Dose: Dangerous riding in the streets of Harlem on offroad vehicles

This week we take Dose to Harlem to meet Benmore aka Benadon, the King of Harlem's Bike Life. Bike Life is an urban offshoot of motocross that swells every summer as thousands of riders take to city streets on offroad motorcycles and ATVs. If you've seen the documentary 12 O'Clock Boys, it's sorta like that—though to be honest, the turmoil between the NYPD and riders haven't quite escalated to that of the Baltimore scene. But do not let that fool you into thinking that the police aren't out to get riders here in New York City. While the media often portrays these riders as criminals and the police use ominous tactics against them, Benmore explains why riding bikes is a far better alternative to crime and violence and should be embraced as an emerging urban sport.

If you like classic cars then you'll love these Petrolified art prints

Don't get us wrong, the best place for an iconic car is in your driveway (or of course, on the road with you behind the wheel). But most of us are not fortunate enough to be able to own a Ferrari F40 or a Jaguar E-Type. So the next best place for them is your wall. And now Petrolified has helped make that a lot easier for you with these classic car-inspired art prints.

Check out a few of our favorites below and grab yourself one (or two) from Petrolified's store here.

That time Louie Barletta and Chris Haslam skated a wall in the dark at The Berrics

Back in November of 2013 Louie Barletta, Chris Haslam, and Thaynan Costa stopped by The Berrics only hours before a flight. Much to their chagrin though, the power went out. But that doesn't stop dudes like Haslam and Barletta from getting their skate on. So they wallride the hell out of a wall near the door that has enough light, and things get typically awesome when these two skate together.

What do you think of this in-the-dark session? Tell us in the Comments.

Who knew that snowmobiles could do wheelies on water?

Toias Lindberg and his buddies love snowmobiling in Langtrask, Sweden. But the warm weather they've been getting lately has the lake thawing. But that doesn't stop them one bit. Check them out riding on water and doing wheelies. Are they called wheelies on a snowmobile even? Either way, it's awesome.

What do you think of this snowmobile riding? Tell us in the Comments.

Here's how to properly drift a new BMW M4 Coupe

BMW has been doing a fantastic job marketing the new new BMW M4. They started off by having it drift on an aircraft carrier, and most recently they initiated it into the M-class posse by having it drift around a course made out of all the other M-class vehicles. So we know the thing can handle some serious drifting.

Here, BMW Chief Driving Instructor Matt Mullins pushes the M4 Coupe to its limits by getting extremely sideways at the the Road America track. Pretty sweet job Mullins has if you ask us.

What do you think of this M4 drifting? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t Jalopnik

Katy Perry had to repeat 9th grade and used to be a teenaged "pizza face"

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Pop queen Katy Perry used to be just a regular ol' teenager with acne, issues with her parents, and low confidence just like the rest of us. No seriously, she was, and she even had to repeat 9th grade.

As we see in this never-before-seen footage from Katy's first tour as an artist in 2001 (at age 17), Katy is completely candid and realistic about who she is. Filmer Jim Standridge has even more footage of Katy, as he followed her on that first tour for Pamplin Entertainment.

It's oddly satisfying to know that Katy was once a normal human, and probably still is. We can forget sometimes that celebrities and icons are just humans like the rest of us.

What do you think of this rare Katy Perry footage? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t Gawker

Guy got his Lamborghini Diablo impounded because he had the wrong plate on it

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Rob Dahm has the fortune of owning a Lamborghini Diablo. He also happens to own a Mazda RX-7. And while heading to the MotorCity Gumball Rally recently he got pulled over for speeding on the highway—no big deal, because if you own a Lambo you better be driving it fast. But Dahm had a bit of a problem, as he mixed up the tags on his Diablo with that of his RX-7. Which meant the officer had to impound the supercar. Major fail on Dahm's part. Hopefully he gets it back soon though.

What do you think of this Lamborghini impound? Tell us in the Comments.

Take a guess whether or not Wes Kremer slammed on this failed nosegrind

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Well, this wouldn't be a skate slam clip without the slam. So you guessed it if you said Wes Kremer does take a nasty slam on this failed nosegrind attempt.

What do you think of this skate slam? Tell us in the Comments.

You'll never guess what happens during this car to pool stunt

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The guys at Nub TV wanted to give summer a send-off in the only way they know how: with a crazy stunt. So they decided to jump this car into a backyard pool and surprisingly absolutely nothing goes wrong. In fact, it went as perfect as it could've. Well done fellas!

What do you think of this car to pool stunt? Tell us in the Comments.

Older brother humiliates little brother by filming him dancing in his room

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If you have the benefit of having older siblings you know they can be mean and terrorize you. If you are the oldest sibling then you know it's your duty to keep the younger ones in line and humiliate them at every possible chance. A little brother finds this out the hard way when he gets caught and filmed having a dance-off with himself in his room.

How's this kid's dance skills? Tell us in the Comments.

h/t 22 Words