Here's how to install a lift kit in an afternoon (1969 Jeep Wagoneer not included)

If you're into modding trucks and SUVs, one of the most essential things to know is how to install a lift kit. Whether for fashion or function, there's just nothing quite like a the right lift and a perfect set of new rubber, so make sure to check out this no-frills how-to from Hooniverse's Tim Odell. As you'll see, the process is pretty simple (and, when combined with Odell's '69 Wagoneer, downright sexy), but cursing is still guaranteed and beers are recommended only after you have everything firmly jacked up and bolted down.

Watch this Jeep go all Shawshank Redemption on an unsuspecting tow truck

Getting towed is an officially certified, nationally recognized pain in the ass. We've all been there. We all get that. This guy, however, clearly took his pledge to never fill out a novel's worth of paper work at an impound lot located on what might as well be the moon a little too far, hooning his Jeep out of the claws of an evil tow truck before speeding off (the wrong way down a one-way, we might add) into the sweet, heady winds of freedom. Needless to say, this is all very funny, but if you don't want to get towed, don't park illegally, and if you don't park illegally, then you won't have to rip the oil pan out of your Wrangler while risking arrest on what was an otherwise chill Friday night. If that's asking too much, then maybe you should just take the bus.

Get a sneak-peek at Ryan Tuerck's Formula D FRS during Drift Garage response

Professional Formula Drift drivers Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck answer your questions from the first episode of the brand new second season of Drift Garage.

Forsberg kicks things off from the MA Motorsports engine room with a question from Joshua Osborn asking whether he would swap in a tamer vk56 with a small supercharger for the twin turbo 3.7. Tuerck checks-in at Nameless Performance giving viewers a walk through of his newly-tuned Formula Drift FRS. The guys answer more questions about whether drivers should buy new or used tires, how many sets a new driver should own, day-to-day maintenance, whether it’s possible to run the Fast Intention twin turbo kit on a stock piston, and some hints about the budget for the season.

Be sure to comment or tweet more questions and check in next Tuesday, April 7th for Episode 2 only on

Here's the craziest waves from the 2015 XXL Big Wave Award nominess

Each year the surfing community recognizes the biggest nutballs of all: the best of the best of big wave surfers. These are the ones that are truly unhinged and put everything (including their lives) on the line. The XXL Big Wave Awards are their night, and it's a time when we must pause and recognize how incredibly spectacular this surfing is.

2014/2015 has seen a litany of barriers broken on the big wave front. From riding giant waves on skimboards to paddling at waves previously unthinkable to horrifying wipeouts, the risks are getting higher and higher under thousands of tons of ocean water. Below, we've called out our selection for each category's winner, as well as listing all the nominees.

The 2014/2015 WSL Big Wave Awards will take place on May 1, 2015. Let us know your thoughts on who you think should win.

Dive into Detroit's underbelly with the street artists who are helping to rehabilitate its ruins

Detroit has serious problems. They need no embellishment. They shouldn't be poeticized. The facts say it all: This is one of the most troubled cities in North America. At best, it's half a ghost town. At worst, it's the murder capital of the United States. Even in its worst neighborhoods, however, there is still hope, nurtured by a crew of street artists who are helping (albeit illegally) to transform the crumbling ruins into a sprawling, city-wide art exhibit. Whether or not you view graffiti as art or vandalism, this micro documentary—which follows Haeler and his fellow taggers as they dodge crackheads and gangbangers in an effort to beautify their struggling home—is an absolute must-watch.

See pro snowboarder Jamie Anderson bust a frontside 1080 over a castle

Jamie Anderson doesn't mess around. Like at the recent Nine Queens event where she threw down a few hammers over a castle. Yes a castle... made of snow. Check her first ever frontside 1080 (and certainly first ever over a castle).

Jamie xx goes night skating in brooding new music video

Seemingly every week, more and more mainstream musicians—from Weezy to Matt & Kim—are putting their love of skateboarding on full display in videos, on stage, and along their local sidewalks. Sure, Steve Cab, Duane Peters, Ray Barbee, and Tommy Guerrero are still pumping out the jams and, yes, current-gen rippers like TNT, Figgy, and Leo continue to keep the underground ablaze, but it's major indie musicians like Jamie xx, who takes to the shred stick in the music video for his new R&B influenced solo track "Loud Places", that truly epitomize the future of "skate rock". Love that or loathe it, either is fine, but you won't know how you'll feel until you check it out.

Watch AJ Zavala destroy SoCal in new $lave part

Here's a perfect salve for the Monday blues: A full, $lave-backed part from AJ Zavala that finds the Shep Dawgs hesher destroying every gap, rail, and curb cut in San Diego county. If you're searching for something that's going to make you want to get off the couch and skate, then look no further.

Get to know Rob "Chairslayer" Parsons and how he built his adaptive drift car

We first got to know of Rob "Chairslayer" Parsons when Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg tried to drive his adaptive, no foot pedals, 600-horsepower Nissan Silvia. A few years back, Parsons had a nasty dirtbike accident leaving him unable to walk. So he decided to pursue another passion: cars. Get to hear his story as well as his hopes for the Chairslayer Foundation.

Is putting a giant drill to your head kung fu or just plain masochism?

I'm not too sure about you, but smacking yourself in the face with an iron bar, having a buddy try to drill into your head with a giant power drill, and pulling a sweet minivan by a serrated sword against your neck doesn't really sound like kung fu to me. But to 24-year-old Shaolin monk Zhao Rui, it is kung fu. Each to their own I guess (personally, we find this version of martial arts a little better)—just don't ask us to use a giant power drill against your temples please.

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