Michael Jackson, Superman, Eminem, Obama, and more costumed skaters

Last year the Majer Crew got Miley Cyrus to skateboard for Halloween. This year they enlist the likes of Michael Jackson, Superman, Eminem, Barack Obama, and more for their Halloween 2014 costumed skate edit. So watch skater Jason Park do Jason Park kinda things and crew in this ode to costumes for Halloween.

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Dog getting his owner beer is the best best friend there is

YouTube user Josh Ace has taught his cattle dog Bandit the best trick ever: how to fetch him beer. All Josh has to tell Bandit is he's parched and Bandit opens up the fridge, snags a beer in his mouth, shuts the fridge, and brings it right to Josh. You win Bandit.

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Thrasher called this, "one of the straight up sickest skate clips of all-time."

Yes, it's a bold claim that this hellish kickflip by David Gonzalez is "one of the sickest skate clips of all-time." But Thrasher stands by that, as do we. If you don't think so after watching the clip then you are just too damn jaded.

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Emily Ratajkowski turns into a goat in trailer for Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, video game series are releasing all their cinematic trailers for the latest editions. The latest being for the new Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This life action trailer features two super soldiers being thrown from gun fight to gun fight battling everything in their way. At one point, supermodel Emily Ratajkowski appears to one of the soldiers, and then she turns into a goat. OK...

Anyways, the special early access Day Zero Edition is available to fans worldwide November 3 and can be pre-ordered here.

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A Chevy Trailblazer drifts a roundabout like a bawse

No one ever said that a Chevy Trailblazer was their first vehicle of choice for some drifting. But that notion gets rethought here in YouTube user Street FX's video of one drifting a roundabout like a bawse. Hoon on friend, hoon on.

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Two bears fighting in the street is the most epic street fight ever

Earlier this month we thought that nothing could beat two kangaroos fighting in the street. But then these two bears came along and threw down their authority in the streets of Rockaway, New Jersey. When bears fight you stop your car and watch. Period.

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The new FKA Twigs music video is the perfect creepy way to start Halloween

Taken from their new album, LP1. FKA Twigs's music video for "Video Girl" will creep you out this Halloween. Enjoy, and have a Happy Halloween today.

Using your friend as a board on a Flow Rider is cost efficient

Flow boards aren't cheap. And if you don't have one you've still got to rent one. So why not just use your friend as your flow board like these guys do at Provo Beach Resort in Utah? Well, they use boards too, and do some pretty insane stuff on them.

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Tandem drift sessions are exactly what empty parking lots were made for

Drift drivers Ryan Kado and Julian Jacobs take advantage of an empty parking lot for an awesome tandem drift session. Jacobs is driving his 1JZ-powered Nissan s14 and Kado is in his RB20-powered Nissan s13. Parking lots were made for this stuff.

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Watch the cinematic launch trailer for the re-mastered Halo 2 Anniversary

The Halo series has re-mastered the classic Halo 1 and Halo 2 games for the Xbox One. They'll be released as part of the Halo The Master Chief Collection, which drops on November 11, 2014. Check out this launch trailer for Halo 2 Anniversary with new cut-scenes and story elements.

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