Nissan pitted their new uber-tech GT-R racing drone versus the 600-plus-HP 2017 Nissan GT-R at Silverstone to see who would come out on top. Spoiler alert: There goes Tokyoooo, go, go, Godzilla!

Baku City Circuit. Felipe Massa. Team Williams. 1.92 seconds. Yep, even that basic information probably takes you longer to process than it took for this to happen. Don't blink.

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This weekend, the Goodwood Festival of Speed kicks off once again, and with comes Renault's truly bizarre, world-speed-setting 1934 Nervasport. Get a look beneath the hood of this French oddball right here.

Qualifiers are a wrap, but make sure to join us tomorrow at 1:30pm EST for all the action from Top 32 and Finals. And remember, whoever wins at Wall heads into the second half of the season with some serious momentum under the hood.

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