In advance of their upcoming skate video, Nike SB Chronicles, Vol. 3, the Swoosh has been unearthing a bunch of raw and unseen footage over the past few weeks, and now it's Slayer-loving ATV Grant Taylor's turn to get the archive treatment. Turn it to eleven and then get out there shred.

When the waves are flat surfers sometimes struggle to find activities that don't get themselves in trouble. Thankfully, we've been having a damn good run of surf on the East Coast recently (thanks Joaquin!). But pro surfers Josh Kerr and Noa Deane were left with a flatness conundrum recently, and they made the most of it behind a boat. Check out that alley-oop transfer Kerrzy nails at the end!

At over a half-mile long, 574-feet high, and capable of hitting speeds in excess of 100 mph, the world's fastest zipline at Gravity Canyon in New Zealand certainly adds up on paper. The Devin Super Tramp crew has never been interested in how things look on paper, however, so they grabbed their usual accoutrement of 4K cameras and drones and headed out the North Island to give it a go. Needless to say, the results will have you scrambling for plane tickets before you can say "no worries, mate".

Because apparently class 4 rapids are "like, whatever", these two (very possibly drunk) sisters decided to duke it out mid-raft trip in a no-holds-barred fight for the internet ages captured on the helmet cams of a group of kayakers who happened to be passing by. This is one of the most ridiculous, funny, and depressing things we've seen in awhile, so check it out and join us in wishing humanity all the best as it casually floats toward oblivion.

UPDATE: WAIT! The raft guide casually kisses one of the sisters on the lips (2:05) after the fight has cooled down. Looks like there is one more twist to this story yet...

Pro surfer Alana Blanchard reflects on the experience of filming season 1 of Alana: Surfer Girl. See Alana share the whirlwind experience of filming her life on Kauai.

Click here to see the full episode of Alana Surfer Girl Season 1 Episode 6

Black and white. Crusty NYC spots. Straight-up hip hop. Yep, the trailer for 5Boro's latest video, 5BNY, is as East Coast as it gets. Check it out and keep your eyes peeled for the full length, which is set to premier next month.

So what happens when Vianor's Swedish mad scientists drop 225-horsepower into a 1956 Volvo BM Terrier tractor?
Well, a little bit of everything, as it turns out, from roll-overs to off-roading to smoky burnouts. Needless to say, if you don't want to hop behind the wheel of this thing when you're done watching this one, then there's probably something wrong with your adrenal gland.

It might not be Thursday (it's not, right?), but we are throwing it back to Keiichi "Drift King" Tsuchiya's segment in Drift Bible— in which he break down the six core techniques of drifting—anyway. Eyes front and pay attention, because we here at Net A are not above pop quizzes.

If it feels like Ryan Nyquist has been at it forever, well that's cause he has action sports terms, at least. At the age of 36, Nyquist is no longer some up-and-coming ripper, but that doesn't mean he can't still throw it down at a moment's notice, and his brand new video part for Haro Bikes is proof of that and more. Check it out and stop complaining about how bad your knees hurt, kid.

Wondering how Vaughn Gittin Jr. spends the Formula D off-season? Well this off-road look at his mean, custom Ford F-150 the perfect should give you a pretty good idea. Prepare to get roosted.