Skyscraper, the world's soon-to-be tallest roller coaster, will make you vomit

The forth-coming roller coaster Skyscraper looks f—king insane. To be over 500-feet tall, Skyplex Orlando is going to be home to one of the craziest roller coasters to ever be built by man—if this animated ride is anything like what it's going to actually be. 2017 can't come soon enough!

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Here's the most trippy Northern Lights time lapse you'll watch all winter

On a 10 day shoot throughout Iceland and Greenland, photographer Joe Capra captured some of the greatest Northern Lights footage we've ever seen. Turn the lights out, put this up on the big screen, and envision yourself right in front of one of the greatest natural wonders of the world.

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NKA Project: Jeff Dechesare drops some double frontside flips

Skateboarder Jeff Dechesare double frontside flips a 4-stair in this episode of NKA Project. This tough trick almost got the best of Jeff, but in the end he rolls off like a champ. Nice work!

Zak Hale and Ethan Deiss give you the best street snowboarding you'll see today

Burton Presents drops their latest installment and it's a street banger. Zak Hale and Ethan Deiss are two of the best when it comes to go hard and fast in the streets, so sit back and enjoy these 8-and-a-half-minutes.

Old man defeats those troublesome stairs on a Rascal scooter like a bawse

Sure, this one is a couple years old, but it's oh so good. This old man on one of those epic Rascal scooters makes this set of stairs his bitch. Keep ridin' old man.

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Don't ride a skateboard down a pool slide into the deep end of a pool

Shorty just never had a chance here. The slick slide and the little lip at the end were just too much to handle a drop straight to the deep end of this empty pool. This is definitely one of the worst skate slams we've seen in a while.

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Dose: Snowboard outerwear made right in NYC by Owner Operator

Steven Kimura and Peter Sieper are doing something the entire snowboard industry has deemed impossible: making technical outerwear in the heart of New York City (and America for that matter). Check it out as Timbo hits up Owner Operator's Brooklyn headquarters to learn how Steven and Pete have created a successful snowboard brand made 100% in the USA with absolutely no bullshit whatsoever. It should make you think twice about buying from a big brand this winter.

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Since it's snowing today, here's the best news bloopers in the snow ever

Local news channels are a treasure of America. Not subjected to the scrutiny of national press, the local news anchors and weathermen usually have a lot more leeway to get strange. Enjoy this 7-minute mashup of some hilarious fails, and hopefully you're not having a day like this today...

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Waka Flocka Flame made a strange commercial for cough drops

Cough drops are essential for musicians. Waka Flocka Flame knows this. They're also essential for those who tend to cough often. So Waka teamed up with Pine Brothers to make a funny (and strange) commercial for their gummy cough drops. Makes sense.

Tuerck'd: Ryan Tuerck slays tires in a BMW and answers your questions

Ryan Tuerck heads to Connecticut for some BMW parking lot tire slaying before jumping into a post-Tuerck’d Corolla for a motor switch. Along the way, Tuerck answers your questions about whether he runs camber in competition, what other motorsport he would switch to, what it’s like to smash other people’s cars, and why he prefers the 2JZ engine.

Hit Tuerck with any follow-up questions below or on Twitter at #Tuerckd and stay tuned to for more episodes of Tuerck’d. Episode 6 airs next Tuesday, December 2nd!