Sometimes you break the rail, and sometimes the rail breaks you

Skaters have been breaking themselves off on handrails since the dawn of time (OK, the early 90s), so when it finally game time to flip the script, Brian Flickinger stepped up and showed this bar what's what. In the end, he eats some concrete, but that's a small price to pay for bucking the yoke of handrail tyranny and oppression.

When you don't have snow, just dangle from a helicopter on a snowboard

No snow? No problem. Happy Socks teamed up with stuntman Adrian Cenni (yeah the guy who barrel rolled a baja truck), to find other places to snowboard. The sky, and the clouds specifically, are wide open and there for the taking. Check out Cenni dangling from a helicopter shredding some pow (err cloud). That's one way to solve the problem of the offseason doldrums!

Season 6 trailer of 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee' has more rare cars than a Mecum auction

Jerry Seinfeld and co. are back for the 6th season of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, and Trevor Noah are all along for the ride. Most of the car/celeb combos remain a secret, but the trailer does reveal that Jim Carrey gets the electric blue Countach, which seems just about right. Tune in for the series premiere on June 3 at 11:30 pm on Crackle.

Alana Blanchard and other surfers star in Air New Zealand's safety video

What's one way to get people to pay attention to those pointless safety videos they play on airplanes right before you take off? Alana Blanchard, of course. And maybe even some Anastasia Ashley, too.

Air New Zealand decided to focus their newest safety video on surfing. So they got some of the world's best and most popular surfers to help them out with it. Thanks Air New Zealand.

See Kilian Martin freestyle skateboard in the desert, NYC, salt flats, and more

When Kilian Martin and Brett Novak team up, the space-time continuum tends to go haywire. In this new freestyle skateboard edit, Searching Sirocco, Kilian is walking through the snow and then transports to the desert—so he decides to skate. Then he transports again to New York City—and he skates again (this time doing ALL the daffys). He transports once again to some salt flats, and then once more to an abandoned greenhouse.

Amidst all the crazy stunts (err moves) Kilian pulls off, it leaves us with one burning question: How in the hell did they figure out teleportation?

This dude's record-breaking hoverboard joyride is out of this world

We are pretty sure the Guinness World Record brain trust is just making stuff up at this point, and categories like "Farthest Journey By Hoverboard" are definitely cut-and-dry examples of their increasing irrelevance. That, however, doesn't make this video of Quebecois inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru setting the record aboard his actually real hover machine any less awesome. The future is here, everyone. Give in or be trampled underfoot.

Flamenco dancing and freestyle BMX face off in finesse showdown

Flamenco dancing and freestyle BMX might both be dying arts, but when showcased side by side, their combination of poetry and precision shine through. It might not necessarily be your thing, but that doesn't make the skill required (or the execution on display) any less impressive.

Thrasher says goodbye to Clipper with bonkers 'Bust or Bail' throwdown

With San Fran's most legendary hunk of waxed-up plaster set be demolished in the name of rebirth and renovation, Thrasher stepped up this weekend for one last session: Bust or Bail 2: The Ripper at Clipper. With plenty of cash and pros to go around, the tricks were flying fast and loose, starting with tribute hammers and ending with a trio of mind-melting NBDs courtesy of Shane O'Neill (obviously), Paul Hart (duh), and Jaws (of course). Even if you hate goodbyes, you're going to want to check this one out.

Drift Garage: No more bumper cars for Ryan Tuerck

Formula Drift drivers Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck check in from the East Coast Bash in Englishtown, NJ this week to answer questions from the fifth episode of the new season of Drift Garage.

Forsberg and Tuerck kick things off with a question about fuel allotments during Formula Drift events. Then it’s on to questions about tire sizes on the 370Z, how many pounds of boost the boys typically run, whether Chris uses stock brakes on his Z, what horsepower the Tuerck's missile registered, why Ryan bothers putting side-panels on his missile when he always ends up smashing them up, and how Forsberg managed to do a standing burnout without pulling the rear taillight fuse.

Check in next Tuesday, 6/2 for Episode 6 of Drift Garage.

NKA Project: 5-stair session made more dicey with bike rack

Skateboarders Garret Spurlock, Richie Amador, and friends skate the Westchester 5-stair in this week's episode of NKA Project. These dudes upped the ante by adding a bike rack at the bottom of the stairs and go for broke. Watch as they drop some solid hammers over this wacky obstacle.