Motocross legend Carey Hart can fly high in a suit and tie

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Hallenstein Brothers wanted to show that their High Performance Suit could hold up under any conditions. To put it to the test, the menswear company tapped Carey Hart to ride in it at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 110-degree temperatures. The suit holds up extremely well amidst the salt and dirt. So if you're going to be doing any superman seat grabs at your next wedding, we've got the suit for you.

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Laird Hamilton shot the Malibu Pier. On a huge wave. On a stand up paddleboard

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Leave it to Laird Hamilton to be riding a stand up paddleboard at Malibu on a huge day courtesy of Hurricane Marie. But just riding a SUP wasn't enough for Laird. He proceeded to shoot the pier, paddle in hand. This might be the most Laird Hamilton thing ever to happen.

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h/t The Inertia

Snowboarding in the land of Borat

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Rome Snowboards wanted to do things a little differently for its video project this year. Instead of hitting up the same spots that have been featured in the same videos for years, the team riders ventured to Kazakhstan, the Aleutians, and Norway for its "Find Snowboarding" video series.

The first installment shows LNP, Ozzy Henning, and Ian Boll travelling to Kazakhstan. The crew are basically the first people ever to snowboard in the central Asian country. Things start off with a bang as Henning breaks his arm on Day 1 and gets the jankiest cast ever. Things only get more interesting from there as the snowboarders meet a crazy bum who chugs a bottle of vodka, and find that Communist-era architecture is really snowboard friendly.

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There's a guy dressed as Batman driving around on a fake Batpod in Japan

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Does he think he's really Batman? Did he build that fake Batpod himself? Is he on his way to fight crime? Does he know Banecat is out there terrorizing people?

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h/t Car Throttle

Amphibious Volvo station wagon is the best Volvo wagon

Theon Parseghian is an American hero. Parseghian is self-employed and lives in Kings Ferry, New York, where he builds all sorts of whacky things. Most recently he undertook turning a Volvo 240 wagon into an amphibious vehicle. It appears to have a Brat engine where the rear seats should be and is hooked up to a propeller. It has no roof or windows, but does have sealed doors and watertight fenders. Most importantly, it actually works in the water.

Parseghian launched the Evolvo on August 16 in Union Springs, New York and changed the history of station wagons forever. Check out 10 photos of this awesome amphibious vehicle below, as well as the maiden voyage.

h/t Jalopnik

Skate And The City: Skateboarding, hip hop and gangs in the streets of Long Beach

Pro Skater Terry Kennedy shows how music, fashion, and skateboarding intertwine on the streets of Los Angeles. In the new episode of Skate And The City, Terry takes it back to Long Beach, the birthplace of his skateboarding career, and talks about how the realities of the gang-influenced streets informed his rise in the skate community. Terry catches up with skater Feliz Arguelles at Cherry Park, LBC rapper Crooked I at Victorious Barber Studio, Kevin Romar at El Dorado Park, and Chad Tim Tim at the legendary Belmont Ledges.

Skate And The City continues in Downtown LA next Wednesday on Network A.

Check Out Snoop's GGN Series:

Featuring: Terry Kennedy, Felix Arguelles, Kevin Romar, Jacob Walden, Chad Tim Tim, Scott Kane, and Crooked I

Thanks to: Felix “Fuzzy” Babauta, Brian Alexander, Adrian Smith, Fly Society, Josh Krolick, Ian Mallitz, Westfest TV, Snoop Dogg, Treacherous C.O.B., Aaron Ware, Belmont Plaza, Bixby Park, El Dorado Park, and the City of Long Beach

Original Track by Crooked I

The Toyota Land Cruiser 70 is back, but there's a catch

In the 1980s, the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 emerged as an iconic 4x4. This was before the days of luxe SUVs with dozens of cup holders and TVs in the headrests. This was when people bought four-wheel drive vehicles because they wanted to climb over rocks and trees, not because they wanted to tower over other parents in the drop-off lane at elementary school. Well, now the Land Cruiser 70 is back, kind of.

Toyota announced that it would be re-releasing the vehicle, but only in Japan, and only for one year. Two models of the Land Cruiser 70 will be sold, a van and a truck. Both will have a V6 4.0-liter 1GR-FE engine and a five-gear manual transmission. There will be an optional electric differential lock and the grille and hood have been updated. There will also be a 30th anniversary commemorative emblem on both sides of the vehicle.

Our excitement is definitely tempered by the fact that this won't be available in the U.S., but we're happy for our friends in Japan.

See more photos of the Land Cruiser 70 and a video of it in action below.

Highest blob jump ever?

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The record for highest blob jump is 17 meters (55.77 feet). Filmer Devin Supertramp came close to that mark in his newest video. According to Mr. Supertramp, the jumpers reached heights of 55 feet. Record or no record, this looks pretty damn epic. It helps that they also busted out those water-powered hoverboards.

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NKA Project: How many tailslide 270s can Judson McCann land in a minute?

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Skateboarder Judson McCann has tailslide 270s on lock. So much so that he drops 9 of them in a row on this episode of NKA Project. This dude is like a robot! Watch as he mesmerizes you with this fluid line.

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A Lamborghini Huracan drag raced a fighter jet

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The Lamborghini Huracan is a fast car. The Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker fighter jet is a faster plane. The two went head-to-head in a drag race in Russia, where apparently it is totally cool to have supercars drive on active runways. While the Huracan handled itself admirably, the race wasn't even close. Too add insult to injury, the jet did a loop-the-loop as it returned back to the starting line.

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h/t Car Throttle