Being landed on by the number 1 ranked surfer in the world is not fun

The lineup at Lower Trestles in San Clemente, California is a complete zoo. If there is the slightest bit of wave in the water there is just no getting around the fact that there will be masses of people. Volcom's Guide to surfing Lowers from their movie BS! a few years back sums up the feeling well.

Anyways, with the ASP World Tour currently posted up on the sand of Lower Trestles for the Hurley Pro, it's even more of a zoo at the moment. Just ask this kid paddling back out to the lineup who got landed on by Gabriel Medina. Most people cannot say they've been landed on by the number 1 ranked surfer in the world, but we can only imagine it wasn't all that fun. Check out the GIFs and full video below.

Watch a BMX rider exhaust himself by doing 21 barspins in one minute

One minute barspin challenge is now officially a thing. This rider did 21 in one minute, which is definitely a lot.

How many barspins can you do in one minute? Tell us in the Comments.

Baby bear playing on a golf course will make your day

It's a little known fact that bears are huge golf fans. They just love the whole outdoors aspect of it. So when this baby bear came across a green at Mountainside Golf Course in Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in British Columbia, he had a field day with the flag stick. And then he also got himself a snack at the end...

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h/t Deadspin

10 questions with Ryan Tuerck about the new season of "Tuerck'd"

It's that time of year again. The air is starting to get crisp, summer is waning, and the Formula Drift season is nearing a close. Which means it's also time for the new season of Tuerck'd to start.

So to celebrate the beginning of season 3 of Tuerck'd (which airs September 23), we've dubbed this week Tuerck Takeover on What does Tuerck Takeover entail? Well, it's gonna be a whole lotta Tuerck in your face.

We kick that off today with 10 questions with Mr. Ryan Tuerck himself. Stay tuned for even more with the star of Tuerck'd all week, and make sure to catch up on past seasons of Tuerck'd here before the new season starts next week.

The new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT is going to turn more heads than Kate Upton

Seriously, take a look at that beauty. The new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT has just about melted our brains. It looks like the 1957 300 SL Roadster had a baby with a 2010 SLS AMG. Combining the perfect bits of classic Mercedes look and modern Mercedes ferocity, this new AMG GT is going to be turning some heads come Spring 2015.

Just revealed this week, it sports a 4.0-liter V8 bi-turbo engine that goes 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds. If I'm walking down the street and one of these things is rolling along and Kate Upton is on the sidewalk 10-feet away from me, I'm oggling the car first—and I LOVE Kate Upton. Well done Mercedes.

Take a look at some of the photos below, as long as the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT in action.

More evidence that helmets are a thing to love when skating

Downhill longboard slams are some of the worst and most painful around. Some people get lucky though and have their friends save their lives. Or in this guy's case, his helmet. Which spurs his love for helmets even further. Prescott Majette really really loves helmets. Makes sense.

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Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin discuss the origins of the Beastie Boys

Def Jam founders Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin are two of the biggest names in music production ever. Hell, Simmons has even taught Odd Future yoga.

Noisey has a four-part series going with the two music industry veterans called "Back & Forth" in which they discuss the early days of Def Jam. In part two here, Simmons and Rubin hang out on a couch talking about the Beastie Boys and how they came about. And in particular, their hit debut album License To Ill. The duo gives some great insight, and it's definitely worth a watch.

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Fan Friday: Ahmondo Nevels drops a fakie shroom flip tailslide

Every Friday, we showcase the best videos sent into us by our friends and fans in a little something we, and the rest of the Internet, like to call Fan Friday.

Skateboarder Ahmondo Nevels may have just landed the world's first fakie shroom flip tailslide. Fakie underflip varial tricks are not easy to pull off, and Ahmondo may have just dropped an NBD.


Wakeskater Brian Grubb just became the first person to ride the Erie Canal

Brian Grubb loves wakeskating places that no one else has, like the Eight Wonder of the World. So it's no surprise that he is the first person to ever ride the Erie Canal. He tackles the locks of Lockport, New York and does it all in style.

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Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s dog Brody just wants to rally and do nothing else

Brody isn't your regular ol' man's best friend. First off, he's got Formula Drift driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. as an owner. Second, he loves rallying, drifting, and general hoonage. Like in this commercial here for the Ford Fiesta ST, Brody just totally ignores Vaughn's wife Abby and switches the car to offroad mode. Brody wants to rally. So they do, and then Vaughn gets in trouble with Abby. Brody is giving that baby elephant a run for its money for world's biggest hoonigan.