NKA Project: 3 rounds of a Game Of SKATE at LA's Stoner Park

Jeff Dechesare and Elliot Murphy square up for an intense 3 round battle of SKATE in this new episode of NKA Project. Stoner Park in Los Angeles, CA is the stage for this heavy flat land match-up. See whose buttery tricks secure the win.

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Ken Block and Bucky Lasek had a bro-ment and rode the Slingshot together

Ken Block and Bucky Lasek are just 2 buddies having a good time down in Daytona Beach, Florida. With their new GoPro Hero 4 Black cameras they decided to have a bro-ment (bro + moment = bro-ment) on the Slingshot ride, made infamous by DMX, and film it POV style. They definitely enjoy the ride more than DMX did...

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If you're going to jump over a road on a snowmobile, might as well do it in a fat suit

We've never ridden a snowmobile on water. And we've never jumped one over a road from water to water. But if we were going to we'd most certainly do it while wearing a fat suit, because why not? Joni Maununen of the Stunt Freaks Team does just that and nails it.

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h/t 33 Mag

Watch Jeremy Jones and Mikkel Bang rule the backcountry and then own the streets

The latest installment of Burton's new web series Burton Presents, features riders Jeremy Jones and Mikkel Bang. The clip starts out with Jones and Bang tackling some serious deep powder runs with precision and authority. And then it blends into street sessions at night of Jones doing big tow-ins, wallrides, and handrails. Jones clearly has the diversity aspect to his snowboarding on lock, which we've all known for years, but it's still a treat to watch it play out.

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Pharrell plays Charlie to a bunch of anime and 8-bit Angels in new music video

Pharrell Williams is no stranger to having lots of lady friends. For his newest music video he teamed up with artist and friend Takashi Murakami to create an anime and 8-bit music video for his song "It Girl." In it, Pharrell plays a Charlie sort-of-character to a bunch of female Angels. It's pretty trippy, but also pretty hilarious. Plus, an 8-bit Pharrell skates in it—yes, hat and all.

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Dose: Check out NYC's best custom bike shop Mott Street Cycles

Check out one of New York City's top custom bike shops with founder Cory Ng at Mott Street Cycles. Run by a crew of childhood friends with the simple philosophy that no two people should have the exact same bike, Mott Street Cycles builds custom bikes out of their full service facility at 158 Mott Street in Chinatown. From offering nearly limitless options on custom builds to an expanding line of functional bike lifestyle street wear, MSC is a local brand innovation at its finest. Learn how they did it and get a first look at their all new complete track bike, the Rain, only on Dose.

Check Mott Street Cycles out on the web at msccustoms.com.

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Tuerck'd: Ryan Tuerck unveils his FR-S street car and answers your questions

Ryan Tuerck is hard at work at Dominant Engineering building his street FR-S car, but takes a break to give a solid tour under the hood and answer some of your fan questions about episode 1 of Tuerck'd season 3 (which can be seen here). He touches upon future rally plans, uninvited guests at his house, gutting a 944 Porsche, and whether there are plans to bring an East Coast Drift Jam to New Hampshire.

Hit Ryan with any follow-up questions below or on twitter at #Tuerckd and stay tuned to Network A for more Tuerck’d. Episode 2 airs next Tuesday, October 6.

Kelly Slater has ALL the dance moves

Did you really expect Kelly Slater to be a terrible dancer? Of course you didn't. The way he moves in the water, so fluid, so precise—it was apparent that he had some dance moves. We're learning a lot of new things about the champ lately.

So while talking to The Inertia's Jeremy Searle about the ASP changing its name next year to the World Surf League, Searle and Slater decided to dance. We made some GIFs for you to enjoy over and over again of the 11-time champ cutting some rug (err sand in this case).

h/t The Inertia

Apparently a Ferrari F40 makes for quite the camping vehicle

Legendary Japanese Ferrari owner and car enthusiast Carguy decided to test the limits of his F40, by taking it camping. Really, a car hasn't been put to the extremes if it hasn't gone camping. And it seems like the F40 passed the test, as he even used the exhaust to fry an egg. We wouldn't recommend taking your supercar camping though—if you're lucky enough to have one.

Check out the photos below.

This is what a winning mountain bike run at the Red Bull Rampage looks like

The annual insanity that is the Red Bull Rampage once again took place in Utah. Assembling the craziest mountain bike riders in the world, it was another weekend of high-flying backflips, steep lines, and bone-crushing slams. Spain's Andreu Lacondeguy took top honors this year with this incredible run. For more results head to the Red Bull Rampage website.