Milton Martinez just stuck one of gnarliest kickflips ever, now go get your own

There have been too many earth-shattering kickflips in skate history to narrow down the so-called "best", but rest assured, this behemoth from Argentine shredder Milton Martinez is up their with the gnarliest of them. Corey Duffle ollied into this bad boy a few years ago, but this one is on another level so make sure to check it out and then get out there and start flinging your own.

BASE Jumping with the parachute pierced into your skin? Definitely nope

Interested in BASE jumping? Passionate about body modification? Well, then Josh Miramant has a doozy for you, leaping from the Tonsai Wall in Thailand attached to his parachute by nothing but a few piercings and a couple millimeters of skin. Needless to say, this one isn't for the faint of heart (or dermis).

Jamie O'Brien set himself on fire then surfed Teahupoo

Jamie O'Brien has once again outdone himself. Only the madman that is J.O.B. would think to be set on fire and then ride some hefty barrels at Teahupoo. And as you'd expect, Jamie pulled it off perfectly.

This big rig set the semi-truck jump record and it's as insane as you think

Shades of Evel Knievel all over this one. Somewhere in Middle America. Giant truck. Bigger jump. No suspension. If you're looking for some automotive mayhem to get your week started right, the search ends here.

P.S. Props to Gregg Godfrey for not killing anyone (or himself) in the process.


Detroit is On Fire - New Trailer for Jordan Garland's #aDetroitFilm

A new generation is redefining Detroit. Using music, skateboarding, BMX, photography, art, and whatever passion drives them forward, the city is being reborn. Jordan Garland captures these moments, telling the story of a city as it decides what to become. #aDetroitFilm

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Mega swell hits The Right, and it was unbelievable once again

Well, our favorite slab mutant wave, The Right, once again lit up. Just kick back and witness this 3-plus-minutes of carnage and shelving right-handers.

Want to see some serious bike control? Then motorcycle limbo is for you

Forget Lil Jon, Alan Birtwistle is the new king of getting low, scraping pegs, scrubbing bars, and somehow not dislocating his hip in this absolutely insane display of supermotard limbo at Dirt Quake 4 in Kings Lynn. Trust us, this is the craziest bike video you will see all week.

Watch Matthias Giraud prepare for (and send) a 350-foot ski BASE jump

It probably goes without saying, but sending a 350-foot cliff on skis with a parachute strapped to your back is not something to take lightly. Just check out this behind-the-scenes look at Matthias Giraud latest jump, which chronicles his planning, preparation, and execution process for one the gnarliest stunts to ever go down in the Oregon backcountry, and you'll see what we mean. Matthias, you are one gnarly human.

You can now go night surfing at the world's best wavepool

The Wavegarden in Northern Spain is widely regarded as the most surfable wavepool in the world. And recently they rigged up some underwater lighting to experiment with some night surfing. The result, as you can see, is quite spectacular.

This Scorpion slam supercut will make your vertebrae ache

Ahh, the infamous scorpion slam. Youtube's reason for existence. Your spine's worst nightmare. Thankfully for all you sadists out there, FailArmy has put together a flinch-worthy supercut of this disk-slipping, vertebrae-crushing phenomena. Pour yourself something cold and prepare for the carnage.