Get an intimate look at Alpine, the best car brand you've never heard of

Founded in 1955 by Jean Rédélé, French auto artisans, Alpine, became one of the most revered names in racing, achieving massive WRC, Formula 2, and Le Mans success before being purchased by Renault in 1973. Eventually Alpine faded into obscurity and was shelved by Renault in 1995, but Jürgen Clauss's passion for the dimunitive driving machines never died, and the latest episode of Petrolicious—which features Clauss jumping behind the wheel of his iconic A110—makes that fact abundantly clear. Check it out and then keep your eyes peeled for the return of Alpine in 2016.

Watch this skater dress up as an old man and blow minds at the skatepark

The whole younger-dude-in-a-grandpa-outfit schtick might seem a bit played by now, but that doesn't make this footage of 20-year-old ripper Danny Lion rolling up to the park in full geezer mode with a crew of AARP-reppin' accomplices any less hilarious. The looks on the local skaters faces as Lion starts tearing apart the bowl are absolutely priceless. Check it out, you'll see what we mean.

Bomb hills in the dark with 'While You Were Sleeping', a nocturnal San Fran skate edit from Aether FIlms

Just because it's dark out doesn't mean the streets of San Francisco are any less skateable. Follow Daron Anderson as he takes to the hills of the Bay City by night for While You Were Sleeping, a rad new skate edit from the mind and lens of Kyle Bullington.

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Get a behind-the-scenes look at how the longest jib of all time went down

In case you news hadn't reached whatever underground rock lair you live in, Basti Rittig recently etched his name into snowboard history books with the longest jib ever done. Clocking in at over just over 275 feet, the footage of this one was obviously crazy, but this b-roll footage shows just how gnarly it really was. I mean, just cosider the speed alone. Catch an edge popping off that rail (even on a basic warmup) and you're going to the lodge on a ski patrol sled.

A study in motion as it applies to surf travel abroad

Follow surf photographer Morgan Maassen around the globe with the world's best pro surfers as he relays this study in motion in relation to surf travel.

See how Brandon Semenuk's one-shot 'unReal' segment was filmed

Last week we showed you Brandon Semenuk's amazing unReal segment, a single tracking-shot video part that had the mountain bike community scraping its collective jaw off the proverbial floor. If you were wondering what sort of "movie magic" went into the creation of this part, however, you were not alone, but thanks to this behind-the-scenes look, we now have our answer: No wires. No drones. Just a 4K camera in the bed of a pickup truck. Needless to say, sometimes old-school goes a long way.

Vittorio Brumotti is back with another insane road-bike trials edit

We already gave you a glimpse into Vittorio Brumotti's wild world of road-bike trials riding, but now the Italian stallion is back with another crazy edit in the beautiful hills Livigno. Lets this serve as a reminder that nothing—least of all equipment—should stop you from pursuing what you love.

NKA Project: How to film skateboarding lines

Nigel Alexander's "How To Film Skateboarding" series continues on this week's episode of NKA Project. Nigel breaks down the basics of how to capture the best skate lines for your next video. Take note as Nigel explains the basics of camera positioning , pushing techniques and even the right skateboard to use.

Crushing a vintage Porsche with a Jersey barrier is SO high fashion

High fashion promos and ads are always breaking barriers. But in Rag & Bone's instance here they're USING barriers (see what we did there?).

So prepare yourselves for seeing more vintage Porsche 911's crushed under the mercy of the fashion gods.

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Poler Stuff founder explains why we need to engage with the outdoors

Poler Stuff founder Benji Wagner is on to something in his TED Talk here. He speaks to how technology has replaced nature in our daily lives, being "Phrozen" by our phones. Don't let yourself be a cog to the machine of technology and get out there and re-immerse yourself in nature.