Using your friend as a board on a Flow Rider is cost efficient

Flow boards aren't cheap. And if you don't have one you've still got to rent one. So why not just use your friend as your flow board like these guys do at Provo Beach Resort in Utah? Well, they use boards too, and do some pretty insane stuff on them.

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Tandem drift sessions are exactly what empty parking lots were made for

Drift drivers Ryan Kado and Julian Jacobs take advantage of an empty parking lot for an awesome tandem drift session. Jacobs is driving his 1JZ-powered Nissan s14 and Kado is in his RB20-powered Nissan s13. Parking lots were made for this stuff.

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Watch the cinematic launch trailer for the re-mastered Halo 2 Anniversary

The Halo series has re-mastered the classic Halo 1 and Halo 2 games for the Xbox One. They'll be released as part of the Halo The Master Chief Collection, which drops on November 11, 2014. Check out this launch trailer for Halo 2 Anniversary with new cut-scenes and story elements.

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Airports make for some pretty awesome skateparks

Pro skater/skate photographer Arto Saari teamed up with the Helsinki Airport and Finnair to present one of the most unique skate events we've seen in a long time. Match Made in HEL brought skaters Louie Lopez, Curren Caples, Matt Berger, and others to the Helsinki Airport for the skate sessions of a lifetime. Every skater can't help walking through an airport and wishing they could boardslide the baggage carrier or hit some of the buttery rails. And these guys actually got to do it.

Check out some photos and the full video about the event below. And for even more on the Match Made in HEL hit their website here.

Crooked World BMX: Getting dirty with brothers Matt and Joey Cordova

BMX brothers Matt Cordova and Joey Cordova are quickly redefining the style of riding in BMX dirt contests. From Dreamline to Texas Toast, these two brothers from Colorado combine classic motocross style with huge BMX tricks. We met up with the brothers for a scary good session at the FOD Trails set to some creepy Halloween music on this new episode of Crooked World BMX.

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Fire truck only knows how to do burnouts with the lights and sirens on

What kind of a burnout would a fire truck really be doing if it didn't have the lights and siren on? Exactly.

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h/t Car Throttle

Wait, so Harry Potter can rap?!

While on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Harry Potter (err, Daniel Radcliffe) claims he can rap. So Jimmy challenges him to rap Blackalicious's "Alphabet Aerobics." And the kid kinda nails it. Huh, guess you learn something every day.

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Today marks the 2 year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy's New York landfall

We've come a long way in these 2 years. Boardwalks are being reconstructed. Houses are being rebuilt. And crucial infrastructure is being overhauled in preparation for future storms.

On October 29, 2012 Hurricane Sandy made destructive landfall in the New Jersey/New York region, and things have yet to be the same since. As I stated earlier, we've come a long way, but there are still people who haven't received insurance checks, still people without homes, and boardwalks and roads still torn apart. Hurricane Sandy caused over $68 billion in damages and took the lives of 286 people. It uprooted life as we know it for millions.

Surfers were the first to respond and enact plans in many coastal areas, I was a first-hand witness to that. Any one of us will tell you that all the negatives that came from Sandy were awful, and lots had it way worse than each one before us. But at the same time, as a surfer, we also know that Florida scored (at the expense of many others). So let's take a moment to reflect on that and find the silver lining in what was a horrible natural disaster.

Got a story about your experience with Hurricane Sandy? Let's hear it below.

Photo: NY/NJ Surf

NKA Project: Angel Munoz nails a sick forward double flip boardslide

A forward double flip boardslide is not an easy trick to pull off. Watch as Angel Munoz hits this rail six times before finally nailing this crazy skateboard trick. We even have a sick slow-motion angle to prove it on this week's NKA Project.

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Here's 9 minutes of epic crashes at the Nurburgring from this year

The Nürburgring will get you, no matter how skilled of a driver you are and no matter how many times you've driven it. So here's a compilation of 9-minutes of the Nürburgring getting the best of everyday guys in their cars.

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h/t Jalopnik