5 backpacks for all your summer travels

Backpacks are one of the major necessities for all types of travels in life. There's minimal ones and there's ones built for serious excursions.

So in our continuing Summer Camp series, we break down a perfect backpack for every type of travel you could (and should) be doing this summer. So get out there and explore.

Watch this mini-doc about restoring America’s greatest Salmon fishing river

Fishing is one of our country's greatest pastimes and nothing embodies that fact like an epic Salmon run in the wilds of the American west. Unfortunately, such havens are flowing rapidly toward extinction, as Patagonia and their new documentary, Free the Snake—which chronicles the efforts of a dedicated group of conservationists to return the Snake River its once-great glory—make abundantly clear. Check it out and then get out there and help preserve your local waters from suffering a similar fate.

Road bike freestyle is apparently a thing, and it's way gnarlier than it sounds

What happens when you give Italian trials star Vittorio Brumotti a high-tech road bike and turn him loose? Two-wheeled insanity that's what. Whether riding in Italian marble quarries, Redwood Forests, or along the spine of a giant 747, Brumotti stakes a serious claim to "bike edit of the year" honors with this one, so make sure to check it out.

Dad builds attachment to his skateboard to bring his toddler along

h/t 33 Mag

Jett may only be 1-and-a-half, but he's already hitting hills pretty hard on a longboard. Granted, he does benefit from having a dad who is the head of R&D at Braden Boards...

Jared built this attachment to a board so he can bring Jett along with him, and Jett's been riding with his dad since he was only 6 months old. Wonder how good Jett will be by the old age of 5...

Get your summer shred fix with this epic Peruvian sand ski edit

Peru definitely has some sick backcountry to call its own, but make no mistake: Its sand dunes are where all the summer fun lies. As far as sand sand skiing footage is concerned, this is some of the sickest yet (front flips anyone?), so make sure to give it a look.

Garage Tours: All access at Chad Reed’s TwoTwo Motorsports

Chris Forsberg heads out to TwoTwo Motorsports on the new episode of Garage Tours. The official team of multiple time AMA/World Supercross champion Chad Reed, the team headquarters is in Temecula, California where his crew of skilled technicians service the Kawasaki 450 team bikes to prepare for the grueling Supercross and Outdoor Nationals seasons.

Team Manager Dave Osterman tours Forsberg and special guest (and Supercross super fan) Ryan Tuerck through the facility before it closed its doors recently—we get a look at the machine shop, the engine shop, the suspension room, and the dyno room and hear from each of the specialists responsible for getting these bikes ready for the starting line and another winning Supercross season.

Check out the official TwoTwo Motorsports.

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Nitro Circus pushes the envelope off a cliff with first-ever BMX quad backflip

You know the term "video game trick"? Well Nitro Circus are currently cooking up something that isn't even possible with a controller in your hands: The quad BMX backflip. And as if that weren't crazy enough already, this one, unlike Nitro Circus's previous showcase stunts, pits Jed Mildon and James Foster against each other in a nationally televised, Evel Knievel-esque suicide showdown to see who sticks it first.

This is a bad idea. Nothing anyone can say will change my mind about that. If you do want to watch, however—either out of morbid curiosity or for the sake of sheer progression—then tune in to NBC on Sunday, July 12 at 4:30 and prepare for the carnage.

WARNING: After watching this, you're going to book a trip to The Coromandel

If you've never heard of The Coromandel, a mysterious, rugged secret tucked on the coast of New Zealand's North Island, then this epic edit offers the perfect introduction. Home to some of the best surfing, diving, sea kayaking, and exploration in the South Pacific, The Coromandel is the active traveler's dream trip, so check it out and start saving those pennies.

Niklas Ajo doesn't know how to give up, finishes the Dutch GP from his knees

On final corner of the final lap of the DutchGP, Moto3 rider Niklas Ajo (who was running in 8th position at the time), got loose and was bucked from his bike. What happened next resulted in one of the wildest finish in MotoGP history. Somehow, against the laws of physics, Ajo managed to simply hold on, surfing beside the bike on his knees enroute to an absolutely improbable finish and a deserved standing ovation from the crowd. Words can't quite do this one justice, however, so make sure to give a watch (or 10).

The new way to shower (or get fire-hosed) this summer is from an outboard motor

We don't have much information about what's going on here, but this guy in the hot pants is clearly regretting letting himself get blasted by that 300HP outboard motor. The force of that was totally unexpected.