Tony and Riley Hawk keep it in the family with doubles sesh at the Transworld park

I'm not saying your dad isn't cool or anything. Maybe he is. Maybe isn't. Whatever the case may be, however, he definitely isn't Tony Hawk, who recently hit the Transworld park for a feel-good session with his son and Baker pro, Riley Hawk. As you'll definitely see, skate wizard status run in the family.

'Dope' trailer finds A$AP Rocky and Vince Staples getting their Oscar on

If you're like the one person on earth who has been clamoring to see both A$AP Rocky and Vince Staples in a full-length feature film, then Dope, a Pharrell- and Diddy-produced story about growing up in Inglewood, is going to be your summer jam. The film was well-received at its Sundance premiere and will see theatrical release on 6/19. If you're interested, check out the trailer above.

This edit from the JP Memorial quarterpipe contest makes old-school freeskiing new again

We told you about all the radness going down at the first-annual JP Memorial for freeski legend JP Auclair a few weeks back, but this footage from the hand-shaped Quarterpipe Contest says everything words simply can't. If you're looking for a freeski nostalgia white-wash, then this one–in all its buttery, hand-dragging glory–is for you.

Three-year-old girl Lila Kalis will win a Formula Drift title one day

Lila Kalis is a future drift queen. She can handle a Power Wheels like no other three-year-old on the planet. Mark our words: she will be a Formula Drift champ one day.

h/t Speed Society

There's an Amy Winehouse documentary on the way and it looks crazy

Between the fabulous Kurt Cobain documentary, Montage of Heck, and now AMY, an upcoming chronicle of Amy Winehouse's life and career from the behind Senna, it looks like a banner year for tragic music docs. Check out the trailer for Amy–which doesn't look like it pulls very many punches–and let us know what you think.

If you're going to demo "city safety" mode, make sure you know how it works

Down in the Dominican Republic, they're still in awe of the "city safety" mode on Volvos. City safety mode being the auto brake technology that helps reduce accidents with laser sensors ("laser beams") to help prevent accidents. So they set up a demonstration to test it out and show it off. Except they don't quite know the exceptions to it.

Granted, the city safety mode is always on upon start-up of the vehicle, but when the driver aggressively accelerates or brakes it will override the system. And what does the driver do only 20-feet out from the pedestrian? Well he aggressively accelerates, thus overriding the system and crashing right into the unlucky guy.

Both gentlemen are only dealing with bruises, but this could've been so much worse. See what happens when we trust cars themselves to do our driving (and braking) for us?

New Balance's 'Sunland' is one of the most unique skate edits we've seen this year

New Balance Numeric has quietly built one of raddest skate teams in the industry, pairing sick skating from the likes of Arto Saari, Jordan Trahan, and Jack Curtin, with a truly innovative approach to cinematography. Just check out their latest, tracking shot-style edit, 'Sunland', which captures the whole team skating the same school on the same afternoon, and you'll see what we mean. And if not, at least you'll get some PJ Ladd footy out of the deal.

WARNING: Jaws's 'True Blue' raw footy will give you stress fractures

We all know what to expect from Jaws by now (hint: Cartilage-obliterating drops and aircraft-interfering launches) and although this 10-minute slab of raw footage from Dekline's True Blue won't do much to change that, it's still a hell of a lot of fun to watch. Grab your parachute and check it out.

A tough first round for Slide Motorsport at 2015 British Drift Championship

Project Touge follows the Slide Motorsports team during a difficult day at Lydden Hill for the first round of the 2015 British Drift Championship. Matt Stevenson, Adam Simmons, and their team go head-to-head with car troubles and an early crash, battling to stay with the pack. Check in with Project Touge for Round 2 and more with Slide Motorsport.

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Watch Ben Townley tear up one of the most epic MX tracks on earth

This motorcross haven in New Zealand is known as "Heaven On Earth" for a good reason: It's stunning and the perfect playground for all things MX. Just ask Ben Townley, who headed back to his homeland for a sick session at this one-of-a-kind compound. If this doesn't make you feel things, then it's probably time to see a doctor.