Erik Roner's latest BASE jump will blow your mind

What do you get when you strap 50 tanks of helium and 90 giant balloons to a lawn chair and tell base jumper and all-around madman Erik Roner to climb aboard? How about the craziest web video of the day. The concept for Rockstar Energy's LIFTED is essentially a real world Up, but Roner unsurprisingly takes it to the next level, riding the contraption over a mile into the sky before pulling out a shotgun and blasting the balloons. After he runs out of ammo, Roner does what he does best, and leaps out into nothing. Trust us, this is just as insane as it sounds.

Crooked World BMX: Glenn Salyers busts out some weird tricks at The Kitchen

In the latest installment of Crooked World BMX, bike wizard Glenn Salyers gets a solo session at The Kitchen and cooks up some crazy moves for another killer episode of Calling The Shots. Sit back and watch as bars get spun, feet get planted, and things get weird.

7-year-old Australian girl does burnouts in a Ute like a veteran Hoonigan

The art of a proper burnout is something learned during many many years of hooning. You usually don't see a 7-year-old girl with the ability of a trained veteran behind the wheel in burning rubber. But this little Australian girl has burnouts down pat. Hoon on!

What do you think of this girl's burnout skills? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t Car Throttle

Tom Wallisch returns with first edit after ACL injury

After blowing out his ACL last season and spending the summer in recovery mode, freeski style king Tom Wallisch announced his return in a big way with this sick park edit, filmed while on a a recent trip to Austria. With his signature pretzel jibs, tweaked grabs, and even a double cork or two thrown in for good measure, you can tell Wallisch is just as psyched to be on the slopes again as we are to have him back out there.

Every Third Thursday: The world's first fully programmable smart snowboard

With the onslaught of smart phones, smart cars, smart home thermostats, and smart just about everything else, it's about time a smart snowboard was made. And the guys at Signal Snowboards were just the people to develop it.

In this new episode of Every Third Thursday, Dave Lee and the Signal Snowboards crew team up with Matt Davis from Name The Machine, Samy Kamkar, and Alex Nano to build a snowboard that acts like a video game controller to control the playback of the music. The crew builds sensors into the snowboard and creates custom software to gather data and manipulate the soundtrack based on the boards motions. Signal rider Daniel Brown then gets to test out the smart board at Bear Mountain, creating his own custom park riding soundtrack.

What would you want to program into this open source board? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out the Toyota 4Runner:

Kid Ink drops second video off upcoming album

With his much anticipated new LP Full Speed due February 3rd via RCA Records, the Kid Ink hype machine is officially up and running, thanks in large part to the brooding video for his latest single, "Cool Back". Sure, it's a little dark and maybe a little twisted, but with gorgeous, leather-clad women brandishing knives and Ink spitting out one killer verse after the next, who's complaining? Give it a spin and let us know what you think.

Leaf blower-powered hoverboard takes over Texas skatepark

When Tony Hawk revealed that his hoverboard was a hoax, he broke our impressionable little hearts. With time and therapy, we began to regain our trust in the universe, and then along came Mr. Hoverboard, an Austin local who makes his own DIY hoverboards out of leaf blowers and some plywood. As hard as we tried not to fall head over heels again, the video below shows that his contraption, though definitely not without its limitations, is at least real. So real in fact, that the amateur inventor has published the complete build instructions online. Before you run off to build your own, however, please remember that a hoverboard is still no excuse for snaking everybody's line at the skatepark (here's looking at you Mr. Hoverboard).

James Stewart suspended for entire 2015 season?

Following a positive test for amphetamines at this year's Seattle Supercross, James Stewart received notice from the FIM yesterday that, according to an official statement from Yoshimura Suzuki , he will "receive a punishment that severely affects the entire 2015 season."

Stewart alleges the test results stem from a legal Adderall prescription and plans to appeal the ruling (citing WADA and USDA approvals that he says "prove I'm not cheating") but so far the FIM has held firm and the expectation around the industry is that one of their most exciting riders will spend the entire year on the sidelines.

Regardless of the appeal, Stewart plans to attend the opening round of the AMA Supercross Championships in Anaheim on January 3rd in order "to support his team, teammate, sponsors, and fans."

More answers are certainly forthcoming, and Stewart promises to share his side of the story in the coming weeks, but what do you think? Did the FIM go too far? Did Stewart cheat? Sound off in the comments below.

The 10 best shoe collaborations of 2014

2014 found its fair share of dope shoe collaborations. A number of brands and designers joined forces with shoemakers this year to put out conceptual, innovative designs, effectively adding to the diversity of the contemporary sneaker market. From super exclusive runs to highly sought-after releases, this year saw a number of influencers breathing their personalities into beloved sneaker silhouettes, ultimately crafting some truly unique creations. To honor their efforts, we’ve looked back on the year and hand-selected the most game-changing shoe collabs of 2014.

Here's evidence that sea monsters do in fact exist

Those things that surfers are riding in this video, they're not waves. They're sea monsters. BIG. F—KING. SEA MONSTERS. And that big wave spot Nazare in Portugal has spawned some of them again recently.

Nazare, as you'll recall is like Jaws on steroids, is home to the biggest waves on Earth. Last fall, Carlos Burle saved Maya Gabeira's life there, and it continues to be the focus of the largest wave riding in the world.

So that whole nor'easter that the Northeast U.S. had went through last week went across the Atlantic and did this. Again, sea monsters, not waves.

What do you think of this big wave session? Tell us in the Comments.