Roof surfing while drinking can only end one way

Nothing good could have come from this roof surfing attempt. It was just destined to fail from the start. Though we admire the guy for giving it a go, we're also left saying he probably shouldn't have attempted this in the first place. But hey, the Wright Brothers would've never flown if they didn't jump...

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Watch the new "Manhattan Days" DIY skate film by Pontus Alv

Following up last fall's dope Trocadero Days skate film, Pontus Alv and Converse have dropped another banger on all of us. Manhattan Days is in the same DIY vein, and features Polar Skateboards riders Aaron Herrington, Kevin Rodriguez, Jerome Campbell, and skating around Manhattan with two DIY kicker ramps, a shopping cart, and their imaginations. New York City is their playground and they have themselves a lot of fun skating as a group.

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Ryan Tuerck took electronic musician Steve Aoki drifiting

Ryan Tuerck gives electronic musician Steve Aoki the ride-along of his life in Tuerck's Scion FR-S TRD project car. Just one of the many stars that Tuerck gets to burn tires with. And don't forget to check out the first episode of the new season of Tuerck'd right here.

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The GoPro Hero 4 camera launch video is visually stunning

Are you ready for the brand new GoPro Hero 4 camera? If not, then this video will definitely get you psyched up for one. The new Hero 4 Black comes with a built-in touch display, shoots in 4K30 (4K video in 30 frames-per-second), double the processing power of the last generation, and built-in Wi-Fi and bluetooth. Essentially, this camera is going to push RED for it's dominance in the 4K video game. Starting at $499.99, the Black edition drops on October 5. Head to GoPro for more information.

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Snowboarder Seth Hill talks about his broken back and new movie "Really Gotta Wanna"

Seth Hill is one of those under-the-radar snowboarders who should definitely [be on your radar]1. He's the type of guy who does what he wants and doesn't let others' opinions change the way he goes about his riding. Living in Breckenridge, Colorado, Hill has been working on a new movie project set to premiere October 2 in Denver called Really Gotta Wanna.

Really Gotta Wanna has got some big names in it by the likes of Scott Stevens, Gigi Ruf, Bode Merrill, and many more. Hill's goal was to blend the documentary style film with the typical snow porn film. Teaming up with Protect Our Winters for the venture, Hill is set for the world to see the final product. We had a chat with Hill about what the process was like and his rehabbing from a broken back earlier this year.

To get more information on Really Gotta Wanna head here.

Breaking your ribs on a skate rail looks really really painful

Skater Dakota "Dirty" Villacana learns the hard way that breaking ribs are super painful. He pays for this skate slam.

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Nick Offerman directed a funny new Tweedy music video for "Low Key"

This Nick Offerman directed music video for Tweedy's song "Low Key" features tons of celebrity cameos including Conan O'Brien, Mavis Staples, John Hodgman, Andy Richter, and more.

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It's Friday, so watch this Maxim Magazine video of Anastasia Ashley in a bikini

Anastasia Ashley is one of those rare women who can take a brutal wipeout in Mexico one week and the next make your jaw drop to the floor by just walking around in a bikini. Thanks Maxim for making this. But most importantly thanks Anastasia for being you.

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This is the most cinematic downhill longboard skate video ever made

James Kelly just dropped this banger on all of us. We're still processing it and watching it over and over because it's just so damn beautiful. Do yourself a favor and enjoy the cinematic grace of James Kelly tackling some steep hills on his Arbor longboard.

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Mike "Hucker" Clark hucked the biggest air on the biggest dirt quarterpipe

Mike "Hucker" Clark is a total madman when you give him a BMX bike and some dirt. So really it's no surprise that he took top honors at this this year's Red Bull Quarter Masters held by Sebastian Keep. The Quarter Masters is essentially an event that builds the largest dirt quarterpipe and then riders attack it. And Hucker hucked the biggest air of them all, soaring over 20-feet. Head over to Red Bull for full results.

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