If you're not feeling this video of Polygon UR team owner Fabien Cousinié shred the Les 2 Alpes bike park to pieces, then there is probably something wrong with you. No seriously, you should go get your pulse taken.

In an old cellar beneath the cobblestone streets of Vienna lies an unspeakable danger. Know only to a select few, , 'The Concrete Monster' lies forever in wait, clawing at every kingpin and every ankle that comes within snatching distance of its coping lined jaws. Featuring over 592-square-feet of skater-devouring tranny, this DIY bowl has only one master—project leader, Philip Schuster—who recently sat down with Red Bull to talk about his creation (and the true meaning of DIY) in this terrific mini-documentary. Face your fears and check it out.

Bored of the basic of all the basic beach activities this summer? Well, here's a new one for you: RC pond skimming. All you need is a Traxxas Slash 4x4 truck and a set of paddle tires and you'll be hydroplaning in no time. Consider yourselves warned though. If this thing goes under, you're not getting it back.

BMX am Adrian Evans was this years winner of 2015 Mongoose Jam Video edit contest. In this Day in the Life, cameras follow Adrian through the Am competition. Watch as he competes in front of top BMX pros Ben Wallace and Steve McCann.

In conjunction with the Mongoose Jam, we're giving away a Mongoose Legion L100 bike! Head over to our Instagram, @NetworkA, for full details on how to enter.

With school back in session and the sun setting earlier each and every night, it's safe to say the summer skate season is officially winding its way to a close. Instead of mourning the loss, however, we decided to celebrate, compiling our favorite parts from the summer that was. From yet another Chris Joslin banger bonanza to Manolo Robles's mind-melting Penny board tech, this countdown is sure to have something for everyone.

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In this week's episode of NKA Project, Nigel Alexander teaches you how to shoot awesome skate videos with your phone. Learn how to create a rig using a selfie stick and even helpful tips on camera positioning and placement. There'll be no excuse for janky cellphone footage after watching this episode.

Want to see something awesome? Then watch as the Devin Super Tramp crew teams up with Contiki Legends for a crazy cliff jumping edit along Italy's Amalfi Coast. We aren't even going to bother telling you not to try this on your next Euro trip, but whatever you do, do it smart. Needless to say, nothing ruins a vacation like coming home in a body bag.

Mongoose Pro Ben Wallace and BMX Pro Jared Eberwin's Harley-Davidson motorcycle roadtrip is coming to a close in part 3 of "Road to Mongoose Jam". No adventure is complete without a tasty food stop to recharge and retell the gnarliest moments so far. Watch as Ben and Jared eat some burritos and then arrive at Mongoose Jam in style.

In conjunction with the Mongoose Jam, we're giving away a Mongoose Legion L100 bike! Head over to our Instagram, @NetworkA, for full details on how to enter.

Apparently BMX just wasn't gnarly enough for Drew Bezanson, so he grabbed a crane, a bunch of shipping containers, and his bike and got to work. A few days later, Bezanson was rolling away from Uncontainable, a mind-blowing, stomach-turning bike edit that rivals Bob Burnquist's Dreamland and Danny Way's Waiting For Lightning in terms of sheer, you-might-die factor. If you, like Drew, find the mega ramp a bore these days, then this one is a must watch.

Snowmobile backflips are nothing new...unless, of course, you remove the operative word from the equation. We've all seen snowmobile skimming before—and it still defies logic—but trust us, this is on another level altogether.