Super impatient dog left in the car wasn't one bit happy about it, honks horn

Snowboard filmer Cole Taylor caught a great moment while in a parking lot recently. This super impatient dog got left in the car and wanted everyone to know he wasn't happy about it.

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Nick Dirks has a new snowboard edit that will make you wish it was snowing

If you don't know who Nick Dirks is then you're about to get a much needed lesson in savage street snowboarding. Dirks is a Portland, Oregon man and throws all caution out the window. And yes, you'll see him snowboard on a Saint Paul, Minnesota police cruiser at the end, which is essentially par for the course for Dirks. If this opening part from Videograss's newest snowboard film, Mayday, is any sign of what comes after it then we all need to go watch this movie immediately.

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Audi's new driverless car, the RS7, just owned a track by going 140mph

Audi's new driverless car is no Google self-driving car. The RS7 packs a mean punch with 560 horses powered by a twin-turbocharged V8. This past weekend Audi showed off the RS7 driving itself at Germany's Hockenheimring track. Not only was it flawless, the livestream of the self-driving test actually crashed Audi's website because it was so popular.

Using a series of sensors, cameras, and GPS to properly drive the car, it may be one of the most accurate driverless cars to have ever been built. For some weird reason though, the test model was named "Bobby." But inevitably that didn't really matter, because the RS7 hit speeds of 140mph on the track—perfect for the Autobahn.

Check out the highlights video and a GIF below of Audi's new RS7 driverless car.

Did skater Kyle Leeper just do the world's longest nose bluntslide?

Kudos to Transworld Skateboarding for releasing their new skate movie Outliers last week. To celebrate, they did a collab with Skate Sauce wax and decided to make this hilarious video of Kyle Leeper "breaking" the world record for the longest nose bluntside.

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Surfer dad saves his 3 children by forcing surfboard into tiger shark's mouth

The "Dad Of 2014" award is definitely going to Kaleo Roberson. Father of 3 surfing children, Stevie, Justin, and Eric, Roberson and his sons recently had a run-in with a large tiger shark while surfing Maalaea Freight Trains on the island of Maui.

As Roberson told Stab Magazine, the family was surfing and Roberson luckily had his eye on the channel when he noticed a large swirl and the water parting about 20-feet away. That's when the tiger shark torpedoed straight at them with its mouth open. Roberson reacted quickly and pushed his son that was closest away as he shoved his own surfboard into the shark's open mouth. He proceeded to hit the shark a few times with the board as his sons were paddling in. The shark flailed and launched Roberson with its tail, where Roberson almost caught up to his sons.

They paddled hard in, and on their way in Roberson picked up a photographer, Pataoa, who was also out there with them. As you can see in the photos below, the shark left some sizable teeth marks in Roberson's surfboard. And if you'll recall, Stevie Roberson is that little 6-year-old ripper from Maui, along with his brothers who are all promising young surfers. The surf gods were definitely looking down upon the Robersons on this day.

Dose: A sneak peek of Brooklyn's first Jordan-only sneaker shop

Join Dose for an exclusive first look at Jordan Heads Brooklyn, NYC's first independent all Jordan everything boutique. We chat with owner Calvan Fowler and check out his collection of mint condition Air Jordans, vintage apparel and memorabilia, original art pieces, collectibles and more. Jordans are the measure that every other sneaker is judged upon, and recently Sole Collector dug up that the original banned Air Jordans may actually have been the Nike Air Ship. Check out that full story over at Sole Collector.

Jordan Heads, which shares the same name as Fowler's upcoming documentary, Jordan Heads produced by Michael Rapaport, opens this Thursday October 23. If you're a sneaker head you definitely want to get yourself there.

Tuerck'd: No one does summer and the East Coast Bash quite like Ryan Tuerck

Ever wonder what professional driver Ryan Tuerck does when he’s not competing on the Formula Drift circuit? Well, he kinda just messes around all summer and has a lot of fun hooning everything in sight. Sometimes that hooning includes a motocross bike and a BMX bike.

In this week's new episode of Tuerck'd, Ryan heads to friend Steve Angerman's house in New Jersey and utilizes his private motocross track—which naturally leads to a BMX backflip session into the lake. Then Chris Forsberg and Tuerck get into a missile drift session in his driveway prepping for the 2014 East Coast Bash. The road show ends with drifting and high fives at the legendary East Coast Bash where Tuerck, Forsberg, and Vaughn Gittin Jr. take it to the track in their missiles.

Got questions about Tuerck’s chill lifestyle…or his drift cars? Hit us with questions and comments below and Tuerck just might respond to you in his next Burnout Response video!

Man played "The Star-Spangled Banner" with a rifle, because 'Murica

So if you were wondering what the most American thing someone could do is, we've found it. And by American we mean 'Murican. Playing "The Star-Spangled Banner" by shooting musical notes with a rifle is ridiculous. But this guy did it, and he plays it pretty well—despite having to reload a few times throughout.

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Internet legend Marcel The Shell is back in an all-new clip

It's been 2 years since the Internet has been graced with the musings of Marcel The Shell. Well, Marcel is back just in time for the new book, The Most Surprised I've Ever Been. Take a watch as Marcel tells us all things about grapes, getting caught in storms, and life in general.

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The Crazy Cart XL looks like the funnest thing to drift

If you're not familiar with Razor's Crazy Carts, then let us refresh your memory from that one episode of Drift Garage. The original size, as you can see in that episode, was very difficult for adults to fit on. But now the XL model is set to drop this December and good lord are these things like actual drift carts now.

The XL is now 44" long with a width of 33" and can comfortably fit a man that is 6"3" 250pounds. Which means lots of us are going to be able to get our drift on, especially since they redesigned the drift bar to make it even easier to lift the driver's seat. Going for $799, they're not cheap, but they're also a cool alternative for those who don't have cars they can drift.

You'll be able to get one from or

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