Watch these daredevil trikers drift the steepest street on earth

Want to make drift triking gnarly? Here's an idea: Take it to the world's sketchiest streets, such as the Mt. Washington Auto Road, Lombard Street, or, as these crazy three-wheeled kiwis just did, Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand, the steepest residential thoroughfare on earth. This POV footage from the stunt showcases some seriously white-knuckle speed, which is all you need in order to make this stuff compelling. If that's your thing, then check it out.

Max Geronzi's insane 'Gypsy Life' part just made him our new favorite skater

We aren't sure what it is about French skateboarders that gives them the ability to cruise through hammers like they just stepped away from the local wine bar, but whatever it is, Max Geronzi has all of it. Just check out his part in the new Cliche vid, 'Gypsy Life', and you'll see what we mean. With heavy moves like switch tre flip lips on handrails and laid-back Euro lines to spare, this dude arrives like the second coming of Lucas Puig, which should be more that enough to catapult him to the top of your "2015 Breakout Skaters" list.

This drone footage of a dude surfing the same wave for over a minute will make your legs burn

Tasmanian photographer Stu Gibson has been shooting surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding for over a decade now, but in recent years he has developed, in his own words, a full-on drone addiction and the stunning aerial portfolio to prove it. Gibson specializes in stills, but that doesn't make this video footage he captured of a surfer riding a knee-high runner for over a minute off the Tasmanian coast any less awesome. Sit back, chill out, and give it a watch.

For more of Gibson's photos and video, check out

Here's how not to front flip on a mountain bike

Nobody's saying front flips on mountain bikes are easy. Just the opposite, in fact. And even though I've never tried one and never will, I am confident in one thing: You can't land it unless you hold onto the bike. But don't take our word for it. Ask this dude, he'll tell you.

Pro surfer Marlon Lipke stars in a new Mercedes-Benz commercial

We just recently broke down the fact that corporations love using surfing in commercials. And not long after, Mercedes-Benz dropped a brand new commercial for their AMG C 63 featuring pro surfer Marlon Lipke surfing in Portugal. We don't see this trend going away anytime soon either.

David Hasselhoff stars in the most 80s music video ever for new kung fu comedy, 'Kung Fury'

OK, I highly suggest you watch this brand new David Hasselhoff music video, in which he rides a T-Rex, kicks some apocalypse warlord ass, and croons over a delicious 80s keytar solo, without any context. The confusion and bewilderment is almost the best part. After you've done that (and taped the pieces of your brain back together), go check out Kung Fury, the Kickstarter-funded, Swedish kung fu epic into which this jam was jammed. Needless to say, this one is going to make your Monday go Hoff.

We feel for this kid who has no idea how to slide down a slide

Don't worry kid, you'll figure out that whole slide thing one day.

Dose: How Billy Rohan Made graffiti legal in the Lower East Side

NYC-based artist, skateboarder, and activist Billy Rohan had an eureka moment while painting a storefront roll gate in NYC last year: To beautify the grey metal gates in front of businesses with paintings by well-known artists. For a city with a long history of fighting graffiti it was a long shot but Billy ultimately won a $30,000 grant from the Lower East Side BID and is now on his way to installing art on 100 Gates between Delancey and Canal and Essex and Allen streets in the LES. Learn how he made it happen only on a new episode of Dose.

Behold the coolest, most badass ghost ride of a vehicle ever

All other ghost rides bow down to the guy who has a park slide on a flatbed truck and slides down the slide. There's just no beating this. And the soundtrack couldn't be more dead-on. Also, do you think he got back in the truck before it crashed?

Paul Hart nearly gets killed by a security guard, but he get his trick anyway

Listen, being a security guard sucks. You get paid minimum wage to stand on your feet and stare at a wall for 12 hours straight. I sympathize with that. Then, with an an hour left on your last shift of the week and the wife nagging them about picking up the kids, 10 dudes show up with skateboards and cameras and things just spiral out from there. I get it. None of that excuses this wannabe hero for pushing Paul Hart out of mid-air as he attempted to a skate an already hairy handrail, however. Somehow Hart didn't get folded (cat like reflexes, man) and, in the end, got his trick, but let this be a reminder to approach angry people with caution, because you never know what they're going to do.