a success.

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You're not snowmobiling right unless you're jumping over speed boats

To our knowledge Todd Steele and Ryan Lucas are the only men in the world properly snowmobiling. Why's that you ask? Because they're jumping over speed boats on their snowmobiles. Others just jump over roads, but Steele and Lucas are some real motorboatin' sons of bitches.

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