Adam Sandler and Bob Barker revive Happy Gilmore beef in hilarious sketch

We all need a good laugh from time to time, and this homage to one of our favorite comedy brawls of all-time, which is set to air on Comedy Central's Night of Too Many Stars on March 8th, offers exactly that. If you've been waiting for Sandler vs. Barker Round 2 longer than Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, then this one is a must watch.

Airplane nearly hitting a beach full of people is insane

There is an airport at Maho Beach in St. Maarten where planes fly right overhead and beach-goers cheer as planes approach the strip. Which is exactly what happened recently when a Brazilian plane approached into Princess Juliana International Airport. The landing planes there typically get pretty close to the beach, but this one was wayyy lower than normal and just barely clears the fence. Crazy to see all the people on the beach cheering to as they come pretty close to being squashed by a jumbo jet.

h/t Jalopnik

Fox's gnarly new downhill mountain bike edit will have you craving spring

It's been a brutal winter here in the Northeast, but spring is on the way and, with it, Fox's awesome new Downhill Collection. In order to properly celebrate, they put together this rad edit featuring Steve Smith, Connor Fearon, and Josh Bryceland that is definitely going to make you want to get out there and ride. I mean seriously, how amazing do these lush green trails look?

More evidence that dolphins are the best surfers on the planet

It's a well-known fact that dolphins are the best surfers on the planet—they're also not fans of SUPs. But in case you needed some more evidence of dolphins's uncanny ability on a wave, here's a bunch of them dominating tiny surf at Wategos Beach in Byron Bay, Australia. Notice how they're catching everything and all the humans are struggling to even get a wave.

Strobeck and Supreme team up for yet another heavy skate edit

A new Bill Strobeck-helmed Supreme skate edit featuring some one-off footy from Jason Dill and A.V.E, plus a barely-possible hammer from Kevin Bradley? Uhh yeah, sign us up. You'll want to watch this one on mute, however, as Supreme—either out of sheer ignorance or pure nihilism—set this one to Burzum, a one-man black metal band fronted by Varg Vikernes, a well-documented white supremacist and convicted terrorist who has served prison time for hate crimes. Come on guys, do your research.

Watch 2 Chainz toke up at one of the most expensive smoke seshs ever

Want to watch 2 Chainz smoke the world's most expensive joint? It's a combination of $800-an-ounce cannabis and 24K gold rolling papers, so of course you do. As an added bonus, however, the MC and host of GQ's "Most Expensiveist Shit" also busts out the largest bowl on earth, lighting up a full ounce of high-quality THC with a freaking torch. Maybe you're into this, maybe you're not—to each their own, after all—but one thing you can't deny is the pure entertainment power of 2 Chainz himself.

From The Feet Up: Kanye's Yeezy's, Adidas, and Under Armour

From The Feet Up is back this week and deals with "Hype" and "Frenzy" before, during, and after the NBA All Star festivities that took place in New York. We're talking stolen sneakers (again) and a big name musician waging war against A VERY BIG SNEAKER BRAND.

Have you ever bought sneakers solely for the purpose of reselling them?

Check it out, leave feedback, and share the show link. From The Feet Up is back!

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Charlotte McKinney shows serious skin in this sexy day-in-the-life video

A day in Charlotte McKinney's life is a lot a sexier than one in your's/our's/90% percent of people's on the planet. Let's just get that out the way right now. Modeling skimpy gear from The Hundreds, eating cake, and basking topless on sailboat isn't the typical 9-to-5 grind we are accustomed to, but that doesn't make this 6-minute drool-fest any less, umm, enjoyable to watch. Oh, and in case you're wondering if they're actually real, well, Charlotte settles that score for good, so make sure to pay attention (as if you weren't already gluing your eyeballs to the screen).

NKA Project: The taser Game Of Skate makes its return

Miss a trick, earn a letter... and then get tazed. Nigel Alexander takes the classic Game Of SKATE to the next level in this week's episode of NKA Project. Bringing the taser back out, skaters Elliot Murphy and John Oskaverk brave the shocking risks of the heated match. Watch to see who takes it in the armpit and whose nipple gets zapped! We don't know what's heavier, the skating or the shocking.

Watch these crazy racing dinghies shred an Australian river

Leave it to Australia, a land where the toilets flush counter clockwise and the babes are nicknamed after kangaroos, to show us a sport we've never seen before: Dinghy racing. These things aren't your grandpa's tin-can bass trollers, however. They are custom, 30-hp screamers that utilize two-man teams to carve crazy oxbow corners and thread some pretty hairy needless at high speed. A mere description can't really do it justice, though, so make sure to check out this wild footage from sport's biggest event, the Riverland Dinghy Derby.