Internet legend Marcel The Shell is back in an all-new clip

It's been 2 years since the Internet has been graced with the musings of Marcel The Shell. Well, Marcel is back just in time for the new book, The Most Surprised I've Ever Been. Take a watch as Marcel tells us all things about grapes, getting caught in storms, and life in general.

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The Crazy Cart XL looks like the funnest thing to drift

If you're not familiar with Razor's Crazy Carts, then let us refresh your memory from that one episode of Drift Garage. The original size, as you can see in that episode, was very difficult for adults to fit on. But now the XL model is set to drop this December and good lord are these things like actual drift carts now.

The XL is now 44" long with a width of 33" and can comfortably fit a man that is 6"3" 250pounds. Which means lots of us are going to be able to get our drift on, especially since they redesigned the drift bar to make it even easier to lift the driver's seat. Going for $799, they're not cheap, but they're also a cool alternative for those who don't have cars they can drift.

You'll be able to get one from or

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Alex Olson skated in a suit in New York City for a French newspaper

Alex Olson has never been one to shy away from blending different worlds with his skateboarding. Recently, he suited up in a suit and skated around New York City being photographed by photographer Glen Luchford for M Le Monde. Say what you will about Olson, but we're certain no one can skate in a suit like he can.

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6-year-old surfer charging Honolua Bay definitely surfs better than you

It's always great seeing little dudes ripping. 6-year-old Stevie Roberson charges some well overhead surf at Honolua Bay (on him at least) and handles himself incredibly. He's been doing it for years, and don't be surprised to see him charging more and more as he goes through elementary school...

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You know you want to watch a Rolls-Royce blow up in super slow motion

Some of you may hate this. Some of you may love this. Some of you may think this is true art. Photographer/director Tyler Shields took his own Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow and headed out to the Mojave Desert. No, he doesn't drive it in an expensive Rolls-Royce drift. He blew it up, as in like with fire and explosions. And he filmed it with a bunch of RED cameras, creating an epic slow-motion, high-definition explosion like you've never seen. Sad to say that that Silver Shadow was the inevitable victim in all of this.

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h/t Jalopnik

The crash from the biggest attempted front flip in mountain biking was vicious

Downhill mountain biker Tom Van Steenbergen witnessed Jeffer Herbertson land that insane 73-foot canyon gap backflip at this year's Red Bull Rampage. Van Steenbergen wanted to one up it by the biggest front flip in mountain biking history. He did everything right, but the shocks just couldn't handle it, and they bucked him over the handle bars. It ended in a brutal crash for Van Steenbergen, but he got up under his own power—and don't be surprised if he keeps trying to land this one.

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Watch Rich Gang's hit music video "Lifestyle"

Rich Gang's massive hit song, "Lifestyle," took America by storm this summer. The music video is closing in on 50-million YouTube and we'd like to tip our cap to that.

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Kelly Slater just landed the first true 540 surf air—and it might even be a 720

The future of surfing is 42-years-old. His name is Kelly Slater, you may have heard of him before. And if you have, you undoubtedly know that he is the world's greatest surfer, EVER. And in case you need some more evidence of that, here he is in Portugal landing the first full-rotation 540 air, or what could also be called a reverted 720.

Kelly Slater, we bow down to you. I say it with total confidence and conviction that there will never be another surfer greater than King Kelly. Watch the crazy air in slow-motion GIF form and the full video below, and be in awe.

The world's tallest bicycle is over 20-feet tall and looks insane

Richie Trimble is a dreamer, an innovator, a man who has visions. He built the world's tallest bicycle, and then rode it. The Stoopidtaller, as Trimble has coined it, is 20-feet 2.5-inches, weighs over 200-pounds, has 8 bicycle chains, 2 bottom brackets, 3 chainrings, and 36" tires. Simply put: it's really f—king tall. Watch as Trimble takes over 100-hours to build Stoopidtaller, and then break the Guinness World Record riding it. Keep doing your thing Trimble.

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These Mountain Babes having summer fun in the mountains are the best

There's not much to say about this video other than Happy Friday. Go have yourself an adventure this weekend!