Terry Kennedy's 5 gear essentials that he can't live without

What would a Terry Kennedy Takeover be without his gear essentials? This week's TK Takeover for Skate And The City wraps up with Terry giving us all a lesson on how to stay fly like the Fly Society honcho himself.

Make sure to check out episode 1 of Skate And The City and stay tuned for episode 2 coming up next week.

Mountain bike rider Cam Zink set a world record with a 100-foot backflip

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Mountain bike rider Cam Zink is no stranger to massive backflips. Now it's even more official. On Thursday, Zink set the Guinness World Record for longest dirt-to-dirt mountain bike backflip with a jump that was 100 feet, 3 inches. Zink carried a ton of speed into the backflip, reaching 46 miles per hour before hitting the kicker.

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Formula 1 cars look absolutely crazy through an infrared camera

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You've never seen a Formula 1 car like this before. Flir is a company that produces infrared cameras and they used one of the devices to film the Red Bull Racing RB8 Formula 1 car. The cameras captured the car's tires heating up and throwing ridiculous flames. It would be amazing to watch an entire F1 race this way.

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Camaro stops traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge by doing donuts

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in the United States. So that must make these iconic donuts. A Camaro driver recently shut down traffic in both lanes on the Golden Gate and laid down some rubber. Ken Block didn't even do this in Gymkhana 5! The video appeared on Instagram and we made a wonderful GIF below so you can see the Camaro go round and round and round and round.

h/t Jalopnik

Steve-O from Jackass invented a crazy skate trick called the Kryp-Flip

When you think of Steve-O, the first thing that comes to mind is usually one of his Jackass stunts. This is the same man who pierced his ass cheeks together and swallowed a goldfish and then threw it back up. But you have to hand it to the guy, he has skills on a board. On his Instagram feed, Steve-O recently posted a video of him landing a crazy skate trick, with the caption, "Playin back this incredible skateboard trick I invented and named 'The Kryp-Flip.'" The trick looks like a shuvit wallplant underflip. Whatever it is, it's pretty damn tech.

See a GIF of the trick below.

This is a freakin' huge 360 flip

Holy crap, that's a big 360 flip, and we've seen our share. Whether you want to call it 8 big stairs, or 15 normal-sized ones, Chris Joslin threw down a hammer of a tre flip. There isn't much else that needs to be said about this.

Check out the GIFs and the full video below.

Skaters built a DIY Skatepark on a shipwreck in South Korea

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Skateboarders are a very resourceful bunch, who are able to find potential in just about anything. A group of skaters in South Korea came across an abandoned pirate ship-looking thing and there first thought was, "Let's turn it into a skatepark." Because why not? The above video shows the process that the SouthWest crew went through to transform one deck of the ship into a DIY park with a quarterpipe and a ledge. Hopefully this is just the beginning and these skaters will add a lot more features in the future.

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Fan Friday: Florent Dupont-Joshua drops the secret "Spineosaurus Rex" line

Every Friday, we showcase the best videos sent into us by our friends and fans in a little something we, and the rest of the Internet, like to call Fan Friday.

Snowboarder Florent Dupont-Joshua drops a legit run down this powder spine in the Chamonix, France backcountry. He dubbed this secret line "Spineosaurus Rex" after the shape of the natural mountain feature, but we're just calling it completely awesome.

Check out more of Flo's GoPro videos on his channel: https://www.youtube.com/Mrflodj


Watch Nyjah Huston land 18 kickflip frontside boardslides in 5 minutes

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It's a well-known fact that Nyjah Huston is the most technical skater in the world right now. At The Berrics last August, Nyjah was challenged to do as many kickflip frontboards down the 7-stair set in 5 minutes. Nyjah being Nyjah, he didn't mess up a single one and ended up dropping 18 of them. Then he threw in a bigflip front board as time ran out, just for good measure.

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A$AP Ferg's girlfriend has a girlfriend in Haim's music video for "My Song 5"

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The Dallas Murphy Show does not really exist. But if the fictional daytime talk show did exist, this is what it would look like through Haim's eyes. The three sisters tapped SNL star Vanessa Bayer to play the host and things get strange. Kesha's cat is done with her. Artemis from Always Sunny In Philadelphia has a fear of cotton balls. And A$AP Ferg's girlfriend has a girlfriend. The hilarious video is supported by an even stronger track with solid lines from Ferg himself.

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