Not all Porsches go to heaven. Some end up at Emory Motorsports. Join Chris Forsberg as he investigates 356 utopia—and the origins of the outlaw Porsche—on the season three premiere of Garage Tours!

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Meet Harry Denton, a normal 16-year-old from new Zealand with one insane skill: Bike manuals. Think you have it takes to hang with Harry? Just check out this footage of him setting the Guinness Book of World Records mark with a manual of over 1,111 feet and think again.

This weekend, during an FIA Formula 3 race at the Red Bull Ring in Austria, Ryan Tveter, Peter Li Zhi Cong, and Pedro Piquet were involved in easily one of the scariest wrecks of the year. Obscured in a cloud of dust from a prior spin-out, Tveter sat defenseless in the middle of the track as Li and Piquet both careened off his car like pinballs, with Li receiving the worst of the damage thanks to a skyward explosion that knocked him unconscious, broke his heel, and fractured four vertebrae. Despite those injuries, however, everyone is expected to make a full recovery, so take a sliver of solace in that and drive safe out there.

Tuerck'd is back for an all new season, and this time Ryan Tuerck is bringing his partner in crime, Chris Forsberg, along for the ride. Saddle up with the boys as they head north for some vintage snow rallying in New Hampshire and one seriously epic ice drift session in the wilds of Maine.

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Warning: If you're a connoisseur of classic cars—especially those steeped in F1 history—look away now. At the Monaco Historic Grand Prix this weekend, a crane operator, while quickly trying to remove a stranded 70s-era McLaren from a green-flag track, lost his grip on the vintage racer, sending it plummeting 15 feet to the cold, hard tarmac. And as if that wasn't enough, in the middle of the scrum, a classic Tyrrell also got into the back of another driver and wrecked. Yes, "SMH" is the appropriate response here.

Pop Quiz: Ample time plus unlimited access divided by the square root of Red Bull's bankroll equals? Freeski legend Jon Olsson slaloming a snow-ready Lamborghini Gallardo high in the Norwegian backcountry, of course. Don't lie, you know you're going to watch.

Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg barely had time to put the wrenches down as they cranked out mods on their FR-S and Nissan Titan XD builds. Once the tire smoke finally cleared, however, we caught up with them to get an inside look at what went wrong and what went right on another awesome (and educational!) season of Drift Garage.

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Move over Johnny Cash, there's a new ring leader in town and his name is Uli Emanuele. Uli has been at the forefront of human flight for awhile now, but his latest stunt—a wingsuit flight through a good ol' burning ring of fire—may just be his craziest yet. White knuckle that laptop and check it out.

Alana Blanchard cruising Australia's idyllic Gold Coast on the cusp of summer? This is what every breezy surf clip wants to be when it grows up. Give it a watch, duck work early, and get to the nearest beach ASAP.