Dose: Shaping surfboards in Brooklyn with Union Surfboards

Union Surfboards is one of the only companies shaping surfboards within the confines of New York City. Started by friends and life-long surfers Jeff Schroeder, Charlie Porter, and Christopher Williams, they pride Union on custom hand shaped surfboards exclusively with the New York surfer in mind.

Offering a wide-array of shapes, head shaper Chris takes us through the shaping process at their studio in Brooklyn. Not only do the guys at Union have a solid thing going, but they also "test" their boards year-round for some crucial R&D. Only on Dose are you going to find NYC-shaped surfboards.

Check them out on their website and pick up a board of your own, or maybe even set up an appointment to shape your own surfboard with them:

Photos courtesy John Kelsey

5 Instagram posts to get you pumped for Wrestlemania 31

Unless you've been living under the biggest rock at the bottom of the darkest cave beneath the tallest mountain, then you probably know Wrestlemania 31 is set to deonate at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara this weekend. To celebrate we decided to assemble five of our favorite Instagram shots from biggest stars in the sport for your WWE-hungry eyeballs to ogle. Check them out and then make sure to tune in for all the insanity come Sunday night.

Check out 'Gold Goons', the new full-length skate opus from Gold Wheels

While wheel company videos in the skate industry are few and far between these days, Gold Wheels's new full-length, Gold Goons, might just get the last laugh. Conjuring the ghost of great wheel vids before it (Pig's Slaughterhouse, Lordz's The Don't Give a F—k About Us, et al.), this awesome, team-first full-length features serious ripping from the likes of Rodrigo TX, Chris Troy, Boo Johnson, and many more, making it a must watch for any self-respecting skate fan. Check it out or be cursed with an eternity of flatspots.

This stand-up paddle session on an Alaskan bore tide looks fake (but totally isn't)

I have to admit, before coming across this video yesterday, I had no idea what a bore tide (a supernatural-looking wave caused by the collision of ingoing and outgoing tides in a narrow channel of water) was or that they even existed. If you're as oblivious as me, however, then you're in luck, with this surreal clip of two stand-up paddlers carving a bore tide along the Turnagain Arm in Alaska offering the perfect crash course in Marine Phenomena 101. Grab your wet suit and check it out.

Wooden hubba gives no f—ks about skater's ghost-ride plans

Skater Jeff Stevens had lofty ambitions of ghost-riding his board, running down this wooden hubba, and meeting back up with his board down at the bottom. Well, he did meet up with his board back at the bottom, but not in the way he was hoping for.

Toyota puts together awesome send-off for Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson

By now you probably know that the BBC and longtime Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson parted ways this week in what can best be described as the most controversial moment in recent automotive history. Gearheads across the world have blasted the decision up, down, and sideways, and while most major automakers have (wisely) held their tongues, others have offered up their farewells to Clarkson, including Toyota, who just dropped this all 'Yota superedit culled from Top Gear's 20-plus year reign. Global PR firms, instead of simply turning and running for the panic room, try something like this next time.

We can't stop watching this cheesy '80s bodyboarding music video

There aren't things more '80s than neon wetsuits, Oakley Blades, and bodyboarding music videos. "Ripping The Pit, We've Got It All" checks all those boxes and is painfully hilarious—even though it was made seriously.

The first double front flip thrown in mountain bike competition is just as insane as it sounds

After taking a gnarly slam at the 2014 Martin Söderström Invitational, Bienvenido Aguado Alba got up, walked back to the top of the course, and promptly threw down the first-ever double front flip in the history of mountain bike competition. Thank god he had a GoPro strapped to his helmet, because this one is way too gnarly for words.

It's always a good time to revisit "Point Break", so here's the beach fight scene

Is there a more quintessential cheesy surf movie than Point Break? Possibly North Shore or Big Wednesday, but neither of those have reached non-surfers the way Point Break has. There are so many classic scenes and line from it and we're never opposed to wasting a Saturday afternoon when it's on TBS.

So here's the beach fight scene featuring Keanu Reeves (aka Johnny Utah), Patrick Swayze (aka Bodhi), and Red Hot Chili Peppers's Anthony Kiedis. Enjoy.

Thanks to these drones, lifeguards will get even more time to work on their tans

While its pretty surprising that nobody thought of this before, a Chilean company has begun developing drones custom-fitted with flotation devices, cameras, and microphones in order to assist lifeguards in their primary duty: Saving lives (and yelling at kids with a bullhorn). These mini rescue-copters are still in the testing phase, but could seriously change the way the surf industry approaches safety, so make sure to stay tuned.