FY Racing tackles the 100 Acre Wood Rally

The 100 Acre Wood Rally in the Ozarks of Missouri is a taxing race on the Rally-America circuit. Adam Yeoman and the FY Racing team faced some wet, snowy conditions this year at the race and had to deal with some fiery adversity along the way. In the end though, this killer footage made it all worthwhile, however.

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NKA Project: 3 rounds of S-K-A-T-E with Carlos Lastra and Angel Munoz

This week's episode of NKA Project features an action three-some, as in a 3 round Game Of S-K-A-T-E. Carlos Lastra and Angel Munoz give it their all in this intense flat ground session. Watch to see who keeps it together for the win and who falls apart for the loss.

Is skating without wheels the new tucked-in tank top?

No wheels, no problem...at least according to JuJu Bearings who just premiered their new ceramic and ABEC rollers with this wild wheel-less edit featuring Jason Park and the rest of the Majer crew. This is definitely cool for a change of pace, but I think we can all agree that a world without the sound of urethane clacking down the sidewalk on a summer afternoon would be a sad one indeed.

From The Feet Up: Russell Westbrook's new Air Jordan design looks terrible

On this episode of From The Feet Up we're discussing "Augmented Reality" sneaker design, Russell Westbrook's new suspicious looking Air Jordan, and the issue of sneaker prices being " Too Damn High!"

Do you think sneaker prices are too damn high? Let us know below.

Beast of Turin resurrected for Goodwood Festival of Speed

In honor of the New York International Auto Show's yawning expanse of hybrid-powered-super-cars-cum-rocket-ships, which opens its doors to drooling press members today, we are pleased to present footage of the world's first high performance automobile: The man-eating, 28.5-liter inline-four known only as the Beast of Turin. The iconic 1911 build is set to make the 140-mile trek from Bristol to Goodwood for the Goodwood Festival of Speed in June, but don't worry if you can't make it across the pond on such short notice, as this video captures the Beast in all of its fire-breathing, molar-rattling glory.

No one is more chill than this guy drinking a beer in a chair on a wave

Just try being chiller than Brazilian Marcos Vidigal. You thought, "Oh well he's got dreads and put a lawn chair on a stand up paddleboard, but I could get chiller than that."

But then Marcos catches a wave, busts out a beer, and crosses his leg. You ain't getting chiller than this. Period.

h/t The Inertia

This Brazilian zombie prank is so terrifying it's almost cruel

We have to be honest. We aren't sure who set this up, how they executed it, or if it's even real, but this elaborate Brazilian hoax, which throws unsuspecting subway riders into a bonafied zombie nightmare, is far and away the most insane hidden camera prank we have ever seen. It is so terrifying that a woman literally passes out. As in completely unconscious. In the US, this whole thing feels like a lawsuit waiting to happen—and to be totally honest, that's probably justified—but let's table those concerns for now and just sit back and watch the horror.

Azealia Banks goes from Playboy centerfold to hip hop Medusa

Recent Playboy cover girl Azealia Banks has gone from playing a scantily clad kitty to a snake-loving Medusa ice queen in her new video for "Ice Princess", which is set to appear on her upcoming album, Broke With Expensive Taste. Broke has been one of the most long-awaited, hotly anticipated debuts in recent memory, and although Banks's once-promising career looked in jeopardy this time last year (she makes as many enemies as friends), it finally looks like this one is going to see the light of day. Stay tuned.

Here's how to install a lift kit in an afternoon (1969 Jeep Wagoneer not included)

If you're into modding trucks and SUVs, one of the most essential things to know is how to install a lift kit. Whether for fashion or function, there's just nothing quite like a the right lift and a perfect set of new rubber, so make sure to check out this no-frills how-to from Hooniverse's Tim Odell. As you'll see, the process is pretty simple (and, when combined with Odell's '69 Wagoneer, downright sexy), but cursing is still guaranteed and beers are recommended only after you have everything firmly jacked up and bolted down.

Watch this Jeep go all Shawshank Redemption on an unsuspecting tow truck

Getting towed is an officially certified, nationally recognized pain in the ass. We've all been there. We all get that. This guy, however, clearly took his pledge to never fill out a novel's worth of paper work at an impound lot located on what might as well be the moon a little too far, hooning his Jeep out of the claws of an evil tow truck before speeding off (the wrong way down a one-way, we might add) into the sweet, heady winds of freedom. Needless to say, this is all very funny, but if you don't want to get towed, don't park illegally, and if you don't park illegally, then you won't have to rip the oil pan out of your Wrangler while risking arrest on what was an otherwise chill Friday night. If that's asking too much, then maybe you should just take the bus.