This 9-minute Tristan Funkhouser/Bobby De Keyzer skate part makes Monday better

We've known Tristan Funkhouser was a man-child for quite some time, but this part is just insane. And throw in Bobby De Keyzer and you've got yourself a big pick-me-up for this Monday afternoon. Thanks DC.

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There needs to be more dirt tracks for dirt track kart racing

Well, we guess you can just use any dirt track for this awesome dirt karting. But we imagine not every dirt track would allow this yet—though we have no idea why they wouldn't. Jason and his buddy Jim have a pretty epic dirt track kart battle, and it's definitely got us wanting to explore this form of racing more.

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Big wave surfer Mark Healey jumped ship when his boat got caught inside at Mavericks

Big wave surfer Mark Healey is a certified hellman. Of course he was there this weekend when the big wave spot Mavericks was maxing out this past weekend. It was a classic Mavs day, and was pretty crowded with insane rides and epic wipeouts. But Healey's wipeout took top honors.

No stranger to getting caught inside at Mavericks, Healey's boat found itself in that very situation this weekend. All the fellow surfers on the boat grabbed a railing, but Healey being Healey he let himself get catapulted off as the boat got washed up by a big rogue wave in the channel. This is something that no other person would be involved except Mark Healey.

Thankfully, all is OK and he's laughing about the situation now. It could've certainly ended in disaster. And no, it wasn't a sea monster that ejected him (though the case could be made for that because these waves were also pretty large).

Check out a photo and video footage below.

Thumbnail via Shannon Marie Quirk's Instagram

Here's another stop-motion spoof of Gymkhana that's Christmas-centric

Just in time for the holidays, the Ford Europe crew drops the third installment of Snowkhana. Last year's Snowkhana 2 was a pretty solid edition of the stop-motion animation spoof of Ken Block's Gymkhana series, and this year's is no different. Sure, the whole Jean-Claude Van Damme truck split wasn't part of Gymkhana, but it's awesome they've included Buzz Lightyear doing it.

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The 10 most notable viral videos of 2014

In today’s digital age, homemade videos are becoming not only a prominent source of entertainment, but also a useful platform to bring attention to emerging issues. Whether it’s painfully adorable footage of a cat or a powerful attempt to ignite social change, these videos have the potential to reach the masses. Over the course of the year, we’ve seen a ton of memorable videos being circulated on blogs and our social media timelines from an enlightening kissing experiment to a mutant giant spider dog. To revisit these awesome moments, we’ve collected our picks for the most notable viral videos of 2014.

Nicki Minaj rap battles with Shaq and the rest of NBA Inside Edition crew

Nicki Minaj is used to hanging with the boys. Hell, she's used to beating them at their own game. So it was no surprise when she took the set of TNT's NBA Inside Edition last week to spit some freestyle verses with Kenny Smith, Grant Hill, and Shaq, who threw in (a truly terrifying) grill for his unofficial return to rap. Despite Shaq Fu's intimidation tactics, Minaj, who is known for both her pop hooks and tongue-twisting rhymes, still schooled the former ballers, delivering a killer hardcourt-themed verse that hip hop heads are definitely going to want to check out.

The Iceland part from Globe's new surf film will give you frostbite

OK, you're probably not going to get frostbite from watching the Iceland part from Globe's Strange Rumblings In Shangri La surf film. But it's going to at least make you shiver and put on some warm socks.

Surfers Dion Agius, Nate Tyler, and Brendon Gibbens braved the icy seas of Iceland in search of Shangri La, in the process getting some pretty fun waves. So if you're ever in Iceland maybe look up Svava and her iceboat-driving third-cousin. Also, don't eat hot dogs.

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Justin Fronius's new DC part is urban snowboarding at its best

After winning Transworld Snowboarding's "Rookie of the Year" award last January and following his promotion to DC's pro ranks in May, Justin Fronius has continued his 2014 tear into December with the opening volume of DC's new video project, The Underline Series. Fronius oozes style, even when getting gnarly on quadruple-kink nosepresses, and shakes off some brutal slams to come through with a trio of epic enders that have to be seen to believed. If you've seen a gnarlier street part this year, you better let us know.

The Best Supreme Collaborations of 2014

This year marks the celebration of Supreme’s 20th anniversary. The past two decades have brought the NYC label undeniable success, and it treks on as one of the most influential brands in streetwear. They also have gained notoriety for executing some of the industry’s most successful collabs, and this year was no different. In 2014, Supreme continued to make its imprint in a number of territories by joining forces with footwear brands, noteworthy artists, and established fashion labels. We’ve looked back on its 20th year of operation and plucked the most thoughtfully designed and highly coveted Supreme collaborations of 2014.

Skateboarding and Reeboks together in new Classic Stylists Moscow Project

Highsnobiety has been doing an ongoing project dubbed the Reebok Classic Stylists Project. Essentially they partner with stylist groups and have them create editorial around classic Reebok lines. Back in June they did one with Endless Summer revolving around skateboarding. And their latest installment in Moscow links up with streetwear boutique FOTT uses skateboarding once again.

We're not quite sure how we feel about this one. Unlike the Endless Summer piece, they're merely using the board as a prop in this one—pushing, mall-grabbing, standing in a nose manual, and tick-tacking don't count for skateboarding. Check the video below and let us know your feelings (or disgust).