Justin Fronius's new DC part is urban snowboarding at its best

After winning Transworld Snowboarding's "Rookie of the Year" award last January and following his promotion to DC's pro ranks in May, Justin Fronius has continued his 2014 tear into December with the opening volume of DC's new video project, The Underline Series. Fronius oozes style, even when getting gnarly on quadruple-kink nosepresses, and shakes off some brutal slams to come through with a trio of epic enders that have to be seen to believed. If you've seen a gnarlier street part this year, you better let us know.

The Best Supreme Collaborations of 2014

This year marks the celebration of Supreme’s 20th anniversary. The past two decades have brought the NYC label undeniable success, and it treks on as one of the most influential brands in streetwear. They also have gained notoriety for executing some of the industry’s most successful collabs, and this year was no different. In 2014, Supreme continued to make its imprint in a number of territories by joining forces with footwear brands, noteworthy artists, and established fashion labels. We’ve looked back on its 20th year of operation and plucked the most thoughtfully designed and highly coveted Supreme collaborations of 2014.

Skateboarding and Reeboks together in new Classic Stylists Moscow Project

Highsnobiety has been doing an ongoing project dubbed the Reebok Classic Stylists Project. Essentially they partner with stylist groups and have them create editorial around classic Reebok lines. Back in June they did one with Endless Summer revolving around skateboarding. And their latest installment in Moscow links up with streetwear boutique FOTT uses skateboarding once again.

We're not quite sure how we feel about this one. Unlike the Endless Summer piece, they're merely using the board as a prop in this one—pushing, mall-grabbing, standing in a nose manual, and tick-tacking don't count for skateboarding. Check the video below and let us know your feelings (or disgust).

Watch as this kid takes the best bike slam ever

Everybody loves a good slam, even if it involves (and it usually does) a kid getting wrecked. We've all been there. We can all appreciate the pain. But that's not going to stop us watching from watching and laughing, not as long as little rippers like this dude keep launching themselves into the air in the name of two-wheeled glory. Shout out to the homey who filmed this, slow mo'ed it, and threw it on the internet. You, my friend, are what makes the world go round.

A drift battle on ice with explosions is the ultimate winter drift battle

Winter is the perfect time for drifting on a frozen lake—just make sure your vehicle isn't going to break the ice though. Check out this epic snow drift battle between a Polaris RZR UTV and a Suzuki GSX-R dirtbike that ends in explosions. Yes, explosions on a frozen lake.

What do you think of this snow drift battle? Tell us in the Comments.

The best sandy butt photos from the surf world in 2014

What's a sandy butt photo you ask? It's exactly what it sounds like. A female in a bikini posing with lots of sand on her butt. They're sorta like surfing's beach equivalent of a barrel shot. There's always some great ones from the surfing world, and usually from the likes of stars Anastasia Ashley, Alana Blanchard, and the entire Miss Reef calendar. So we decided to put some of the best together in one spot for you to look back on the year of sandy butt photos with fondness. You're welcome.

Check out this 42-minute rap epic featuring Killer Mike, Raekwon, and more

Rap collabs are as old Public Enemy, but they don't come any more massive than "The Rap Monument", a 42-minute marathon of thumping beats and filthy rhymes from some hip hop's hottest names. Co-produced by Hudson Mohawke, Nick Hook, and S-Type, this end-of-the-year throw down was recorded in LA, Atlanta, and New York, and is sure to keep you pouring over each and every verse well into 2015.

Check out the full list of rappers below (in order of appearance):

Pusha T

Bryant Dope

Go Dreamer


Nipsey Hussle


Danny Brown

Mayhem Lauren

Raekwon da Chef


​Kilo Kish

Flatbush Zombies

Renegade El Rey

Rockie Fresh


Bodega Bamz

Remy Banks

Killer Mike

Del Harris


CyHi da Prince

Young Thug

Aston Matthews


SL Jones

Nigel Nasty

Bobby Creekwater

Action Bronson


Mike G

Yak Ballz

Zebra Katz


Alexander Spit



Watch as Terje Haakonsen embarks on stunning Norwegian road trip

While Terje Haakonsen is know across the world as a pioneer of competitive snowboarding and longtime champion of the DIY spirit–remember this is a man who once boycotted snowboarding’s integration into the OlympicsWhere Is Your God Now showcases the legendary Norwegian like you've never seen him.

Directed by Sebastien Zanella, the film follows Haakonsen from his humble country farm into the wilds of Norway, stopping to surf, snowboard, cliff dive, and visit family along the way. It's a beautiful, thought-provoking look at a rare breed of athlete able to say no to mainstream success in order maintain their ideals; a lesson that, in today's department store-sponsored action sports world, remains as vital as ever.

Ryan Tuerck's top 5 drift challenges from "Tuerck'd"

Formula Drift drivers Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg never turn down a challenge. Especially a drift challenge. In fact, the two of them have probably gone head-to-head in more drift challenges than any other human beings to ever shred tires on the pavement of planet Earth. Maybe.

Ryan Tuerck may have started in the motocross world, but now victory in a good drift challenge always brings a feeling of satisfaction. And with that always comes bragging rights. Knowing you're a champion, like when you choose Suzuki, is a good feeling. Winners win. Period. So here's the top 5 drift challenges from our Tuerck'd series. Find out who has the upper-hand on this lifelong drift battle between Tuerck and Forsberg.

Erik Roner's latest BASE jump will blow your mind

What do you get when you strap 50 tanks of helium and 90 giant balloons to a lawn chair and tell base jumper and all-around madman Erik Roner to climb aboard? How about the craziest web video of the day. The concept for Rockstar Energy's LIFTED is essentially a real world Up, but Roner unsurprisingly takes it to the next level, riding the contraption over a mile into the sky before pulling out a shotgun and blasting the balloons. After he runs out of ammo, Roner does what he does best, and leaps out into nothing. Trust us, this is just as insane as it sounds.