People have a tough time with the "OOH WAH AH AH AH" part from that Disturbed song

By no means are we supporting listening to Disturbed's "Down WIth The Sickness." But people trying to imitate the beginning of it where David Draiman goes, "OOH WAH AH AH AH!" when singing karaoke is hilarious. People just can't do it—and that's a good thing to not be down with the sickness.

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Thank the lord, the 2015 Pirelli calendar is here (and it's pretty NSFW)

Man it's really getting close to Christmas. The Miss Reef 2015 swimsuit calendar just recently released and now so has the infamous Pirelli calendar. We're going to just shut up and let this behind-the-scenes video do all the talking.

The guy who made Kevin Durant's HBO documentary started out as a surf filmmaker

If you're not privy to the name Emmett Malloy, let this be an introduction to one of the best right now behind the lens. He got his start working for legendary surf filmmaker Taylor Steele and has branched out to all walks of life. Creator of surf films like A Broke Down Melody, Thicker Than Water, and 180-Degrees South, Malloy has some serious music video credentials as well: The White Stripes, Metallica, Jack Johnson, Vampire Weekend, Blink-182, and more. And he's also responsible for the gem that was Zach Galifianakis's first feature film, Out Cold.

Recently though, Malloy has been doing sports pieces. Did you see that new Lebron James/Nike commercial that aired at the beginning of the NBA season? Yup, that was Malloy. And he also spent the summer with reigning NBA MVP Kevin Durant working on an HBO documentary entitled, The Offseason: Kevin Durant.

Monster Children recently had a great interview with Malloy about his breadth of work and getting to spend a summer with KD (which can be read here). Check out the promo below and catch it on HBO now.

Combining mountain biking and BASE jumping makes complete sense

It was only a matter of time before someone rode their mountain bike off a massive cliff and then pulled a parachute. And combining those two is like a merging of epic proportions that hasn't been seen since peanut butter and jelly got together back in ancient times. The possibilities with BASE jump mountain biking are endless.

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Guy found the real "truth" to that whole crazy energy drink conspiracy theory

Turns out that that woman's insane conspiracy theory about Monster Energy being the work of Satan was totally wrong. This guy found the real truth. Clearly the Boston Bruins, weapons of mass destruction, and the Illuminati are all involved...

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Vaughn Gittin Jr., Matt Powers, & Matt Field made a funny "Fast & Furious" spoof

This is a great one. Vaughn Gittin Jr. in a bald cap doing a Vin Diesel voice and both Matt Field and Matt Powers dressed up as women. If you weren't already excited for next year's Furious 7 this "Not So Fast & Not So Furious" spoof will certainly get you there.

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Taking the Trans-Siberian railroad to go snowboarding is an adventure

What a great way to cap off a great snowboard series. Last winter Adidas Snowboarding put riders Keegan Valaika, Forest Bailey, Artem Smolin, Alex Tank, and friend Jonas Michilot onto the Trans-Siberian railroad. Nomad 3 features heavy rail work, the frozen tundra of Siberia, and Mongolian dance parties. Now go take your own snowboard adventure.

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Danny MacAskill did a full loop that was floating on the Thames River

Danny MacAskill does a lot of crazy things on his trials bike. Like riding in the mountains on the Isle of Skye or bunny-hopping Playboy Bunnies. So, for him, doing a full loop that's floating in the middle of the Thames River doesn't seem that implausible. Except that it's f—king ridiculous, and an even more ridiculous concept to even come up with. Was he just sitting there one day and thought, "You know what I should do? I should build a floating ramp with a full pipe on it in the middle of the Thames River and then ride it. I bet that hasn't been done before."

You win again MacAskill.

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Action Bronson and Killer Mike have a rap battle while running on treadmills

Action Bronson is one of our favorites. And Killer Mike (also of Run The Jewels) is another favorite. So pit the two of them together in a rap battle and you've got our attention. But it wouldn't be The Eric Andre Show without making it weird, so he puts them on treadmills and puts donuts in front of them. Genius.

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Grandmas smoking weed for the first time is why the Internet exists

God bless the Internet. And god bless Washington state. Marijuana now being legal there, Cut Video decided to get three grandmas who had never smoked weed before to smoke weed. It's hilarious. And they have fun. And they all say they'd do it again.

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