Owning a GoPro doesn't make you immune to slamming hard

Most people think that once you purchase a GoPro you'll be making sick edits like all your bros of all the gnarly shit you do. Which is the case sometimes. But as YouTube user Monkeynuts1069 found out last summer, you should probably let someone else be the hero.

Hours after buying a GoPro headstrap he was bombing a hill and dislocated/fractured his ankle. What it left him with was 1 plate and 9 screws. Hopefully he's back on his feet.

In Soviet Russia, cars drift you in the snow

Things operate a little differently in Soviet Russia. Like when there's snow and it's a perfect opportunity for snow drifting. In Soviet Russia, cars drift you. Watch out below.

Novak Djokovic beat a WWII M1 Abrams tank in tennis at the Australian Open

What's the one thing that was missing from tennis? Drawing a blank? EXPLOSIONS. Yes, explosions.

So Novak Djokovic squared-off against a WWII M1 Abrams tank at the Australian Open. But the Abrams was no match for Djokovic, who just reached his fifth Australian Open final. Seems like the tank is gonna have to do a little training to ever become competitive...

5 of Richie Jackson's weirdest skate tricks on Instagram

Richie Jackson is a true skateboard innovator, which you know from his show The Amazing Richie Jackson Skateboard Show with us. He's definitely one of those skaters who leaves you always wanting more, so we've compiled 5 of his weirdest skate tricks that he's posted on Instagram.

Watch them below and let us know which one's your favorite in the comments.

Extreme hammock spinning will make you want to vomit

Where did extreme hammock spinning come from? How many times does this guy spin? Is it still going on today? What country did it originate in? How does this guy NOT vomit everything in his body out?

Here's video evidence that a Pipeline wave can rupture a spleen

Pipeline is one of the most powerful waves in the world. This is a fact. But sometimes it's hard to really gauge just how powerful. Well how about spleen-rupturing powerful?

Pro surfer Torrey Meister had the unfortunate luck to display this for everyone on a a Backdoor Pipeline wave earlier this winter. Getting rocked pretty hard, the wave exploded Meister's spleen and he had to surgery to repair everything. The ocean will certainly humble you, and take pieces of you with it as well.

Check out the Instagram video below, and good to know that Torrey is getting all healed up.

Rowlf the Dog sings Biz Markie's "Just A Friend" the way it was meant to be sung

We've been asking for more mashups of The Muppets singing classic songs, and we've finally got another. Rowlf the Dog tackles Biz Markie's "Just A Friend" and it's just as amazing as you'd expect.

Watch this pro soccer player throw cleat at referee's head

We all lose our cool from time to time. Stuck in traffic. Having an argument. Focusing a board. We get it. But when one of the best soccer players, Arda Turan, on one of the biggest clubs in Europe, Atlético Madrid, decides to stop mid-game and whip his "boot" (as they're called overseas) directly at the referee's head, well, just say it's gonna take a little more than some ice tea to chill him out. If this happened in American sports, ESPN would be talking about it to apocalypse and back, so kick (pun fully intended) back and enjoy it while you can.

Combining BMX flatland and parkour with LED lights looks sorta like "Tron"

Snowboarding's gotten a lot of LED treatment over the years, and so has surfing even. But it's finally about time that somebody started doing some BMX edits with LED lightsuits. But just doing some flatland BMX in an LED lightsuit would be a bit boring. So the Woozy crew upped the ante and added parkour, because you know you always wanted to see those two combined.

Quartersnacks remixes NYC courthouse hammers with Law & Order theme song

Quartersnacks have been an institution in NYC skateboarding for the better part of the last decade, disseminating vital commentary, encyclopedic spot knowledge, and chill (yet still pro-packed) clips with a refreshingly humble attitude. With all that said, this might be the Tompkins-based blog's finest output yet, mashing up a mountain of classic NYC Courthouse footage with the iconic Law & Order theme music. They're calling the remix "Law & Order: Skateboards Victim Unit, and with the whole of the Northeast now buried under a few feet of snow, it simply couldn't have come at a better time. Cheers, guys.