What started as a get-together for a few close friends to ride trails and party in the mountains of Norway, Hillbilly Huckfest has become something substantially more important—a testament to the rapid rise of both mountain biking and the DIY movement as a whole. If you're looking to get in on the fun, join host Mads "Makken" Haugen as he walks Red Bull through the marquee MTB event, now entering its 6th dirt, beer, and blood-splattered year.

While etnies and Hook-Ups (yes, they're still around) hooking up for a new Marana collaboration series is certainly newsworthy in and of itself, the new clips from legendary Birdhouse/Hook-Ups ripper Jeremy Klein are what makes this one totally worth a watch. Respect your elders. Check it out.

Alana Blanchard spends her life traveling the world, doing what she loves: surfing. Before Alana turned pro, she was just like every other little girl on the island of Kauai. Alana Surfer Girl Reflections is a new weekly series where Alana takes a looks back on Season 1 of her famed series Surfer Girl.

In this episode of Alana Surfer Girl Reflections, Alana shares how Leila Hurst, Camille Brady, and herself first began to surf and why they love Kauai.

Click here to see the full episode of Alana: Surfer Girl Season 1 Episode 1

Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg wraps up another awesome season of touring garages around the country. In this episode Forsberg shares some highlights including Top Gear US co-host Rutledge Wood’s eclectic collection, Jeremy Baye’s period correct hotrods at 1945 Speed And Custom, and Luis Miranda’s custom lowriders. We saw it all from classic luxury cars, to off road truck fabrications, to Supercross bikes—let us know which episode was your favorite in the comments below. Is there a garage you’d love to see Chris check out? Leave it in the comments below.

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The Garages:

Rutledge Wood’s Eclectic Car Collection

All Access Chad Reed’s TwoTwo Motorsports

Incredible Vintage BMW Restorations At Coupe King

Precision Twin Turbo & Exhaust Fabrications At Fast Intentions

Incredible Classic Luxury Cars At Redline Restorations

Period Perfect Hot Rods! 1945 Speed And Custom

Winning Off Road Truck Fabrications At Geiser Bros

Forsberg & Tuerck’s Formula Drift Mobile Haulers

Cruising Lowriders At Miranda’s Custom Cars

Secrets to Tuerck’s Success at Nameless Performance

We all know the Dirt Shark MO by now: Awesome action and irresistible babes (not necessarily in that order). So saddle up and ride along as he follows the Unknown Industries crew through the streets of the 2015 Sturgis Bike Rally.

Ahhh, the magic of POV. Put yourself in Victor the eagle's shoes—ahem, talons—as he soars over the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc, one of the toughest foot races on earth. If you've ever had one of those flying dreams, then make sure to check this one out.

Female downhill longboard skater Ishtar Backlund is not one who likes to follow rules that others set for her in life. She wants to explore the world and form her own ideas. She recently took an epic trip through the mountains of Norway by skating and camping along the way. Follow her journey with fellow skaters Caroline Boström, Kim Hansson, Sammy Hasselberg, and Sander Hasselberg as they explore everything the world has to offer. Now get out their on your own epic journey!

If you're not feeling this video of Polygon UR team owner Fabien Cousinié shred the Les 2 Alpes bike park to pieces, then there is probably something wrong with you. No seriously, you should go get your pulse taken.

In an old cellar beneath the cobblestone streets of Vienna lies an unspeakable danger. Know only to a select few, , 'The Concrete Monster' lies forever in wait, clawing at every kingpin and every ankle that comes within snatching distance of its coping lined jaws. Featuring over 592-square-feet of skater-devouring tranny, this DIY bowl has only one master—project leader, Philip Schuster—who recently sat down with Red Bull to talk about his creation (and the true meaning of DIY) in this terrific mini-documentary. Face your fears and check it out.

Bored of the basic of all the basic beach activities this summer? Well, here's a new one for you: RC pond skimming. All you need is a Traxxas Slash 4x4 truck and a set of paddle tires and you'll be hydroplaning in no time. Consider yourselves warned though. If this thing goes under, you're not getting it back.