OK, so switch backside 1620s probably aren't in the cards for most of us mortals this winter, but that doesn't mean this footage of 18-year-old Japanese rider, Keita Inamura, putting down a totally proper iteration doesn't have us completely stoked. Check it out before park season arrives.

Filmed over the span of three weeks on a 3,000-mile road trip through Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California, this stunning 4K time-lapse tour of the American Southwest certainly didn't come without a cost (snowstorms, flat tires, scorpion stings, and plenty of sleepless nights). The results, as you'll see, however, are more than worth it. If you didn't get to take a vacation this year, this is the next best thing.

Matt Pagan had the unfortunate luck to be bottom turning right where this guy performed his very first duck dive. Hopefully Matt's face is OK...

This is what happens when people come back from vacation in a country with over 1.3 billion citizens. Needless to say, if you're traveling around Beijing, ANYTHING but a car seems like a good idea.

Think you might one day like to father children? Then trying to hardflip frontboard the infamous Hollywood High 12 is probably not the best idea. This one requires full-commitment on every try and the risk, well, just ask Taylor Jett about that. He's the one who chose to put his gene pool on the line for this one, after all.

Tired of the same old spots and the same old riding? Then Alexander Rudenko's new edit—filmed on top of an abandoned bridge project in the middle of Kiev—is the perfect tonic...provided you don't have vertigo, of course.

The Ford Pinto has a reputation as one the most poorly built American automobiles of all time, but that didn't stop Southern Rock Racing Series driver, Shawn Cross, from basing his wild, big-block Mean Bean on a 1980 version of the Blue Oval embarrassment. Check out this footage from the SRRS Championships, in which Cross absolutely destroys his lab experiement on the way to a wild second place finish, and we think you'll agree: This is one wild Pinto.

In this episode of NKA Project, Nigel K. Alexander gives you a quick lesson on how to set up a Canon Rebel T3iI series camera for filming skateboarding. After watching this video you'll be a master at cruising through those camera settings. So grab your camera and hit the skate park.

Want to see something totally frivolous and privileged? Perfect, here's a video of some guy (presumably with an English accent) blasting sporting clays from a Ferrari convertible with a $20,000 (again, presumably) shotgun. Needless to say, don't try this at home.

In advance of their upcoming skate video, Nike SB Chronicles, Vol. 3, the Swoosh has been unearthing a bunch of raw and unseen footage over the past few weeks, and now it's Slayer-loving ATV Grant Taylor's turn to get the archive treatment. Turn it to eleven and then get out there shred.