This dude's record-breaking hoverboard joyride is out of this world

We are pretty sure the Guinness World Record brain trust is just making stuff up at this point, and categories like "Farthest Journey By Hoverboard" are definitely cut-and-dry examples of their increasing irrelevance. That, however, doesn't make this video of Quebecois inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru setting the record aboard his actually real hover machine any less awesome. The future is here, everyone. Give in or be trampled underfoot.

Flamenco dancing and freestyle BMX face off in finesse showdown

Flamenco dancing and freestyle BMX might both be dying arts, but when showcased side by side, their combination of poetry and precision shine through. It might not necessarily be your thing, but that doesn't make the skill required (or the execution on display) any less impressive.

Thrasher says goodbye to Clipper with bonkers 'Bust or Bail' throwdown

With San Fran's most legendary hunk of waxed-up plaster set be demolished in the name of rebirth and renovation, Thrasher stepped up this weekend for one last session: Bust or Bail 2: The Ripper at Clipper. With plenty of cash and pros to go around, the tricks were flying fast and loose, starting with tribute hammers and ending with a trio of mind-melting NBDs courtesy of Shane O'Neill (obviously), Paul Hart (duh), and Jaws (of course). Even if you hate goodbyes, you're going to want to check this one out.

Drift Garage: No more bumper cars for Ryan Tuerck

Formula Drift drivers Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck check in from the East Coast Bash in Englishtown, NJ this week to answer questions from the fifth episode of the new season of Drift Garage.

Forsberg and Tuerck kick things off with a question about fuel allotments during Formula Drift events. Then it’s on to questions about tire sizes on the 370Z, how many pounds of boost the boys typically run, whether Chris uses stock brakes on his Z, what horsepower the Tuerck's missile registered, why Ryan bothers putting side-panels on his missile when he always ends up smashing them up, and how Forsberg managed to do a standing burnout without pulling the rear taillight fuse.

Check in next Tuesday, 6/2 for Episode 6 of Drift Garage.

NKA Project: 5-stair session made more dicey with bike rack

Skateboarders Garret Spurlock, Richie Amador, and friends skate the Westchester 5-stair in this week's episode of NKA Project. These dudes upped the ante by adding a bike rack at the bottom of the stairs and go for broke. Watch as they drop some solid hammers over this wacky obstacle.

How do you make a wingsuit flight even gnarlier? You do it over an active volcano

As if the world of wingsuit jumping wasn't batshit crazy enough already, Red Bull's Skydive Team decided to launch themselves on an incredible proximity flight over Indonesia's Mount Bromo, which just so happens to be an active freaking volcano. I don't need to tell you what would happen if, by some massive coincidence, the volcano decided to erupt at the most inopportune moment, but thankfully everything went according to plan. Enjoy it, you nuts.

The new "Point Break" trailer is here and it looks crazy

You just don't mess with a classic. 25 years ago Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze, Gary Busey changed the way we thought about Hollywood surf movies. And now Hollywood is trying to remake that classic.

Yes, you'll see in this new Point Break that the '90s cheese is absent and the CGI is everything we've come to expect from an action movie made in 2015. We also get a Utah and Bodhi story that doesn't just center around surfing, so it's cool to see dirt bikes, wingsuits, and other "extreme sports" being put up on the big screen together. And we're sure the storyline (while completely disregarding the existence of the first movie) will be pretty good, too. Plus, if for nothing else we'll get to see some of that crazy Teahupoo footage when they shut the break down for days to film during an insane swell.

The new Point Break hits theaters Christmas Day, and we'll probably be there to see it.

Surf photograhper Chris Burkard gave a TED Talk about cold water surfing

"Anything that is worth pursuing is going to require us to suffer, just a little bit."—Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard was quickly becoming one of the go-to surf photographers years ago. But it was becoming monotonous to him, despite traveling to these exotic locations with their fancy hotels and WiFi. Then a surf trip to Iceland of all places changed his perspective on it, as well as the places he would continue to travel to.

Now, he only finds himself at home when in sub-zero temperatures with harsh conditions. And he's also transcended beyond surf photographer into the realm of one of the world's foremost adventure photographers. Hear his TED Talk about finding joy in cold water surfing.

Run the Jewels lay it down in Jack Daniel's 'Uncut' performance of "Pew Pew Pew"

We talk a lot about Run the Jewels in these parts, largely because they are doing twice as much (beating up stage attackers, lecturing at MIT, making cat-sound remixes) than most other rappers in the game. This raw performance of their 2013 bonus track "Pew Pew Pew" for Jack Daniel's Uncut Sessions, however, might just be the coolest extra-curricular yet, finding both El-P and Killer Mike in total take-no-prisoners mode. If you're into no-bullshit hip-hop hi-jinx, then grab those headphones and turn this thing up.

Watch a Nissan Laurel C33 spit out an epic burnout

This badass Nissan Laurel C33 knows how to lay down a proper burnout. Thanks from the guys at Project Touge, go give them a follow on YouTube.