This Adidas Snowboarding Japan trailer will make you want to go to Japan

Last winter the Adidas Snowboarding team took a trip to Japan to have the legendary Kazu Kokubo show them around the mountains of Hokkaido and the streets of Sapporo. Featuring Jake Blauvelt, Eric Jackson, Kazu Kokubo, Helen Schettini, Keegan Valaika, Forest Bailey, and Louif Paradis. Watch the trailer and watch for the drop on September 22.

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Watch the new Palace Skateboards 17-minute video "Endless Bummer"

The summer of 2014 officially ends this Sunday. And what a summer it was. So to celebrate the transition to fall, spend 17-minutes watching this epic lo-fi video from Palace Skateboards entitled Endless Bummer. Featuring some gritty street skating from the likes of Rory Milanes, Olly Todd, Danny Brady, Lucien Clarke, Charlie Young, Chewy Cannon, Blondey McCoy, and more, you won't be disappointed.

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Ryan Tuerck's top 3 favorite episodes of "Tuerck'd"

It seems like just yesterday we started the infamous Tuerck'd series. Now, nearly 3 seasons in, it's crazy to think about how the show has progressed, how Ryan Tuerck has grown, and how big the drift world has become. As our Tuerck Takeover Week continues, we decided to get nostalgic with Tuerck.

Here, he lists his top 3 favorite favorited Tuerck'd episodes of all-time and talks about each one. And of course, we've got them below so you can relive them yourself (or watch for the first time if you've been living under a rock).

Season 3 of Tuerck'd premieres right here on Tuesday, September 23.

Offroading through mud puddles in Palau is muddier than mud wrestling

Jason Neilus and his pals hit some massive mud puddles while offroading in an ATV through the jungles of Palau. They get drenched with mud and get dirtier than mud wrestlers. A little bit of mud never hurt no one though.

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Skateboarding in 5,001 balloons, because why not

It was only a matter of time until someone got the idea to fill a skatepark with a crapton of balloons and skated it. Now we gotta wonder if this is a special thing that Banzai Skatepark in Lindon, Utah will offer on a regular basis. That'd be cool.

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Garage Tours: Chris Forsberg’s favorite moments from season 1

Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg walks us through his favorite moments of Season 1 of Garage Tours. From Magnus Walker’s Porsches to Jeff Gordon’s secret to winning at Hendrick Motorsports, it’s been a busy summer for Chris. Which episode was your favorite? Know a garage you’d love to see Chris check out? Leave it in the comments. Until then, Chris will be out there slaying some tires.

Chris Ward's daughter pushed Gabriel Medina off a wave at Lowers

Gabriel Medina had trouble in some free surfs at Lower Trestles. He dropped an air reverse right on top of someone, and also had a run-in with Chris Ward's daughter Malia. Chris Ward was notorious for pushing people and being aggressive in the Lowers lineup, and it's clear that the Ward blood in his daughter Malia is just the same. And to be fair, Gabriel did drop-in on her, so we can't really blame her.

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Jennifer Lopez's "Booty" music video might rival Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" video

Back in August Nicki Minaj dropped all the butts in her "Anaconda" music video. Jennifer Lopez, the queen of the booty in the late 90s and early 2000s, wanted to show everyone that she's still got it at age 45. Tapping Australian pop star Iggy Azalea for the song "Booty" the visuals have finally released and it's every bit as ridiculous as Minaj's "Anaconda" video. Though "Booty" only stars two booties, there's plenty of it to make your head spin.

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Skater Almir Jusovic has one-footed drop-ins totally on lock

We've seen Almir Jusovic drop-in backwards and one-footed on a quarterpipe previously. He brings it up a notch here this, despite not going backwards. How? Well, because it's a near vertical sketchy piece of concrete that he goes one-footed down. Jusovic is just killing the game.

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Ryan Sheckler has a skate-cation in Puerto Rico with Manny Santiago

Ryan Sheckler has gotten to do some pretty awesome stuff for season 3 of Sheckler Sessions. He tried freestyle skating with Kilian Martin, surfed all over Australia, and sat on the edge of Estonia's tallest building. To wrap up this season Sheckler headed down to Puerto Rico with buddies Manny Santiago and David Reyes for a nice little skate-cation. Aside from tearing apart some street spots they also did some backflip bridge jumping. Seems like a good way to wrap up a solid season.

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