Poler Stuff founder explains why we need to engage with the outdoors

Poler Stuff founder Benji Wagner is on to something in his TED Talk here. He speaks to how technology has replaced nature in our daily lives, being "Phrozen" by our phones. Don't let yourself be a cog to the machine of technology and get out there and re-immerse yourself in nature.

Take a POV ride down Action Park's 2,000-foot long slip-n-slide

Action Park is the stuff legends are made of. And they've added a nearly 2,000-foot long slip-and-slide to their plethora of ridiculous water park options. Just listen to the wind whipping as Action Park employee Jason Mulder flies down this epic ride!

Manolo Robles's vinyl cruiser part jams harder than your record collection

We already introduced you to Manolo Robles's Spanish tech flavors this winter, but we guarantee this new part—filmed entirely on a vinyl cruiser—is unlike anything you've ever seen. There are plenty of brain benders in here (manual triple flip, noseslide nollie big heel out), but don't take our word for it. Check this thing out, like, right now.

Watch Tom Cruise become a stunt driver in new Mission Impossible teaser

Tom Cruise has long been know for doing his own motorcycle stunts, but this behind-the-scenes glimpse into Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation's centerpiece car chase proves he's also more than capable of jumping behind the wheel for some four-wheeled mayhem. Pour a little out for this battered M3 and then give it a watch.

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Garage Tours: Period perfect hot rods at 1945 Speed And Custom

Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg takes us on a tour of garages around the country, from professional outfits to grassroots backyard garages.

In this episode of Garage Tours, we visit 1945 Speed And Custom in Troy, New York. Owner Jeremy Baye shares his love for building some of the coolest custom hot rods in the world. Baye is a master designer and fabricator creating classics reminiscent of a bygone era with a focus on high-quality metalwork, his 10,000 square-foot shop is in a renovated car dealership along the river.

Baye tours us through finished works including a custom Rail Dragster, a late 40s Big Car, a 1927 Ford Model T, and Baye’s own ’51 Ford Flathead V8 Truck. After a tour through the garage checking out some works in progress, Forsberg heads out for a drive in the 1927 Ford Model T.

Milton Martinez just stuck one of gnarliest kickflips ever, now go get your own

There have been too many earth-shattering kickflips in skate history to narrow down the so-called "best", but rest assured, this behemoth from Argentine shredder Milton Martinez is up their with the gnarliest of them. Corey Duffle ollied into this bad boy a few years ago, but this one is on another level so make sure to check it out and then get out there and start flinging your own.

BASE Jumping with the parachute pierced into your skin? Definitely nope

Interested in BASE jumping? Passionate about body modification? Well, then Josh Miramant has a doozy for you, leaping from the Tonsai Wall in Thailand attached to his parachute by nothing but a few piercings and a couple millimeters of skin. Needless to say, this one isn't for the faint of heart (or dermis).

Jamie O'Brien set himself on fire then surfed Teahupoo

Jamie O'Brien has once again outdone himself. Only the madman that is J.O.B. would think to be set on fire and then ride some hefty barrels at Teahupoo. And as you'd expect, Jamie pulled it off perfectly.

This big rig set the semi-truck jump record and it's as insane as you think

Shades of Evel Knievel all over this one. Somewhere in Middle America. Giant truck. Bigger jump. No suspension. If you're looking for some automotive mayhem to get your week started right, the search ends here.

P.S. Props to Gregg Godfrey for not killing anyone (or himself) in the process.

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Detroit is On Fire - New Trailer for Jordan Garland's #aDetroitFilm

A new generation is redefining Detroit. Using music, skateboarding, BMX, photography, art, and whatever passion drives them forward, the city is being reborn. Jordan Garland captures these moments, telling the story of a city as it decides what to become. #aDetroitFilm

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