The BMW 3 series is the most iconic—and consistently very good—sports car ever. That fact is virtually inarguable so let's not even get into it. What you should do, however, is check out the above video from our friends over at Donut Media, who gave the German giant the ol' animated evolution treatment. If you're into auto history, it's more than worth two minutes of your time.

Ask anyone who has ever bombed a hill and they will tell you: You have to respect the ride, or it will bite ya. Just ask Nuge, who bombed one of the 10 steepest street in America and lived to tell the tale. Hear the story behind this harsh barge via Thrasher.

NHRA drag racer, Tony Pedregon, in a 10,000-hp Camry funny car vs. a bone stock 2016 Toyota Camry? Yeah, I think you know how this one turns out.

If you're lucky enough to own a Ferrari, you probably shouldn't f*ck with it. If you just can't leave well enough alone, however, then you'd do well to turn the reigns over to Ferrari tuning maestros, Novitec Rosso, who just unveiled their latest creation: The 222-mph F12 N-Largo S. Boasting 50 extra ponies and a badass body kit, this thing is the perfect combination of beauty and brawn, so check it out and commence drooling.

Looking for a way to spice up that morning paddle? Take a cue from this very lucky gentleman, who, while out for a leisurely paddle board session in Oceanside, California, was nearly struck by a breaching Humpback Whale. In the end, he walked away with one hell of a story and 15 minutes of internet fame, but needless to say, this could have gone much, much worse.

In between 500-horsepower dyno pulls, custom bumper fabrication, and some fuel cell improv, Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg make time for a little something sweet on the penultimate episode of Drift Garage season three.

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If you were to ask WRC driver Jari-Matti Latvala if he would have rather won Rally Argentina 2016 than wreck spectacularly out of the lead in the closing stages, he would take the former 10 times out of 10. If I were him, I would feel the same way. But while wins get forgotten (quick, tell me who won the Rally Monte Carlo last year), wrecks like this are immortalized for years to come. So chin up, Jari-Matti, and enjoy the viral ride while it lasts.

It's been over 6 weeks since the WRC race, so needless to say, we are rearing and ready to go. In that spirit, check out the trailer for WRC Rally Argentina 2016, which mercifully ends our wait for more rally today.

We hope you've got a chance to cough out all that tire smoke from Long Beach, because now it's time to count down the 10 best liveries of Formula Drift 2016. Did your favorite make the cut?

Question its functionality. Question its practicality. Question why it even needs to exist. Whatever do, however, don't question the Sno Ped—a 6-inch wide, 90cc snowmobile concept from Michigan designer, Joey Ruiter—on its looks. Check it out and you'll see what we mean. If this isn't the coolest snowmobile you've ever seen, it's probably time to get those eyes checked.