Skater Almir Jusovic has one-footed drop-ins totally on lock

We've seen Almir Jusovic drop-in backwards and one-footed on a quarterpipe previously. He brings it up a notch here this, despite not going backwards. How? Well, because it's a near vertical sketchy piece of concrete that he goes one-footed down. Jusovic is just killing the game.

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Ryan Sheckler has a skate-cation in Puerto Rico with Manny Santiago

Ryan Sheckler has gotten to do some pretty awesome stuff for season 3 of Sheckler Sessions. He tried freestyle skating with Kilian Martin, surfed all over Australia, and sat on the edge of Estonia's tallest building. To wrap up this season Sheckler headed down to Puerto Rico with buddies Manny Santiago and David Reyes for a nice little skate-cation. Aside from tearing apart some street spots they also did some backflip bridge jumping. Seems like a good way to wrap up a solid season.

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Nike Snowboarding's 7-part series is similar to another 7-part series?

Justin Leveille of YoBeat's "Hateline" show has uncovered a conspiracy theory: that Nike Snowboarding's new 7-part series "Emergence" is essentially Harry Potter. They're both 7-part series, and that's about as far as the similarities go. But it's still funny.

The first part of "Emergence" dropped the other day, and it's with Olympic gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg. Go check it out here.

Crooked World BMX: Tanner Easterla rides all the walls

Tanner Easterla put in a solid summer filming this BMX video part in Sacramento with a ton of massive wall rides. But that's not all Easterla drops in this episode of Crooked World BMX. He also throws some serious luc­e grinds, has encounters with security guards on beach cruisers, and some legit manuals.

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This is the first song ever to reach 10 million Spotify streams in just 1 week

British musician Calvin Harris is the first artist ever to have a song break 10 million Spotify streams in just 1 week. Think about that for a second. This song was played 10 million times in only 7 days. That's just nuts.

Enjoy the music video and be prepared for numbers like this to start being broken more often.

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h/t Pigeons & Planes

NKA Project: Hanging out with pro skater Keelan Dadd

It's always good learning something new about your favorite skater. So in this new episode of NKA Project we get an insightful interview Keelan Dadd. Dadd tells us about his new shop, his favorite movie from the 80s (Coming To America), and the story behind the last time he cracked his tooth and busted his lip wide open.

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Sorry Ken Block, but BJ Baldwin just made Gymkhana look like child's play

With this video, Recoil 2, BJ Baldwin just solidified himself as the champion of hoonage. All of Ken Block's Gymkhanas don't even come close to seeing a trophy truck ripping through the streets of Ensenada, Mexico, doing 360s inside a tunnel, and going completely offroad and back on road. And yes, Ken Block has done the Boobkhana, but Baldwin launches over a bunch of girls in bikinis and lands on the beach. Then he proceeds to tear it up in the sand and the ocean. So much sand thrownt. The defending two-time Baja 1000 champ followed up Recoil 1 in the best way possible.

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Ryan Tuerck's 6 ultimate dream vehicles

We all got dreams. We all got hopes. We all got wishes. What do Formula Drift drivers dream of? Cars, vehicles, hooning mobiles.

As part of our Tuerck Takeover on we asked Ryan Tuerck to list his 6 ultimate dream vehicles. Vehicles that if he had an endless supply of money he would be able to have. So check them out below and get inside the mind of Tuerck.

Check out 10 questions with Ryan Tuerck and the trailer for season 3 of* Tuerck'd, *which premieres here on on September 23. And don't forget to get caught up on past seasons of* Tuerck'd *here.

Dave England makes a skateboard out of a "No Skateboarding" sign, then skates it

Remember Dave England? If not, here's a refresher from his Jackass days. If you do remember Dave, you'll know that Steve-O wasn't the only Jackass member who could skate.

Dave has always been one to do unconventional things. So he took some notes from Leland Kuykendall (who did a backside disaster with a street sign) and made a skateboard from those annoying "No Skateboarding" signs. And he doesn't skate it bad.

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h/t 33 Mag

Anastasia Ashley took the wipeout of a lifetime in Mexico

There's no denying that we're huge fans of Anastasia Ashley—I mean, anyone with eyes should be a fan of the professional surfer/swimsuit model. The thing most people don't realize about Anastasia though is she actually f—king charges. Like harder than you. And when you charge as hard as she does, there are bound to be some brutal wipeouts. Like this guillotine below. We made GIFs (real-time & slow-mo) for you below.