GoPro takes the ice with the NHL

Ever wonder what it's like to see the ice through the eyes of some of the world's best hockey players? Well, GoPro has got you covered, partnering with the NHL for this awesome video that puts you in the pads of some of the best scorers, stick handlers, and puck stoppers on earth. Sometimes its hard to zero in on these guys in the heat of 5-on-5, but when you put them on open ice, strap a camera to their helmets, and tell them to showboat, the hand-eye coordination becomes downright humbling. Who knows, maybe you'll even find something to school your friends with at that next pond hockey game.

This skater sticks scary slam to the bolts

Concrete to the spine, primo to the tailbone, and razor tail to the chest are just a few of this slam's terrifying potential outcomes, but thankfully Corey Glick is still on speaking terms with lady luck, sticking his carcass to the griptape after an eight-foot free fall that looked like pure disaster until the very last nano-second. This one counts as a make in our book, Corey.

Start your weekend off right by enjoying Dirt Shark's view at a Monster Girl shoot

Dirt Shark is here to make the start of your weekend epic. Follow him behind the scenes at the 2015 Monster Girls photo shoot, you won't regret it.

These are the craziest archery trick shots you'll ever witness

We're by no means archery experts, but hot damn can Lars Anderson sling arrows. Widely regarded as one of the best (and fastest) archers in the world, Anderson redefines the meaning of trick shots by shooting upside, on rollerblades, on a motorcycle, and more insane archery stunts.

What do you think of these archery stunts? Tell us in the comments.

Watch Danny Davis win SuperPipe gold at Winter X

Last night, with Shaun White clinging to podium position and Taku Hiraoka sitting on a 90-plus score, the stage was set for the defending Winter X Games SuperPipe champ Danny Davis as he dropped for the final run of the event. With the Buttermilk lights burning hot, the eternally chill Davis threw down a near perfect blend of style and technicality—including a tweaked 15-foot Mctwist, a sick switch method, and the now-requisite cab/regular 1080 regimen—taking home gold in the most dramatic way imaginable. If you missed it, or just want to watch it again, here's your chance.

Guy who jumped over speeding Lamborghini is now jumping over 2 speeding motorcycles

What's more dangerous than jumping over one Lamborghini coming at you at 80mph? Jumping over two motorcycles coming at you going 68mph sounds nearly twice as dangerous. So that's exactly what Al The Jumper did.

We really can't comprehend how Al The Jumper practices these sorts of stunts, but we gotta say the guy is f—king good at it. We're not even sure what else he's working on jumping, but we're certain it'll be another wow-factor like this jump.

Witness the GIF and full video below.

Tony Hawk shreds a miniramp inside a mansion

It's no secret that Tony Hawk rolls in some pretty elite circles these days, and this mini ramp session in his friend's (identified only as "Tyler") Bay Area mansion only lends to credence to that fact. Needless to say, the usual tranny dog diet of PBR and ramen gave way to Möet and Tuna tartare for this one, but that doesn't make the skating any less impressive, with the 46-year-old vert legend tossing off some tricks you could only dream of before turning it over to Birdhouse young gun Shawn Hale for a sick ender. Let the valet park the Rolls then come inside and check it out.

Watch Joey Bada$$ experience virtual reality for the first time

There a lot of things to unpack from this video of Joey Bada$$'s strapping on the Samsung Gear VR headset for the first time (at one point a digital shorty even starts to uhh, well, you know) but we think the NYC MC said it best: "Yo, if I had a spliff right now, this s—t would be crazy."

What would you want to see in virtual reality? Sound off in the comments below.

Chris Van Dine throws crazy mountain bike backflip on Mexico street

With a heavy slam already in the books and one last run down the Taxco Downhill course in front of him, Chris Van Dine stepped up and stuck this massive backflip, much to pleasure of the stoked crowd cheering him on. Travis Pastrana aside, this one (thanks in part to the "warm up" wallride Van Dine puts down perfectly in both runs) is just about as gnarly as you can get on two wheels.

NKA Project: Behind Nate Principato's nasty switch shifty flip

Nate Principato gives you a Behind The Clips look into his switch shifty flip for his upcoming street part. Nailing this trick is no easy task, but watch as Nate toughs it out for the golden clip. Also, check out his bonus slow motion hard flip on this episode of NKA Project.

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