BASE jumping into a foggy abyss looks completely terrifying

BASE jumper Marshall Miller has got some cajones. Watch him perform a practically blind jump into a foggy abyss (also known as a valley in this instance) in Lauterbrennen, Switzerland. can't tell if this is more terrifying or the BASE jumping off of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Watch Chance the Rapper and Alec Baldwin's unlikely rap collab

While show biz combos don't come any more unlikely than Chance the Rapper and Alec Baldwin, take some solace in the fact that this marginally successful rap collab, which took place at a recent fundraiser for Young Chicago Authors, was all for a good cause. Once your done with the below videos, make sure to keep your eye out for Chance's major label debut, set for release later this year.

These urban explorers offer a glimpse of NYC like you've never seen it

Let's just get this out of the way: At best, urban exploring in NYC will get you an intimate evening of SWAT team abuse. At worst, you'll end up splattered at foot of a skyscraper. In other words, if you feel the urge to do it, do so vicariously, perhaps with the help of this awesome mini-documentary, which chronicles one of New York's most infamous crews as they dive down into the city's grimy underbelly and climb up beyond its halo of smog. Unsurprisingly, a lot of these kids grew up shooting skateboarding and have taken the passion and freedom that medium awakened in them and applied it to an even riskier enterprise, crafting some of the coolest (and most controversial) "art" we've seen in a long time. Check it out at your own risk.

Watch this buffalo charge an SUV in Yellowstone

Clocking in at over 2,000 pounds, buffalo are not creatures you want to mess with, and this guy found out the hard way while cruising around Yellowstone in his car. You can see this big fella coming from a long way out, but honestly there's no reason to think he's going to charge until it's too late. According the owner, the collision caused nearly $3,000 worth of damage, but all things considered, this could have gone a lot worse for man and beast alike.

This Utah-based short skate film will get you excited to go skate

Any skate clip that gets you excited to go skate has accomplished its job. Which is exactly what Sean Slobodan's Local does here. Based in Utah, Slobodan based the short film on Weston Colton's photography. It's well-worth a watch and presents one of those unique perspectives on skating.

Can the self-drifting BMW M235i drift better than a Formula Drift champ?

We're still not sure why BMW wants to take away the fun of drifting from humans, but alas they are aiming to with their self-drifting M235i. So to test the technology out, they coined the "Ultimate Drift Challenge" by pitting the car against Formula Drift champ Dai Yoshihara.

This is merely the teaser for the video, with no details of when the actual video will release. We're guessing (and hoping) Dai tears the machine apart for the sake of the entire drift community.

Thomas Pagès lands FMX's first 540 alley-oop flair (and we can't stop watching it)

Freestyle motocross, perhaps hampered by the severe consequences of its increasingly gnarly tricks, has plateaued in recent years, but leave it to Thomas Pagès to throw down something completely new: A perfect, first-ever 540 alley-oop flair. As you'll see, Pagès was tossing this one around not in competition, but at his own test facility, on his own time, risking life and limb purely for the progression of the sport. Now all we need is for X Games to work some unique features like this into the FMX course this summer, and we might actually have a fun competition on our hands.

Car thief gets ultimate karma when brick he uses comes back and knocks him out

Some car thieves aren't the smartest people in the world. Like this bandit in Drogheda, Ireland. He uses the brick multiple times to no avail, until the brick is finally fed up and knocks him out for his stupidity. It knocked the unsuccessful thief out cold and the car owner immediately returned and had him arrested. What an idiot.

Action Bronson dunks on Godzilla in crazy new music video

We already told you about Action Bronson's major label debut, Mr. Wonderful, which is set to drop on March 24th via Atlantic, but if you haven't checked out the first video from the record, then you are definitely slacking. A greenscreened masterpiece full of stoned-out fantasy, NYC braggadocio, and, uhh, cereal, "Actin' Crazy" is pure Bronson from start to finish, so press play and step into his world.

Deathwish destroy the East Coast in new tour video

Deathwish always drop the best tour videos, hitting that perfect 85/15 hammers/hi-jinx blend in each and every edit. The footage from their recent "Let It Be Known" East Coast tour is no exception either, featuring some seriously crusty ripping all across the eastern seaboard as a van full of legends (Ellington) and new guns (Taylor Kirby) drop hammers left, right, and center. Also, just a quick PSA before I set you loose: If you're still sleeping on Jon Dickson, wake up. This dude is by far one of gnarliest humans in skateboarding right now.