The ultimate collection of hoonigans in the snow during winter storm Juno

This blizzard, strangely named Juno, delivered snow. In parts it was a lot, in other parts it wasn't. Such is the weather.

But where there's snow, there's always room for some snow drifting. So we've compiled some of the best snow drifting moments from winter storm Juno and brought them this evening for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Got any others for us to add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

DevinSupertramp comes through with one of the best fail edits ever

DevinSupertramp is back, and this time he's bringing a crazy, hilarious, and full-HD fail edit culled from his assorted 2013/2014 exploits and insanity. Not much else to say about this one that it doesn't say for itself, so kick back, relax, and enjoy the carnage.

Pyramid Country are bending the universe yet again

The Pyramid Country dudes are either one of the strangest skate crews out there or simply extra-terrestrial spies sent to earth in order to infiltrate youth culture in America. We really aren't sure which, but when you rip this hard on a skateboard, it doesn't matter. A new full-length, Exeter, is on the way, but in the meantime check out their latest edit, which, while normalized by usual PC standards, still boasts more than enough weird to go around.

Joss Christensen debuts crazy Trace technology at Winter X

The future is here people, just ask Joss Christensen, who, while competing at Winter X Games last weekend, strapped on one of the coolest new action sports gadgets for a test run. Dubbed Trace, these tiny little beacons mount to your helmet, skis, and snowboards, recording data (speed, distance, air time, vertical) that then sync back to your phone or GoPro for a truly immersive visual experience.

Perhaps the coolest part of Trace, however, is not its advanced GPS abilities—allegedly 10 times more accurate than a free phone app—but its auto-editing feature that integrates all the footage collected from your filming device, before selecting the best rides, cutting out the boring filler, color correcting, and adding your stats via a sexy on-screen display. It all seems complicated, but it's really not. Just check out Joss Christensen's run through the Winter X slopestyle course to get a sense of what the final product will look like (minus the tweaked 540 grabs over 70-foot booters, of course).

Maybe try NOT crashing your Lamborghini Gallardo into a lake when racing it

2,000-horses is a lot of power. And when you don't have enough downforce to compensate for all that juice on a twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo, well, things can go bad. For instance, this Gallardo's spinning out and crashing into a lake as it neared top speed. Thankfully, the driver was OK—but probably kicking himself for all the water damage he's going to have to take care of in his supercar.

h/t Jalopnik

El-P teases cat-meow beats from upcoming side-project, Meow the Jewels

For weeks rumors have been swirling that El-P and infamous internet cat, Lil Bub, were planning a hip-hop collab for the ages, and yesterday we finally got confirmation: Meow the Jewels is coming. Still don't believe it? Just stop by El-P's Instagram litterbox, where he teased three Lil Bub-infused beats destined to become serious club bangers. No word yet on a release date, but we will make sure to keep you posted as this world-first even approaches.

Is this the biggest Jaws barrel ever ridden by a woman?

If you're not familiar with Hawaii's Paige Alms, then let this be a much-needed first introduction. The female big wave surfer has made a name for herself the last couple years by charging harder than most men. On a recent dynamo swell at Jaws, she caught what many are claiming as the biggest barrel ever ridden by a female at the treacherous big wave spot. Biggest or not, it's certainly worthy of a nomination for Ride Of The Year at the XXL Big Wave Awards.

Do you think this is the biggest barrel ever ridden by a woman? Tell us in the comments.

J.J. Watt makes insane one-hand grab while playing catch with Pro Bowl fan

With catches like this (as well as a few touchdown grabs this season), it's just a matter of time until Texans defensive end J.J. Watt starts asking for wide receiver money. Until then, however, let's just watch in awe as this human Swiss army knife shows off his bionic warm ups.

Daewon Song is like fine wine...

Daewon Song is an all-timer. A great. A dude who, when all the ledges are knobbed and all the urethane flatspotted, should go down alongside Hawk, Koston, Cardiel, and Mariano, as joint GOAT. He doesn't always get the recognition he deserves, but as this highlight reel of Song's 2014 (in which he turned 39) proves, hype doesn't matter, skating does. And although voting polls for The Berrics psuedo-SOTY competition–for which this video was assembled–have closed, go check it out anyway. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

5 craziest things we saw at Winter X Games

Winter X Games 2015 is officially a wrap, and, unsurprisingly, it was one of gnarliest editions yet. Packed with established legends and up-and-coming rippers, each and every event went off like a firework factory and we were there for all the insanity. In cased you missed it or just want to relive the mayhem, here are the 5 most asylum-approvedthings we saw this weekend.