Tyler Imel takes 5 skin-shredding slams before he finally lands this giant ollie

Tyler "Squints" Imel is no stranger to eating pavement in the pursuit of something massive. Going for this big-time downhill straight ollie, he takes 5 skin-shredding slams before he finally lands it. He definitely loses his pants, and parts of his ass skin, and even has to walk like an old man for a bit. But good lord did he nail it.

Ghostface Killah and BADBADNOTGOOD team up for old-school rap goodness

If you're looking to start your morning with an old-school rap banger, accompanied by a video just weird enough to back it up, then Ghostface Killah's new track, "Ray Gun", featuring DOOM and sick throwback beats from BADBADNOTGOOD, is just what you need. Check it out and stay tuned for the full-length Ghostface/BADBADNOTGOOD collab, "Sour Soul", which drops February 24th.

Nick Offerman's Nascar commercial is the funniest thing you'll see today

After a prolonged absence, Nascar returns to NBC this year, and in order to properly announce the partnership, the peacock network recruited the always-hilarious Nick Offerman as their machismo spokesman. The results couldn't be funnier either, with Offerman hitting his Ron Swanson stride in the full-length commercial, brawling in the pits, shredding on a double-neck guitar, and complaining about the ills of modern America. If you're looking to get hyped for Nascar season (or simply laugh your ass off), then this one is a must-watch.

Torstein Horgmo mid-air hula hoops in new DC Snowboarding part

Torstein Horgmo is best known for his signature gangsta style, and while that is certainly on full display in this brand new DC part, the highlight is somehow the least gansta thing we can think of: Hula hooping. So tune in for the new trick, which finds the Norwegian shred viking leaping through a hula hoop while clearing a massive booter, but stay for the steeze, which is as rad as ever.

NKA Project: Sick slow-motion skating with Tommy Fynn, Oscar Meza, and more

There's nothing more fun then a sunny day session at the local park, and this week's episode of NKA Project puts that fact on full, slo-mo display. Featuring sick skating from Tommy Fynn, Richie Amador, Oscar Meza, Carlos Vega, Kevin Hoefler, and more, this one is heavy on both hammers and style so make sure to check it out.

What do you think of these slow-motion tricks? Sound off in the comments.

This guy slaps a bear in the face like a G

You might think you're tough, hard, a born fighter. And hey, maybe you're right, but I'm willing to bet you wouldn't step to a pissed off bear, wild or domesticated. This guy, however, doesn't give a [insert expletive of choice here], stepping up and putting this behemoth back in his place with little more than slap to the snout. The hilarious look on his friend's face say it all: This is a dude you wan't on your side in a bar fight.

People reacting to a Tesla P85D accelerating in "Insane Mode" is priceless

Who other than Elon Musk would put an "Insane Mode" on a car? The Tesla P85D houses 691-horsepower and goes 0-60mph in 3.2-seconds, which creates a lateral acceleration of 1G. Dropping this rocket-like propulsion on unsuspecting people will certainly create some insane reactions. So that's exactly what DragTimes did, and the results are quite comical.

Skate Dreams with Theotis Beasley: Nick Tucker's pick Paul Hart rips classic LA spots

The Mountain Dew skate team has an opening for a new team rider and Theotis Beasley is heading up the hunt in Skate Dreams.

Last time out we watched as Keelan Dadd's am, Aramis Hudson, meet up with Atiba Jefferson and Theotis for a sick session at NoHo park, but in episode 2 it's Nick Tucker's turn to roll out with his homey, Paul Hart. With photographer Herman Jimenez in tow, Paul hits some classic LA spots, impressing Theotis with his effortless style and gnarly tricks. At the end of the day, he has some potential enders in the bag, but are they enough to make the team?

Watch episode 3 next Wednesday on Network A to see who’s up next to roll out with the crew. What would you give for an opportunity to join the DEW squad? Hit us up with comments below or at #DewSkateDreams

Rae Sremmurd's ESPN appearance is too funny to ignore

Hip hop has come a long way in a short while, but as far as sense of humor goes, well, let's just say there isn't any. Dominated by straight-faced mean-mugging and pretentious self-obsessed personalities (cough, Kanye), the genre needs more artists like Rae Sremmurd. Say what you want about their music, but at least the Atlanta sibling duo know how to have a little fun, as evidenced by their recent appearance on ESPN's Highly Questionable, in which Slim Jimmy (clad in a ridiculous pair of snowboard goggles) and Swae Lee sat down to discuss Pat Sajak, getting kicked out of Art Basel, and what it takes to go from homeless to Billboard-topping MCs in just a few years time. These dudes are destined for big things, so check it out.

The ultimate collection of hoonigans in the snow during winter storm Juno

This blizzard, strangely named Juno, delivered snow. In parts it was a lot, in other parts it wasn't. Such is the weather.

But where there's snow, there's always room for some snow drifting. So we've compiled some of the best snow drifting moments from winter storm Juno and brought them this evening for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Got any others for us to add to this list? Let us know in the comments.